It is my second appeal to sanity and reason, to the local Mayors and Councils, putting them on notice that if they are not working for the people, they are part of the problem. 

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16 November 2020

Open Letter to Mayors and Councils of McBride, British Columbia and Jasper, Alberta

Earlier this year I wrote an open letter to the Mayor of Jasper, copied to the Mayor of McBride and Councillors in both communities [same recipients as this letter], in which I asked many questions about the Corona Virus and the lockdowns. I did not receive any answers. Answers are not forthcoming, I would guess, because the answers to my questions about masks, isolation, vaccinations, lockdowns, 5G, inflated death counts, and tests are not in line with the official narrative about the Corona Virus.

In case you did not see my earlier letter or would like to reread it, here is a link:

Since then, so much more evidence has emerged, pointing to this plandemic being a scam. 

I am appealing to you to stop participating in the fraud called Covid-19. It is a tool being used to impose medical martial law. Many of the recipients of this letter are well aware of this, or at the very least, your gut tells you something is deeply wrong with the story. Yet, you are going along with draconian lockdowns, isolation, masks, contact tracing and you are trying to prevent us from exercising our natural and God-given rights to assemble and to breathe freely. This madness is destroying our souls, our economy, our entire society.

Your reasons might be: “we will lose our grant money”, or “I will lose my job”, or “I am afraid of…x, y, or z… if I do not obey the higher authorities”.  

None of those excuses will matter if we do not put a stop to the tyranny. All those things which you are afraid of losing will cease to exist if we carry on allowing this insanity. We will have nothing left worth protecting. 

People are now being encouraged to snitch on each other. An application can be made for the arrest of someone who you think might be infected. Do you understand the implications of this?

We the people have the power to stop this. We the people have the power to take back our lives, our freedoms, our beautiful world. We the people refuse to be muzzled. Keep in mind, you work for the people, not the other way around! And the people are waking up in droves.  

Please restore your power to reason, do some basic research and come back to your natural senses. It is imperative that you ignore the orders and impositions of those who are perpetrating the fraud. I am appealing to each and every one of you to immediately cease participation in this tyranny. Use your power at the local community level and announce a re-opening of everything. End the anti-social distancing mandates, end the mask mandates. Terminate the special position of “Covid by-law officer”.

Think about your children. Think about what kind of world they are inheriting. It will be a dystopia that even George Orwell would marvel at. 

Children are being told that if they don’t obey the mask and distancing rules, they could be responsible for the death of their grandparents. This can traumatize them for life! Imagine how they would feel if one of their grandparents happens to die during this time (of any cause – but Covid appears on the death certificate even though it was NOT the cause of death – that is exactly what is being done), and that child then suffers false guilt because they had visited with their loved ones. 

If you still suffer the mistaken belief that there is a serious threat from a virus which is so “dangerous” that most people who test positive for it do not even know they are sick, I encourage you to disabuse yourself of the lies and deceptions that are being foisted on us. It is incumbent upon you to learn and understand what is really going on. 

Implementing harmful orders from authorities who have no legitimate authority over us is wrong!

Following is a short list of considerations, accompanied by just a few links to videos or articles for your convenience. There are countless more sources, and there are thousands of whistle blowers in all walks of life and professions. But censorship is extreme, and that alone should raise questions. Why is free and open information so dangerous?


Donning a mask to stop a virus is about as effective as stopping mosquitoes with a chain link fence. Masks are completely useless at best, and harmful – sometimes even deadly – at worst. But they do serve to impact our whole society, both psychologically and physically. People are reacting to each other with fear and distrust. In addition, masks can cause permanent brain damage, especially in children. 

Please see the following video and article.

[Since sending my letter, the video has been taken down. The above article gives the highlights translated into english. I searched for the video, and found only this which is a simultaneous translation into english while you can watch neurologist Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD, speak.]


There are serious problems with the reliability of tests, thereby giving false numbers of so-called Covid-19 cases. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests can be manipulated in order to bring about positive results by increasing the amplification cycles of the genetic material being tested. It is interesting to note that the media talks about “cases”, confusing positive results with sick people. Adding to the confusion is the declaration that these healthy people could be “carriers” of the disease. It is also interesting to note that flu deaths have decreased, while so-called Covid deaths prevail. 

The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test was never designed to test for a virus. The inventor of PCR, Nobel Chemistry Prize winner Kary Mullis,  said:

With PCR if you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody” and “it doesn’t tell you that you’re sick. 

Please see video of Kary Mullis explaining that PCR is not a diagnostic test.

Predictive Programming and the Plandemic:

Have you heard of Event 201? That was a planning exercise which took place over a year ago, simulating exactly what then came about.

See: “Amazing Polly” on Event 201 Global Pandemic.

See also: Olympic opening ceremonies, London England, 2012  https://vimeo.com/408121823

There are more examples of the prediction of the pandemic. Could it be that it was a plan rather than a prediction?

Contact Tracing:

The ramifications of monitoring, following, and tracing every individual in our society in the name of keeping us healthy, based on the fraudulent “science” of this plandemic, are profound indeed. These measures will completely nullify our every freedom, take away all our God-given rights, and will serve to control our every move. Last I checked, this is pure communism. And that is not good. In case you were unaware, tens of millions of people were murdered, starved, tortured and enslaved by the communist Bolsheviks in Russia during the previous century.

Rather than suggesting one video or one article about the devastation brought about by the Bolsheviks, I recommend that you put some words such as “Bolshevik murder millions” into your search engine, and choose from among many sources to research this yourself.


How can there be a vaccine for something which has not been isolated and identified?

See this article: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/10/jon-rappoport/the-smoking-gun-where-is-the-coronavirus-the-cdc-says-it-isnt-available/

That is just the tip of the iceberg, but should be enough to prompt a person to question the official story. 

What have governments done? 

As Sir Charles Walker MP (UK) puts it: 

We have criminalized freedom of association, the freedom to go about one’s business, the freedom to travel, and the freedom to protest…. [we are] crimalising parents for seeing their children and children for seeing their parents… The freedom to protest is the oxygen of democracy… ~ Sir Charles Walker

Bi-law officers and police officers around the country are engaged in implementing mandates through intimidation and fear. Bi-laws and mandates are not worth the paper they are written on. Any laws that are being passed regarding lock-down measures are themselves unlawful and unconstitutional. These measures, mandates, by-laws, bills and statutes go against Natural Law or Common Law. 

We are being herded into enslavement. Please, have courage, and stop participating in this madness! We can stop it all tomorrow if we want to. Shed your fears about what “might happen” if you go against the orders from your higher-ups in government. If you are not working for the people, you are part of the tyranny. Follow your conscience, not these illegitimate orders from unaccountable so-called authorities.

Resistance to tyranny is obligatory.

Monika Schaefer


I sent Additional Information to the same recipients of my original letter.

18 November 2020
Dear Mayors and Councillors,
I have not heard back from any of you yet since sending my open letter two days ago. Perhaps you need more information from two people who are experts in their respective fields.
Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa says there is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by media and politicians, in this 5-minute recording. He has strong words about all the measures taken in response to Covid-19.
Claire Edwards formerly worked for the UN and is an expert on 5G.
https://www.bitchute.com/video/GziWpWVtOU4w/ The Covid-19 Genocide – Luciferian Plandemic for Mandatory Vaccines ID-2020-666
Please educate yourselves! There is no excuse for ignorance. We are NOT “all in this together” as your slogan says.
Monika Schaefer
McBride, BC