Letters to Friends & Family

Just the other day I found myself gently nudging an acquaintance, explaining this or that about how we have been indoctrinated and deceived for a very long time. I explained that having a false understanding of history and current events is akin to having a backwards roadmap, and with that backwards roadmap we might find ourselves driving off of a cliff and we will certainly not reach our intended destination. So it is in life, that we will be making decisions that are wrong for us, if those decisions are based on a false understanding of the world.

Over a year ago, before being kept for 10 months in Germany as a political prisoner, I had started to gather these passages out of some of my correspondences. They are responses to questions or concerns from friends and relatives about the difficult and controversial subject of our (falsely-taught) history. Although these are older conversations, they are completely relevant still, and so I am finally publishing these extracts. Names have been removed to respect privacy.


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Starting the Year in Good Spirits


The picture is over a year old, but this is what it looks like again in Jasper.

Yesterday during an unplanned skype visit with Brian Ruhe in Vancouver, we had such an animated conversation together with his colleague Diane Chase who happened to be visiting him, that we spontaneously decided to make a video. It just happened to be one year to the day after my arrest, plus I had a recent letter from Alfred which provided good material for discussion, so here is what ensued. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did.

P.S. I learned from a friend’s feedback that I was mistaken about the location of where Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. While it is true that he did spend time in Stadelheim Prison, that was not where he wrote his famous book. He wrote it while incarcerated in Landsberg Prison.

Recent Interviews and Talk Shows

It has been nearly two months since I have been spit out of the German Gulag. It has been quite a ride. Going from a very simple daily existence to a busy life of taking care of home affairs, correspondences on- and off-line, catching up with old friends, doing interviews, taking phone calls, getting outside into the beautiful natural world, my goodness, where does one begin? The days never seem to have enough hours in them.

This blog of mine needs a little more attention and TLC from Yours Truly. What better time to make an entry than end of year, and bring in the New Year with good intentions of making more regular posts.

This is not going to be a “year in review” post, which one could naturally expect, but just a summary with links to a few of the online interviews and talk shows that I have done lately.

Transcripts of the two Brian Ruhe interviews are posted previously (thank you so much Katana17 for all that work!). Just scroll down to previous posts.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock broadcast an interview called “How YOU can help Alfred Schaefer” (link here) in which we discussed my arrest, the pseudo-secret aspects of the trial of my brother Alfred and myself, and the fact that one cannot really defend oneself in a speech crime trial in Germany without committing new speech crimes. We also discussed what a life-line letters and cards are for political prisoners, with encouragement to write to

Alfred Schaefer
Stadelheimerstr. 12
81549 München

By the way, it will be Alfred’s birthday on January 30th, so birthday wishes would surely be appreciated!

A second appearance on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show together with Alison Chabloz, this one called “The Persecution of the Dissidents”, was aired on the 29th of December. Strangely the persecution of the Whites in South Africa is not receiving the same kind of attention from the powers-that-should-not-be as what they are affording the so-called persecuted immigrants flooding our lands.

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Defining Hate Speech by Alfred Schaefer

Another excellent conversation between Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Alfred Schaefer, at the following link.


This show originally broadcast on December 9 2017. EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alfred Schaefer, for a show entitled:
“Defining Hate Speech”

Topics of discussion

examples of hate speech;
how the media promote race-mixing which is actually the genocide of individual races;
how we are now witnessing the final chapter in the destruction of the White Race;
Arthur Topham’s parody of Theodore Kaufman’s Germany Must Perish;
is the ongoing genocide of the White Race revenge for White nations banishing the Jews from White nations over 100 times in the last thousand years;
how the White Race are on their own and cannot rely on any help from other nations or indeed their own governments;
Rabbi Mendy Cohen’s attack on, The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated, Expanded, & Uncensored, which was broadcast on CBS News;
how we are on the verge of World War 3; and many other topics.

Alfred’s Speech: Rhine-Meadows Death Camp Memorial Event

November 25, 2017
Alfred Schaefer

original speech in German can be viewed in this youtube. English translation follows:

The world-wide awakening, or „Zeitgeist“ is progressing at an explosive rate.
The police officers are here to protect us and guarantee our safety and not to prohibit us from speaking freely.
In the United States of America the most criminal elements are being exposed and their freedom of movement is being limited.
We need to understand and to use this new Zeitgeist.
Today, we are gathered here in remembrance of our ancestors, to honour them, and to mourn for them.
Nobody can stop us from doing this.

Rheinwiesen Lager

Only recently, about 3 years ago, did I first hear anything about these Rhine Meadow Death Camps.
It was Christopher Bollyn, an independent American Journalist, who gave me his copy of „Other Losses“ written by Canadian author James Bacque.
Christopher is the pioneering investigative journalist exposing what actually happened behind the scenes before, during, and after the event of September 11 2001.

In his book, James Bacque describes how AFTER open hostilities had officially ceased in 1945, German prisoners of war had been rounded up and held in huge open fields, fenced in, without any shelter to protect against rain and cold, herded together like cattle.

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The Realist Report – Monika Schaefer

Screen Shot realist report

The Link to the Interview:


John Friend graciously invited me once again to join him in a discussion about the “New World Order” or more aptly named “Jew World Order”. Click on the above link to listen. Here is the show description, in part:

Monika was a guest on this podcast back in May, and today we pick up on many of the topics we discussed then. We begin by addressing the recent conviction of Ursula Haverbeck, the so-called “Nazi Grandma,” an 89-year-old German woman who just lost an appeal on charges related to “denying the Holocaust.” She is NOT in jail, and is appealing once again.

We move on to discuss how the fake “Holocaust” narrative is the primary weapon used to advance White genocide and the New World Order agenda across the world. We also address the promotion of degeneracy and cultural perversion by the Jewish mass media and “entertainment” establishment, Jewish globalism and the promotion of mass Third World immigration to formerly White countries, and related matters.

The previous day, Kenn Gividen and Dr. Charles Lincoln invited my brother Alfred and myself back onto The Talk Show. We had been on in October.

In Part 1, Alfred reads his speech that he recently gave at Bretzenheim, near where the Rheinmeadow Death Camps were, and where our father was held prisoner.

In Part 2, we continued to discuss the aftermath of WW2, the millions of Germans who were murdered, the lies of the Jews, and how the Germans had been vilified since decades. We give an update about Ursula Haverbeck. We discuss the lies of the holohoax. The deliberate degradation of our culture is also part of the agenda. Lastly, we discussed what we need to do.

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show – Alfred Schaefer – This Is Not A Game!


Spirited and positive discussion, this one lights a fire in our hearts and souls!

Topics of discussion

Alfred’s dialogue with Noam Chomsky;
Alfred’s videos;
the police raids on Alfred’s home; Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 5.20.03 PM
the persecution of Ursula Haverbeck;
how the authorities in Germany fear taking people to trial;
how there is a media blackout on free speech trials, so the general public don’t realize their rights of free speech are being taken away;
how Germany has changed dramatically due to mass immigration from the third world;
how Ethnic-Europeans have excelled historically when we are under pressure;
how the fiat money system will soon collapse;
how Angela Merkel got back into power; and other topics.