The Great Robert Faurisson’s Tribute to Ernst Zündel


The slanted French newspaper Le Monde announces the death of Ernst Zündel

August 14, 2017


In its edition of Saturday, August 12, Le Monde published a long, two-column article by Thomas Wieder, a journalist whose devotion to the “Shoah” cult is well known. Entitled “Ernst Zündel, Holocaust denial publisher” and adorned with a photograph of the deceased, who died on August 5, its tone is set by the first two sentences:

The French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson called him “dear friend”, considered him a “source of inspiration”, and said that he was “the man he admired most”. German publisher and pamphleteer Ernst Zündel, convicted several times for anti-Semitic propaganda and a Holocaust denier, died on Saturday, August 5 in Bade Wildbad in the Baden-Württemberg region, where he was born 78 years ago.

Two birds with one stone: Zündel and Faurisson were, as is seen, nothing but “deniers”. They denied. We shall understand by this that, apparently, they devoted their existence to denying the obvious. What, exactly, was obvious? Follow the gaze of Louis Dreyfus, Jérôme Fenoglio and Luc Bronner, who today preside over the destiny of Le Monde. Their newspaper does not know how to repair the “monumental blunder” it committed back in 1978. December 29, 1978 was, as they say, “The day Le Monde published Mr. Faurisson’s feature [on ‘the problem of the gas chambers’]” (the subject of an article by their “grand reporter” Ariane Chemin on August 20, 2012, reproduced in the book Le Monde, 70 ans d’histoire, Flammarion, 2014, 496 p.; p. 469-470).

Throughout Wieder’s article Zündel is described, either directly or by way of insinuation, as a pamphleteer, a propagandist, an unconditional Nazi, a “murderer of [Jewish] remembrance”, a pervert, a provocateur, a coward. In 1958 he had emigrated to Canada “to avoid being called to serve in the armed forces” of the Federal Republic of Germany. In Toronto, at his two great trials in 1985 and 1988, he had not been loath “to appear in court in a bulletproof vest, wearing a helmet with ‘freedom of speech’ written on it”. At the 1985 trial the “Holocaust denier” Faurisson had figured among his “witnesses”.

In fact, if my friend Ernst had emigrated to Canada at the age of 20, it was not in the least out of cowardice but rather out of disgust with war and things military. At that age he still lent full credence to what was peddled about on the “Nazi horrors” and on the essentially militaristic and criminal past of his homeland. He had thus become a pacifist, and would remain so all his life. In Canada there was no conscription, hence his choice of that country. Afterwards, he read, read very much, and ended up believing he must acknowledge that revisionist authors were right. He then became indignant that, during the two world wars, the Allies’ propaganda had been able to invent such lies about the “Boches” or the “Nazis”. If he showed up at his first trial in a helmet (and let’s specify: a construction site helmet!) and asked his companions to do the same, it was because of the several assaults and attempts on his life perpetrated by his opponents either with open force or more sneakily. Most of the time, as in France, the police or the guards on duty refused to protect “Nazis” (sic). From this standpoint, Ernst Zündel’s existence was an ordeal.

An arson attack devastated his house and a large part of the rich documentation needed for his defence. An explosive device was once sent to him through the mail: he had the good idea of handing it over to the police, who carried out a controlled detonation. Was I his “witness”? No: in the courts, I was the expert admitted to assist his barrister, the admirable Douglas Christie.

Douglas Christie.png

In English-speaking countries, in order to be designated as a court expert one must obligatorily undergo an arduous test before the judge, the jury, the prosecutor and the opposing counsel, who may intervene at any time: one must be able to show not only that one knows about a given subject (here, the history of the European Jews, particularly in the period from 1939 to 1945), but also that one can express oneself in a language plain enough for the simplest juror. Those two trials (that of 1985 lasted seven weeks, the one in 1988 a bit longer than four months) were a triumph for the revisionist cause and a disaster for the cause of Zündel’s opponents. Their official transcripts attest to this fact. In 1985, for example, Professor Raul Hilberg, the prime historian supporting the thesis of the “destruction of the European Jews”, suffered such a humiliation that he refused to appear at the 1988 trial, which proved even worse for the thesis defended by the Jewish organisations’ leaders (see my foreword to Barbara Kulaszka’s Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian “False News” Trial of Ernst Zündel – 1988, July 24, 1992).

Just like me, Zündel had respect for the true sufferings of the Jewish people. A man with a remarkably open mind and great insight, he had the ability to judge a person independently of the group to which he or she might belong. His enemies, prodigiously richer and more powerful than himself, were those Jewish or Zionist organisations that claimed to defend the Jews’ interests by waging a merciless war against revisionists. On the one hand, he was not lacking in Jewish friends and, on the other, he did not lose sight of the fact that some of his opponents could well be of good faith. Taking, for example, their belief in the figure of Six Million Jewish victims of Hitler, he noted that, from the second half of the nineteenth century (yes, from the 1860’s!), American newspapers, the New York Times at their head, had published numerous press releases from Jewish organisations reporting “At this moment, a dreadful massacre or pogrom of Jews is taking place in Europe [in Russia, Poland, Hungary, etc.]. Six million of our brothers and sisters are dying; your financial contribution is awaited”. When, in 1933, Hitler entered the scene and when “all Jewry declared war on him” (“Judea declares war on Germany”) – still more, of course, from September 1939 onwards –, the war drums beat the same slogan. In this regard, who can be surprised if millions of Jews of the time, accustomed for several generations to hearing it repeated that “Six million of our brothers and sisters are dying”, were able to believe that that was the truth? But it was a brazen lie. In 1946, at the Nuremberg trial, the judges, making their own contribution to this lie, attributed its invention to Adolf Eichmann himself (see, in my piece The Victories of Revisionism (continued) dated September 11, 2011, the section “The imposture of the Six Million. Wilhelm Höttl and the Nuremberg tribunal unmasked”).

I knew Ernst Zündel well. It so happens that on the eve of his death I telephoned him. In a long conversation, in which he shared some confidences that I shall perhaps reveal one day, I found a broken man, in despair on learning of the inexorable decision by a senior Jewish official in Washington to forbid him any access to US territory, thus any possibility of returning to the home of his wife, herself seriously ill. I first received the news of his death with a sense of relief. Two days later I thought of the friend I had lost and of his torturers, of the two years of solitary confinement in a Toronto prison in abominable conditions, then of his handing over to the German authorities, his conviction, in Mannheim, to a further five years’ imprisonment. I recalled a hundred details of the times spent with a man who was exceptional in his kindness, his humanity, his intelligence, his thoughtfulness at every instant for our companions in struggle, his good sense, his steadfastness, his moderation, his practicality.

Recently, in a homage to the man who, unbeknownst to all, was at death’s door, I wrote that throughout my trying existence I had, despite all, the satisfaction of having met at least one genius, Arthur Robert Butz, and at least one hero, Ernst Zündel, a peaceful hero, forever determined to fight against warmongering, war and its lies.

For the moment, I request to be allowed to leave things at that, at least for today. I must urgently retake my place aboard the revisionist galley, alongside other galley slaves equally resolved to row through the storm until death arrives. I must take as my example that hero who, even when broken, persisted in signing his letters “E. Zündel, unbowed”.

Note: I recommend a long obituary of Ernst Zündel written by the black American columnist Jonas E. Alexis on for the site Veterans Today (August 7). The comments also deserve a read.


Ernst Zündel: A Lover, not a Hater – Eulogy by Michael Hoffman

ErnstDies copy

A dear friend sent me the graphic

Monika’s note: Ernst Zundel is a giant, and an absolute hero to me. It was the documentary “Off Your Knees Germany – the story of Ernst Zündel” which first opened my eyes to this whole story of holohoax, after which I could not stop researching and digging into this. One day, when we have succeeded in bringing down this house of cards of lies, there will be monuments and statues of Ernst Zundel everywhere.

I remember when there was daily talk about this man back in the 80’s, during the Toronto trials. I assumed he was kind of a bad man or a crazy man, because that is how the media was portraying him, and I didn’t pay that much attention. It was background noise to me then.

Had I paid closer attention to what was actually happening in those trials, I would have had cause to open my eyes wide in astonishment. But of course the media tricks were quite successful in diverting attention away from actual content.

Michael Hoffman’s original article can be found here:

Ernst Zündel: A Lover, not a Hater

By Michael Hoffman

Ernst Zündel died of heart failure on August 5 at his ancestral home in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany, near Pforzheim, one day before the anniversary of the atomic holocaust in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. He was 78. He passed away seven years and five months after having served seven years in confinement in Canadian and German prisons for thought crimes committed as a publisher, broadcaster and protestor. To make the inquisition against this German human rights activist palatable to the public, his “crime” is monotonously described as “inciting hatred for years with anti-Semitic activities.”

In America the yahoos are stirred to outrage by the spectre of Islamic “Sharia law” coming to Mayberry, while they are oblivious to the Talmudic law and psychology which suffuses the U.S.A. Talmudic halacha is a two-tiered legal system: one law for the Holy People and another for everyone else. Thus it is written in Sanhedrin 57a, “Regarding bloodshed, the following distinction applies: if a non-Jew killed another non-Jew, or a non-Jew killed a Jew, the killer is liable for execution; if a Jew killed a non-Jew he is exempt from punishment.”

By the same logic, if a Judaic incites hatred of Germans it is not a crime, it is a well-deserved act of retribution. Zündel spent his life fighting this corrupt double-standard. He did so not for philosophical or ideological reasons. Rather, he believed that relentless anti-German hate propaganda was a kind of psychological warfare and mental genocide which internally colonized the souls of the German people, radically reducing their self-worth and causing them to engage in self-destructive and suicidal behavior.

His lifelong campaign to counter anti-German hatred and Talmudic bigotry has been transformed through the alchemy of media falsification into itself an act of hate, and it is at this omega point that Ernst’s persona has been frozen by the Establishment. “He was a hater!” That’s all we’re supposed to know, or need to know, about his life and work.

Having emigrated to Canada as a young man of 19, he became a sought-after graphic artist, working for national magazines. That he was a public relations genius is indisputable. In the 1960s he began placing advertisements in comic books, urging freedom for imprisoned Nazi leader Rudolf Hess, and for a volume about “Nazi UFOs,” the latter a publicity stunt intended to build the revisionist history mailing list he was gradually compiling. By the late 1970s, when the Newspeak distortion of the word “holocaust” began to be appropriated by the Zionist lobby and applied exclusively to the sufferings (both real and imagined) of Judaic people in World War II, Ernst began his counter-offensive, making contact with the academics and historians in the burgeoning revisionist history movement that was questioning the “Holocaust” liturgy.

By 1983 his mass mailings had become so extensive that the powerful Zionist lobby in Canada persuaded the government to ban Zündel from using the mail. He was forced to publish from a Buffalo, New York-area post office, hundreds of miles from his base in Toronto. For publishing doubts about the existence of execution gassing facilities in concentration camps, he was indicted for distributing “false news.” He went to court in Toronto in January, 1985, in what would become known as “The Great Holocaust Trial,” having assembled a stellar legal and history research team led by Doug Christie, who was at that time an obscure, upstart attorney from British Columbia, and Dr. Robert Faurisson, a French academic with a vast command of World War II revisionist history.

Zündel’s own World War II-generation of Germans rallied around him. The large Victorian “Zündelhaus” in Toronto was filled with German people acting as defense witnesses in the trial and assistants in various capacities. There were also non-Germans across the spectrum, including Judaics such as the brilliant and eccentric Ditlieb Felderer, the inaugural forensic investigator and photographer of the Auschwitz-Birkenau slave labor camp.

Ernst was not a provincial German. He was cosmopolitan and sophisticated, with broad tastes and sympathies. He forged alliances with everyone from Judaics disgruntled with the Israeli state and Judaism, to the former Attorney General of Massachusetts who would call Ernst in the middle of the night during the 1985 trial and offer him legal advice.

In the course of the 1985 trial the Crown prosecution called many “unimpeachable Holocaust survivor eyewitnesses” to the stand, in order to send Zündel to prison. Under cross-examination, each one was reduced to a quivering pile of fantastic or contradictory testimony that was essentially worthless. Rudolf Vrba, one of the first “major witnesses” to the alleged homicidal gas chambers, who was regarded as a pillar of “Holocaust” survivor testimony, was made to concede under oath that his book, I Cannot Forgive, could not stand up in court and was only an “artistic picture” of Auschwitz. Because of the embarrassing revelations elicited from these witnesses, no “Holocaust survivors” were called to testify in defense of Deborah Lipstadt in the course of David Irving’s libel suit against her (a fact noted by the actor playing the part of her barrister Anthony Julius, in the 2016 Hollywood movie, “Denial”).

The most eminent “Holocaust” historian of the 1980s was Dr. Raul Hilberg. During the Great Holocaust Trial he was compelled to admit on the witness stand that there was no scientific evidence of homicidal gassings. “I’m at a loss” were the shocking words this “leading Holocaust scholar” uttered when asked by Christie to cite such evidence.

Ernst’s initial conviction on the ridiculous 1985 false news charge was overturned on appeal to the Ontario Court, citing presiding Judge Hugh Locke’s overwhelming bias toward the defendant.

Zündel was tried yet again in 1988; that trial is noteworthy for having produced engineer Fred Leuchter’s unprecedented Leutcher Report on the impossibility of mass chemical poison gassings in the facilities he personally studied and sampled in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Ernst published many tens of thousands of copies of Leutcher Report for circulation world-wide.

On more than one occasion we have referred to Ernst as the-man-who-was-perpetually-on-trial. He underwent court appearances over the ban on his using the Canadian mails, his two trials, the appeals, his immigration case in the U.S. and his trial in Germany, which led to his lengthiest imprisonment. The word “martyr” is derived from a Greek word for a defendant in court. The connotation is of a man or woman willing to defy authorities formally, and face to face. This was Ernst’s destiny.

On August 27, 1992, in a historic decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, which was a landmark victory for every Canadian’s civil liberties, the “false news” portion of the Canadian criminal code was overturned thanks to the appeal argued by Ernst’s legal team.

There was a price to be paid for these successes, however. The Talmud is a book which has made a religion out of revenge. William Shakespeare had Portia finger it when she told Shylock in The Merchant of Venice that contrary to Shylock’s call for “justice,” the Christian posits mercy, because none of us can withstand God’s justice. The problem in making that type of argument is that the religion of revenge entails self-worship, and part of its megalomania rests upon giving God orders (cf. Bava Metzia 59b). Therefore, revenge, not mercy, is the order of the day for the Talmudists. Consequently, in 1989 Prof. Faurisson was horribly beaten by thugs linked to Betar, a French Zionist terror group. No one was prosecuted. On May 7, 1995 Ernst Zündel’s Victorian home and headquarters in Toronto was destroyed by arsonists. The police barely bothered to investigate. No one was prosecuted.

In February, 2003 Ernst was living peacefully in Tennessee with his German-American wife, Ingrid Rimland, when he was arrested for “violations of U.S. immigration regulations.” He was jailed for two weeks and subsequently deported to Canada, where he had “landed immigrant” status. Labeled a terrorist in a secret Canadian star chamber court, the man who had never even had a speeding ticket and consistently preached non-violence, was incarcerated for two years on a “Security certificate,” under abominable conditions of solitary confinement, while fed wretched food, observed 24 hours a day with lights never turned off, denied proper writing and reading materials, and confined in a remote, high security facility.

He was deported to Germany in 2005 where, a few weeks short of his 66th birthday he began serving five years in Mannheim prison for publishing questions about gas chambers in books and other media, including online on his internationally-renowned “Zundelsite” web page.

Upon his release in 2010 he lived quietly in a home in Germany that had been in his family for hundreds of years. Without complaint he cheerfully set to work personally clearing brush and trees and making repairs to the ancient homestead. He never whined. He had not been raised in a culture where, “Oh, how I suffered!” was a standard of self-definition. He didn’t moan about his fate. He was a German of the old school, for whom the words inculcated from youth, Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen (“Learn to suffer without complaining”), were ringing in his ears until the day he died.

Prior to 2017, Ernst applied for an immigrant visa so that he could reside with his wife in Tennessee. Last spring, less than a week before his 78th birthday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ruled on his application, as follows:

“[I]n 2007 the Applicant was convicted in Germany of 14 counts of incitement to hatred and one count of violating the memory of the dead. The Applicant was sentenced to an aggregate of five years in prison. And though a waiver of inadmissibility was possible — because of extreme hardship to Zundel’s elderly wife — the office concluded that there was good reason to deny the waiver: The negative factors in the Applicant’s case include his long history of inciting racial, ethnic, and religious hatred. The record shows that the Applicant is a historical revisionist and denier of the Holocaust, distributing writings, books, tapes, videos, and broadcasts to promote his views. The record indicates further that these publications agitated for aggressive behavior against Jews. Furthermore, the Applicant has been a leader in these activities for decades and has shown no regret or remorse for his actions.”

“…these publications agitated for aggressive behavior against Jews.” This is a terrible lie, backed by no documentation. We should not be surprised. We were forewarned 2,000 years ago about “children of hell” (Matthew 23:15) whose patriarch was “the father of lies” (John 8:44). If Jesus were alive today, he too would be serving time in Canadian and German dungeons and banned from the United States by Homeland Security.

If you are a German of Ernst’s generation then you have heard of, or read, Karl May, the novelist who celebrated the American Indian. In Canada Ernst hosted a parade of German combat veterans of World War II, from privates to officers. Having read the novels of Karl May, often among the first requests these men would make was, “Will you to take me to meet the Indians?” There are photos of these old soldiers shaking hands and riding horses with the indigenous people of Canada, with Zundel accompanying them.

The Indians of North America are reputed to ask a question before they make any momentous decision: how will this affect the next seven generations? The question the Indians would pose if they were Germans — how will the admission of millions of hostile alien immigrants affect our children for the next seven generations?— is left unasked by 21st Germans, a majority of whom continue to support Angela Merkel, their posterity’s executioner, because she is good at managing the nation’s money.

Zündel was as much a holocaust survivor as anyone. In February, 1945 when he was not quite six-years-of-age, he heard the roar of the 367 bombers of Britain’s Royal Air Force, as its thundering fire bombs incinerated the German civilians of the nearby city of Pforzheim. He, his mother and siblings shook with fear, sheltering under a table during this holocaust, which we are not allowed to call by that name.

Every day it seems there is something else we are not allowed to say or think, and this is what we should expect ever more of, in a world of illusion that calls Ernst Zündel, “a hater.” He has been made a scapegoat by people who are themselves guilty of undying hatred.

We have known few men who have loved our people and our civilization more than he did. It is not an exaggeration to say that he gave his life for love of them.

Copyright©2017 Independent History and Research

Michael Hoffman is the author of The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West’s Most Sacred Relic [published in French in 2016 as Le Grand Procés de L’Holocauste: L’Extraordinaire Aventure d’Ernst Zündel].

The Jasper Busking Story

The following story is an abridged open letter which I sent to the Mayor and Council of Jasper on July 8, 2017. Their email addresses are at the bottom, if you care to write to them. There is much irony in this story, especially in light of the fact that the award pictured here was given to me by the very organization which denied me a busking permit.

Raven-about-the-Arts Award

A Chronology of Promises & Broken Promises, Steps & Missteps

This story begins about 5 years ago. I made a presentation to Town Council that busking should be allowed in Jasper. It was not legal to busk at the time. I made the case that this little mountain town within a national park and world heritage site was a perfect place for busking, and that it would be a win-win-win situation. It would be good for the musicians, good for the tourists, and good for the town aesthetic. My presentation was well received, and the councillors enthusiastically assured me they would work on making it happen.

It took some time, but finally in 2016, the busking program was launched. To be specific it was Busking Pilot Project #2. Pilot Project #1 occurred during the Arts Days weekend late September 2015, and I took part in that. My band, the “Fiddle River Band”, played on the Saturday afternoon, and it was a great success. People were dancing on the sidewalk.

The 2016 Pilot Project was the first time that busking licences would be sold, and musicians could busk all summer, with a few guidelines stipulating where, when and how long.

Imagine my surprise then when I went to buy my licence, and was sent the curt email,

in light of your recently publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs we have decided to decline a permit to you at this time.

There it was, clearly stated, that it was because of my thoughts that I was not going to be allowed to play my violin on the streets of Jasper.

That was last year. What came next? A season of surveys, meetings, emails, new process, newspaper articles, auditions, vetting buskers, guidelines, and rules.

Winter of 2016 – 2017

In response to numerous queries last summer by both myself and Prof Tony Hall from the University of Lethbridge, the town manager responded that there would be a survey in the fall to determine the success and what problems, if any, arose from the busking project, and then they would be in a position to answer our questions.

Autumn came and went, and there was not much action. There was a general satisfaction survey which included two questions on busking, and another survey for the business community more specifically related to busking.

On February 14th, 2017, busking was on the agenda of the Committee-of-the-Whole Council meeting. I requested a spot on the agenda. Marianne Garrah and Dave Baker of the Habitat for the Arts were also in attendance and made a presentation before mine.

I took note of Marianne Garrah’s comment that the vetting process for buskers should be based on talent and musical ability. This was noted in the minutes. To my understanding, that statement by Garrah was a tacit admission that they had erred the previous summer when they denied me a busking license based on my thoughts. This gave me confidence that this summer would be different.

At the same time, Councillor Gilbert Wall declared openly that I should not be allowed on the streets to busk, and that he could not separate my violin playing from my ideas. It was written about in both newspapers, as being the elephant in the room and given what we know…how ominous – Councillor Wall made it clear that there must be an out, for them to be able to shut me out.

April 11 2017 Committee of the Whole minutes state that the management of the Busking Pilot Project for 2017 would once again be handed over to the Habitat for the Arts. They also stated that the selection committee should be comprised of people who are qualified to assess musical abilities.

During subsequent meetings, a clear outline of process was made for the busker vetting and selection process. There would be a panel of 5 judges. A point system would be used. Habitat for the Arts would choose a song from the auditionee’s set lists. If the performer “seems shaky on one song you may ask them to perform another song”. The performance would be recorded and sent to other judges who presumably could not all come together at the same time because of busy schedules.

This process implies open visibility of the panel. Several of the guidelines make it clear that this was to be a live audition process. For example, one guideline states

Judges are encouraged to interact with performers (but not for too long, just enough to make them feel comfortable).” Another states: “If a performer doesn’t show up, move on to the next performer on the list.”

After the May 2nd meeting, I immediately struck up a correspondence with the Habitat people to indicate my interest in auditioning for the purpose of acquiring a busking licence. I went in person, and I emailed.

When will the auditions take place?
Where should I show up?
How will I find out when they take place?
Will there be an announcement in the paper?
Will they email me? Phone me?

Responses to my attempts at communication were either absent or slow.

Finally I was told that I could simply send them a clip electronically. Pardon me???

What happened to the whole “select a song and if they are shaky pick another one, and please interact but not too much….” scenario? What was going to be a live audition in front of a panel of judges turned into an anonymous “send in your tape”.

I asked Marianne Garrah in person, “This process is open and transparent, correct? The judges’ identities should be public, yes?” She agreed. I asked who the judges are. She started to name them and after naming two, she hesitated, reconsidered, and said,

uhhhhh, I can’t remember who the others are, it’s not really my thing. This is not my project…


End of May, still no buskers on the streets of Jasper.

June – I left town for about two weeks, and when I returned, there were indeed buskers on the street, but only just.

Buskstop permits

I tried to visit the Habitat several times, to no avail, as nobody was there. I emailed, and asked when I could please pick up my permit, assuming of course that there would be no problem passing the audition process, having sent them the link to my music samples. They all had assured me that they knew I could play. And they did say it was based on talent and musical ability.

Imagine once again my surprise when I received the following unsigned email.

Hello Monika

For 2017 the Jasper Busking program has been designed such that a ‘no meet’ e-committee of community minded individuals are given sound/youtube/audition files provided by the artists.  Those files are listened to with the intent of realizing three things:  skill of the artist (5potential criteria points), potential enjoyment by the listener (5potential criteria points), and to gain a preception [sic] of the artists stage presence (5potential criteria points).  Those criteria points are calculated over the 5 community members and to be warranted a licence the total must equal at least 55 (or 11 out of 15 from each response).

Unfortunately the results that came back to Habitat from the committee did not reflect that total for you.  Your application for 2017 has been declined.

Habitat for the Arts
for the Jasper Municipal 2017 Busking Pilot Project

Who are these faceless nameless “community minded individuals”? They made rules and guidelines, then broke them all. Live audition process turned into electronic transmission to who knows who, and whoever they are, they reached their objective to keep Monika out. No accountability. No transparency. No legitimate reason was given. They got their way and evaded responsibility. Anonymous judges, faceless nameless individuals, awarding insufficient (zero?) points to one of the best-known musicians in this little town, is rather Kafkaesque, is it not?

The Farce

What did all of this amount to? New process after endless deliberations and meetings, it was all a big facade and nothing more. They did not quite know what to do with Monika Schaefer. They knew they could not openly deny me a license based on lack of musical abilities. They stated it many times, that it was not my music that bothered them, rather, it was my thoughts. My musical background and involvement in this community is extensive and well-known. In fact, some would say I had acquired local celebrity status as a violinist and fiddler, who was in much demand at community functions and fundraisers, both as performer and occasionally also as judge during competitions.

They must have struggled with this problem, because in spite of declaring at the May 2nd council meeting that they would like to see buskers on the streets of Jasper by the May long weekend, they did not appear until some time during the second week of June. I happened to be out of town then – how convenient.

False Diversity Project

Jasper advertises its Diversity Project while advancing ideological exclusiveness.

The Fitzhugh newspaper reported (March 16, 2017 article page 3 and editorial page 6) that I was the subject of debate in deliberations about a proclamation designating Jasper an “inclusive community”. The Mayor warned that the proclamation could have unforeseen consequences. 

It seems to me that inevitably we will run into the elephant in the room that councillor Gilbert Wall spoke about a week ago, that is when you proclaim to be inclusive without limitation then you are forced to confront those with whom you might have the most profound disagreements. ~Mayor Richard Ireland

All the while there is the absolute assumption that I am guilty of a crime – a thought crime. Regardless of whether I am right or wrong – should that even be relevant for the acquisition of a busking licence? Did we once pride ourselves on having freedom of speech in Canada?

Various agencies in the town of Jasper have designated themselves judge, jury and enforcers against the alleged thought crimes of Monika Schaefer. All the while, there is never so much as a glimmer of introspection, not the slightest interest in making enquiries into the issues which I have raised. In fact, the opposite is true. The ferocious attack against me is designed to frighten anyone else from looking.

There is simply a blanket acceptance of the prevailing dogma, and anyone who dares question is guilty of “racial incitement”. The very act of questioning is criminalized. The nasty little label “hate speech” is applied, and that’s that. Evidence is not required when something is “self-evident”. The Doctrine of Judicial Notice allows courts to recognize as “fact” matters that are “common knowledge”. The victors write the history books, so when they say it is so, then it is so. They determine what becomes “common knowledge”.

Inclusive community is a fraudulent concept in Jasper. Diversity in Jasper does not include thoughts.

Dear Mayor and Councillors, is this what you call due process? Is this not an EXACT fulfillment of some of my concerns expressed earlier in the winter? I thought we had reached an understanding that playing music should have NOTHING to do with a person’s views. Are you going to stand by and support the Habitat in their fraudulent project? Is this your legacy, turning the righteous town of Jasper, all-inclusive Jasper, into a narrow thought-policing agency?

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the UN Declaration of Human Rights are not being respected here in this little town in the midst of a National Park and a World Heritage Site.

The Jasper Diversity Project is a sham. The Jasper busking program is a farce. The proclamation of Inclusive Community is a joke. And most especially, the Habitat for the Arts Values and Principles Statement, all about “learning never stops…, embrace new challenges and ideas…, grow through knowledge exchange and support…” earns all three descriptors: sham, farce and a joke.

Monika Schaefer

sent to Mayor and Council:

as well as to the Habitat for the Arts:

please copy to:

Dave Baker:
Mark Fercho:
Bob Covey:
Paul Clarke:
Monika Schaefer:

Armed (police) Thugs Raid our Home – by Alfred Schaefer

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Dear Friends !

Yesterday morning, 6th of July, at 6:00 AM our door bell rang ferociously, as if some berserk madman was about to kick in the door. My wife and I jumped out of bed, I told her, do not open just yet – hold them off for just a few seconds. OK, then in they came, 7 armed thugs with guns, bullet-proof vests and handcuffs and one “witness” from the town administration. They were not about to make the same mistake as last summer when they raided and robbed me, obediantly following their orders from the Jewish Criminal B’nai Brith Canada. That time I was able to provide my own “witness”, who happened to be a Graf, which is a Count, or an Earl who lived across the street. Not only is he a Count, but he is well aware of the Jewish lies of the “Holohoax” and so much more, so obviously and visibly on my side. That time they only stole all of my computers, this time they were after my studio. I think it ticked them off that I made a video about that entire episode afterwords, which is:

Blog: Police Raid and my Confession

My video’s are blocked in most European countries.

These thugs working at the behest of the criminal Jewish Secret Society B’nai Brith, wanted my ability to make video’s destroyed. They know that nobody believes their lies anymore and are desperate now to prevent anyone from spreading truth about the things they have done, lest it may upset anyone.

On the “state prosecutors” paper to justify this theft of my equipment we find: “Why do YOU support open debate on the Holocaust?” They claim that this is absolutely illegal. You may NOT question the six million gassed Jews that were turned into soap and lampshades and shrunken heads. After all, the German people paid a lot of money to all the millions of Jews who somehow did not end up as soap or a lampshade. And if you understand that it is all a big Jewish scam, the German people may ask for their shekels back. Or the goods. (Sort of like 9-11, which is why that is now also illegal to question). The “State Prosecutor” claims that any questions regarding 911 or the “Holy Cause” is incitement to racial hatred.

I wonder why they never bothered the Jew Steven Spielberg for his evil fiction “Schindler’s List” which incited entire geographies of young children in schools to HATE the German people. Or what about all those “Holy Cause” memorials that our little children are obliged to visit at such a tender young age? What about the fraud Anne Frank?

The irony is, it was the JEWs who wanted to exterminate the German people the after the Germans wanted to free themselves from the Jewish immorality and usury. They came very close to succeeding by murdering many millions of Germans AFTER the end of the fighting. Millions died in the Rhine Meadow Death Camps and the deliberate poisoning of the meager bread being fed to the German prisoners as well as their the Jewish poisoning of the German water supplies with the intention of mass murdering millions more of innocent Germans. One of many documented examples of these intentions is the book written by Theodore Kaufman, “Germany must Perish“. The Jews are busily trying to whitewash this information and make it disappear.

The fact that the “German authorities” raided me to shut me down and intimidate me, does provide us with great opportunity at this time. The double standards on display now, can not escape even the mentally challenged or zombies. (Zombies are those who, now in 2017, still believe the “Holocaust – TM” because, “if the Jews say it happened, then it must be true”.)

What is particularly interesting about this raid is that they not only stole all of my studio equipment worth thousands of Euros, but they also stole all of my stockpile of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 truth DVD’s and other information. They now consider this description of the forensic evidence as illegal as “denying the holocaust”. All of this information is now classified as “incitement to racial hatred”. So, if you are an engineer, and you are caught with evidence of the controlled demolition of the three towers on 9-11, you are now deemed “guilty of racial incitement to hatred”. If you tell your children that the German people turned Jews into soap and lampshades, then you are a hero.

The timing of this raid and the consequences are amazing. I just returned from a Canadian speaking tour that consisted of 14 presentations in 11 cities, from Toronto to Victoria. After arriving in Toronto I learned that Global TV wanted to interview me in Calgary when I was due to arrive there about a week later. Upon arrival, they backed down with a pathetic excuse after our team insisted on recording the entire interview as well. It may also have something to do with the fact that they (B’nai Brith) were the ones who provided me with priceless material for my most recent video’s, in particular this one: 1984 + 33 = 2017

My latest video ought to get them even more upset. In this video I show the “anti-Holocaust” meme. It works very well. “Anti-Holocaust meme“.

The speaking tour in Canada gave me great optimism, learning that many people are coming to the same conclusions, independently, and finding their new direction and purpose, by working to resolve this. In fact, most young people no longer need explaining when the meme “JQ” is used. They know it is the “Jewish Question”.

Every move that the Jews now make seems to accelerate the inevitable total implosion of their unsustainable construct of lies and deceptions. They will have a lot of explaining to do.

If you are Jewish and innocent of any wrongdoing because you simply believed the lies like almost all of us non-Jews also did, see this as an opportunity to help us come out of this mess together. You can help me financially to get my studio back up and running. When B’nai Brith orders my things stolen, their treasonous stooges here in Germany never ever return any of it, and it leaves me with large bills. Helping me now will certainly put you in a better light than if you did absolutely nothing. I already have some very good “ex-Jewish” friends who have provided me with moral support and good information.

Some people may be depressed by what is happening, but I am so happy to be living now, with the ability to do constructive work to remedy an otherwise seemingly hopeless situation. With your help, we can do so much more.

Please contact me if you want to help. (Contact Monika on this website, and she can put you in touch with Alfred)

Alfred Schaefer

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Interview

AndrewCarringtonHitchcock Show Image

This interview was recorded in late June, and went on air today July 7, 2017. It is archived here in two places.

We discussed my 6 minute video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust”. We also discussed my experience in, “Ritual Defamation,”; Joseph Ribakoff’s ADL prizewinning paper on legislating against hate speech in 1988; how I have been denied a busking permit due to my political beliefs; how the Jews expect you to be tolerant of their beliefs whilst they are intolerant of differing beliefs; and many other topics.

Postscript: A wonderfully illustrated transcription by Katana, posted in the comment, inserted here.

a Year and a Day

by Monika Schaefer

It is the one year anniversary since I went through a door. I was very well aware that once through this door, there was no going back. My life changed on June 17th, 2016, with the release of the “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” video, followed a few days later with the German edition “Entschuldigung Mama, ich hatte Unrecht was den Holocaust betrifft”.


Though I had a sense of a serious transition in my life, I really had no idea what would follow. The intensity of reaction, both positive and negative, took my breath away. The video was translated with subtitles into 3 languages within the first 4 days. Spanish, swedish and french. A transcript was made. The view count shot up. Within a month there were 60,000 views, and currently it has over 133,000 views on one channel alone only in English.

Apparently the video struck a chord. Who would have guessed it would resonate with so many people? Many have had similar experiences as I did – reproaching or resenting their parents for being part of a generation of monsters, only to find out that everything had been turned on its head. For those who reached similar conclusions as I had reached after much research, there was deep gratitude, relief and appreciation for the simple message in my video.

For those still stuck in the matrix of lies, the video came as a shock and surprise. For those whose identity and interests were threatened, I became a grave threat and was pronounced the enemy. I learned all about Ritual Defamation in a town which boasts tolerance, inclusiveness, and “embraces diversity”.

Victims of ritual defamation become ostracized, shunned, humiliated, and isolated. An attempt is made to destroy the victim economically as well as socially. Mental poison is injected into the community, and it infects many well-meaning people.

Organizations and political parties stepped over each other to make a public show of expelling me. The Alberta Society of Fiddlers, the Jasper Environmental Association, the Alberta Green Party, the Green Party of Canada, all gave me the boot, and put it loudly into the record. The media dutifully reported, using weaponized words to trigger the programs that had been drip-fed into people’s brains to react in a predictable manner. “Neo-nazi holocaust denying hater!” What do those words actually mean? Nothing!

I wonder how many of my former friends took even twenty minutes, or perhaps three hours of their lives to view one or two or all three of the recommended videos at the end of my 6 minute video, before throwing away our friendship. Why would they not want to look into why I was making controversial statements which went contrary to everything we have been told all our lives about “the holocaust”? Do they really believe that I had suddenly lost my mind? Or were they afraid of what they might learn?

Many have told me outright that they will not discuss this topic, they refuse to look at it, refuse to debate it, refuse to question anything about it which would run contrary to what we have been told all our lives. It seems clear to me that this refusal to even look is the result of the psychological warfare that has been conducted against us. Do the weaponized words frighten us into submission? Does it make sense to ostrasize and shun a dissenter while refusing to look into the subject?

Why would there need to be laws to defend their holocaust if it really happened? They could show the evidence instead. Only lies need to be protected by laws. If the event was so rock-solid like they always tell us it is, they would not fear investigation. To me, the existence of laws against questioning “the holocaust” is enough to tell me there is something wrong with the story. I can never understand the mentality of people who tell me “you see Monika, the laws prove that you are wrong!” instead of recognizing the absurdity of the need for a law to protect a story.

It strikes me that real genocides are suppressed while the fictitional one is stoked up with a fury which seems to grow stronger every year. Real genocides such as the Holodomor are hardly known while Jewish “holocaust studies” are becoming mandatory curriculum in many places around the world.

This short introductory video to the “Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust” website is one of the so-called crimes which caused Professor Anthony Hall to be suspended from his tenured position at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. Any thinking person should recognize that there is something deeply wrong when a history professor is persecuted for saying we should be able to examine our history.

No Regrets

The old saying “the truth will set you free” is really true. In spite of some hardships, I have a deep sense of peace and serenity. This stems from the clarity in my mind and heart and soul, that I have truth on my side. We are at the core of the peace movement when we seek to tell the truth. Lies and deceptions are what bring us wars and turmoil. Remember the Mossad motto: By way of Deception, thou shall do war.

There are “red-pilled” people everywhere. That I have learned for sure, as I have heard from many of them. They are in every little town, village and hamlet. The people are waking up in droves, every single day. The rate of awakening is explosive. There is no doubt in my mind that truth and light will prevail.

The fact that there is such a ferocious attempt to stifle dissent proves that Jewish Power depends on mass deception. An awakening will destroy that power. Why else would they need to silence anyone who steps out of line? Why else would they feel so threatened by truth revealers, if their power did not depend on keeping the people deceived, deluded, distracted and demoralized? If their power did not depend on us being asleep, they would not be in such a panic when some of us wake up.

For that reason, I know there is hope! I also know we have our work cut out for us, as the demoralization runs deep. Each and every one of us really has no choice but to do everything in our own power and ability to contribute to the ripple effect of the grand awakening. We must educate ourselves and educate others. Many many people are doing just that, and that includes Jews as well as Gentiles.

I, for one, will not stop!

Release Political Prisoner Horst Mahler

Horst Mahler

Freedom for Horst Mahler


My letter to the Prime Minister of Hungary
23 May 2017

Dear Prime Minister Viktor Orban,

I live in Canada, and am very disturbed by the news that German citizen Horst Mahler has been incarcerated in Hungary after he asked for political asylum there recently. As the Prime Minister of Hungary, you have the power to reverse this terrible injustice. Please do what you can to release this political prisoner as soon as possible. Please also provide him with a safe haven from persecution. He almost died of illness and infections in a German prison, before being released on medical grounds.

Recently I heard a very good speech that you made about immigration and a number of related subjects. It gave me great hope that there exists in Hungary a strong European leader, a man who has not subjugated himself to the usual hidden powers which control other European countries and are mostly serving Israel. I do hope that your strong reputation will not be shown to be an illusion.

The following is a letter which I wrote to the German Embassy in Hungary (and is being cc’ed again here). This provides a little more background.

To the Embassy of Germany in Hungary,

It is a shameful disgrace that Horst Mahler, 81 years of age, has been imprisoned once again, simply for peaceful expression of his views. How can it be that in a so-called democracy, people are not permitted to have certain points of view and that they are not permitted to say their thoughts out loud. Their persecution is, in my view, proof that they are speaking truth, and that the state is protecting some very deep dark Lies.

The truth does not fear investigation. Only lies need to be buttressed and enforced by Laws!

Not only is it wrong that Horst Mahler is imprisoned, it is unbelievably barbaric that he has been deprived of basic sanitary and hygienic things. I understand that he has no towel, no soap, and no toilet paper. Are we talking about a European country? I also learned that he injured himself on a metal protrusion in his cell, and bled profusely, and was not given medical attention. It seems clear to me that the authorities wish to dehumanize him, and make him die in jail.

Please use your power and authority to have Horst Mahler released immediately.

I have an extensive bcc mailing list, and they will be very interested to hear about this. I look forward to your early and positive response.

Monika Schaefer,
Jasper, Canada

Dear reader: The email address for Prime Minister Viktor Orban is
and the address for the German Embassy in Hungary is

For more, see this short article about his current situation, and this indepth article about the background.

Interview: John Friend with Monika Schaefer — May 2017

realist report

To hear the interview, click on the link, or copy and paste into your browser. Just under 90 minutes.

I had the great pleasure to be interviewed by John Friend a few days ago. He is the host and publisher of The Realist Report, real about history, race and reality. We discussed how critically important it is to disabuse ourselves of the “holocaust” myth. The holohoax is the ultimate weapon being used to destroy us, and it is urgent that we come out of this giant deception.


Local Letters: an Inquisition

Deke's Cartoon Inquisition

Thank you Deke, for the sanity check!

Jasper has two newspapers. The weekly is called the Fitzhugh, and regular readers of this blog will already know that the Fitzhugh staff have been very hostile towards me in their coverage of the controversy surrounding my video called “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust“.

The other paper is called The Jasper Local, and comes out twice per month. The publisher/editor Bob Covey has been much more level-headed, and definitely never hostile. This does not mean he agrees with my conclusions – quite the contrary – but he is not blindly reactionary. In an editorial last summer (link here, scroll down to Aug 15, 2016), he wrote this:

These days it seems people are so keen to be outraged. It seems that it doesn’t take much for folks to fly off the handle, to get up in arms. Admittedly, when a community member decrees the Holocaust a lie, it’s a tough pill to swallow, but still: the leap from questioning the stories we’ve been told to promoting hate-speech is a large one. Based on the evidence at hand, it’s not one I’m willing to take.

After I made a presentation to Town Council in February about the irrelevance of a person’s views in relation to the question of acquiring a busking licence, hostilities in the town rose once again. Apparently those who feel threatened by the historical truths that I am speaking openly about did not like it that I appeared to be getting a leg up. (I wrote about the presentation here.) Bob Covey wrote about the meeting in his February 15th newspaper, pictured below, the article entitled Council gets an earful on busking. He chose, from his archives, a friendly picture of me with a big smile, twirling a hoolahoop around my waste, and holding a “save the trees” sign high above my head. I cannot find the article on the website or I would link it here. He did a fair reportage of the meeting.

Inquisition Barrage

The next two editions of The Jasper Local carried letters in reaction. Here are some excerpts from Vancouverite Paul Brooke’s March 1st poisonous letter:

I’m writing in response to your soppy sympathetic editorial supporting Monika Schaefer. I deeply resent the way in which you support Schaefer’s “right to her opinion.” It’s blatantly obvious that the two of you just don’t get it. [….] People like you live in some kind of bubble, thinking that “poor Monika” should have the right to spew her objectionable nonsense [….] Yes, free speech is a part of our democracy, but criminal hate speech is not. Schaefer talks about the “thought police” on Jasper town council who stand up to her. [….] I don’t need her disgusting Alternative Facts disguised as enlightenment for the masses. It’s nothing but hateful garbage. ~Paul Brooke~ North Vancouver, B.C.

Next edition, on March 15, came a slightly more polite letter entitled “Horrors of war” by Harry Home. I cannot find Home’s letter on The Jasper Local website, but a similar one was published in the Fitzhugh. Unlike the Fitzhugh publisher Craig Gilbert, Bob Covey did give me the right of response. My letter was published April 1, 2017 in The Jasper Local.

RE: Horrors of war

Dear Editor,

Debate is forbidden in a totalitarian society. Evidence becomes irrelevant. Books are burned.

I agree with Harry Home’s sentiments (The Jasper Local, March 15, 2017) about most people being loving and peaceful. I also agree that wars are horrible. That is why I am putting so much on the line. A world of lies and deceptions is a world of war and turmoil. I am motivated by love and I am working for peace.

I disagree with Home’s statement that “there is definite evidence of the murder of millions of Jews, and that the death camps did exist…” People keep repeating that statement like a mantra, but where is the evidence? The Toronto Holocaust Trials of the 1980s showed plenty of evidence to the contrary, and holocaust trials have been avoided ever since.

Many people, including Jews, died in the work camps. Most deaths occurred as a result of starvation and disease during the last few months of the war, as supply lines were cut due to Allied bombing.

Amazon just engaged in a massive modern-day book burning, when scores of titles disappeared from their site. These books put into question the orthodox holocaust narrative. Many scholarly works containing archival primary source material have been thrown down the memory hole. Perhaps we can interpret this as a ringing endorsement of those books. It is best to vaporize them when one cannot refute what is written in them.

Even the act of erasing the books is itself erased, as mainstream media outlets either ignore it, or claim that only 3 book titles were eliminated. I personally own more than 3 of the disappeared books. But again, facts are irrelevant in George Orwell’s world.

Why is hatred and scorn levelled at those who peacefully express dissent? Those who question the orthodoxy are criminalized by way of “hate speech” laws. Everything is turned on its head by criminalizing truth revealers and calling them the haters.

Is this event called “the holocaust” really so cut and dried?

Surely the reaction alone should be enough to alert thinking people everywhere that there might be some flaws in the prevailing narrative. If I was so wrong about the conclusions I have reached about WW2 history, nobody would feel threatened by what I am saying. They could simply present the evidence.

Truth does not fear investigation.

Monika Schaefer, Jasper

 Predictably, pushback came in the next edition April 15th

Hate Letter

It could be called Hate times 13

I counted the word “hate” or “hatred” thirteen times in this letter! hmmmm… who is hating whom? I have reproduced the letter here, interspersed with my  commentaries.

Hate Begins With Words

by Jessica Gomes, Jasper

Re: Monika Schaefer’s April 1st Letter

Dear Editor,

Holocaust denial must be confronted. Not because there is a truth to be hidden or a secret “orthodox” conspiracy, but because hate begins with words. Hate began with words before the holocaust when millions of Jews, Roma, Christians, Communists, homosexuals and disabled people were dehumanized, criminalized, discriminated against, and murdered. We see this same hate continue today with words and actions of holocaust deniers.

M.S. I am a little confused. So the murder of all these people took place before the holocaust??? Well let’s see how all this is explained. An awful lot of “hate” so far… I wonder if Gomes realizes that Judea declared war against Germany in 1933. 

Although Monika Schaefer and other deniers may mimic and mirror the practices of historians and legitimate scholars, their pantomimed “research” is a misleading and thinly veiled farce designed to propagate anti-Semitism and hate. It is true that “truth does not fear investigation,” and to its credit, (“to its credit”? whose credit?) the Holocaust is one of the most well documented and investigated events in human history. The evidence is irrefutable, undeniable, overwhelming, and it is not a “prevailing narrative.” It’s what happened.

M.S. Lots of hot air here to smear me, but not much substance so far. About that meme, “..most well documented and investigated….” that’s what they say. But where is the evidence please? They sure couldn’t show it in court! And where is all that documentation? In all the tons of German government documents and archives seized at the end of the war, not a single piece of paper was ever found that said anything about a plan or intention to kill the Jews. Even the leading Jewish holocaust historian Raul Hilberg had to concede during the Great Holocaust Trial in 1985 that there must have been an “incredible meeting of minds”. You can read about it here.

Hate begins with words. Monika Schaefer’s letter to the editor is perforated with hate and anti-Semitism: some obvious, some slyly inserted with conspiracy theorist code words and nonsense. We have a duty to call out Monika Schaefer’s words for what they are: hate masqueradingt as innocent questioning and dissent.

M.S. Oh my! “perforated with hate”, “slyly inserted”, “conspiracy theorist code words” (yikes!), “hate masquerading as innocent questioning…”. Such intelligent debating! Please, Jessica, could you at least give me some substance, maybe just one piece of evidence?

Holocaust deniers are thirsty for attention, and any quick Google search yields a plethora of results for holocaust denial across the dark corners of the Internet. We cannot in good conscience give them yet another platform, especially a legitimate media platform, on which to spew hate, lies, and anti-Semitism. No mainstream newspaper would publish hate filled diatribes arguing for the reinstatement of segregation, the repeal of LGBTQ rights, or the repeal of the right to vote for women. All of these opinions may be protected by free speech, and their proprietors are welcome to them, but they cannot be shocked or offended when those opinions are not welcome in the classroom, on the evening news, or in this very newspaper. Free speech is not absolute in Canada.

M.S. More tactics, attacking the messenger – “thirsty for attention” – where have I heard that before? People who question the official story about 19 Arabs with boxcutters bringing down 3 modern skyscrapers with 2 airplanes on 9/11 get those same accusations.

In those “dark corners of the Internet”, oh that scary place, heaven forbid you should dare to go there and think for yourself and try to sort out the facts from the disinformation. Better to get your information from the “legitimate” mainstream media, the same media that dutifully reported Sadam Hussein tossing premature babies out of hospital incubators, as well as all those weapons of mass destruction which inconveniently failed to materialize, nevertheless were the justification for waging war. 

Amazon and other publishers are not legally prohibited or censored by the government from selling this sort of content, and if they choose not to host hate filled publications or holocaust denial, it’s their choice, not totalitarianism. Amazon’s guidelines state that their publications cannot “promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance.” It is not a reflection of the state of free speech, but of a free market. Holocaust deniers are more than welcome to publish their own works and create their own platforms, many of whom already have.

M.S. When the information in the books cannot be refuted, then the powers-that-be destroy or remove them, and vilify anyone who dares to speak about this information. 

Fighting holocaust denial is not a question of barring debate or limiting free speech. Those that seek to perpetuate denial can do so freely with their voices, on the Internet, and in their own circles. But we must guard against this kind of hate, and deny it a home or the cloak of legitimacy in our academia and our media. 

M.S. It is a complete contradiction to say that it is “not a question of barring debate or limiting free speech”, while at the same time supporting the criminalization of dissent and using weaponized language in order to shut down critical thought and debate.

There are absolute certainties in life and history. These are irrevocable facts we know and have proven to be true with evidence and careful study: the earth is not flat, the sun does not revolve around the Earth, and the holocaust happened.

~Jessica Gomes, Jasper

(that’s okay Bob, I don’t blame you, I know you were under a lot of pressure!~M.S.)

Concluding thoughts

This “absolute certainty… the holocaust happened” that Jessica Gomes finishes her letter with, is somewhat like the Doctrine of Judicial Notice. That doctrine allows the courts to recognize as “fact” matters that are “common knowledge”. Evidence is not required because the holocaust is self-evident. This is a circular argument, and makes absolutely no sense. Just as Gomes is unable and unwilling to provide a shred of evidence to back up her declaration that the holocaust happened. But then again, when judges declare that the truth is no defence, and evidence is not required, then what can we expect?

Gomes uses every trick in the book in her attempt to discredit me. She distracts from the topic by coupling it with unrelated subjects, she personally insults me, she repeats the claim that it is the most studied and documented event in our history without telling us what that evidence might be, she uses lots of weaponized trigger words, and she repeatedly slings mud my way. She does not present arguments in response to any of my points. Instead she labels me a hater. She personifies, in her letter, the very thing she accuses me of.