HOW IT’S BEING DONE  written by Freya

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The inner connection of this article to the articles on the freespeechmonika blog are the common experiences with the Jewish lies, with false accusations, ritual defamation, libel, harassment, persecution and legal prosecution in one way or the other. Horst Mahler (in prison for 10 years), Ernst Zündel (7 years), Ursula Haverbeck, Silvia Stolz, Monika’s brother Alfred, Monika herself and many more… They all became the victims of Jewish lies about our true history. The suffering caused by the Jewish lies and crimes is never acknowledged, never mentioned by the Jewish corporate media and by judges under Jewish control. The perpetrators behind two world wars, multiple genocides, false flag terror attacks and huge frauds hide behind the ‘Jewish victimhood’ myth they have concocted, to declare their victims “guilty” while pleading “not guilty” themselves.
The fraud which is “Judeo-Christianity” is a contradiction in itself! Judaism defies Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Christian belief confirms him! You cannot have both at the same time! The so called “Judeo-Christians”, “Christian Zionists” got deeply confused by the Jewish lies and fables.
The biblical story about Judas Ischariot, the traitor of Jesus Christ is being perverted, and the gospel itself is being falsified by HUGE LIES being told in the Berlin cathedral, right in front of the crucified Jesus Christ, viciously MOCKING HIM. It’s how the usurpers and predators are doing it, by using proxies. They turn everything upside down, mutilating whatever they touch. They change and falsify our history, they falsify the gospel, too. The most theatrical and hypocritical play in the Berlin cathedral about Judas Ischariot, the traitor of Jesus Christ, culminates in a “not guilty” plea “for all Jews”! Claiming that ‘Judas’ means ‘Jews, all Jews’. No, ‘Judas’ means Judas! Nothing about ‘Jews’, ‘all Jews’ at all! Making such a connection and generalisation is falsification of the worst kind!

The liars and deceivers always use the same methods, tricks and lies, always playing the “victim card”, “the innocent, victimized Jews, hated and persecuted for no reason”… to perpetuate their victim status, the “Jewish victimhood” myth while in reality they are persecutors and prosecutors, destroyers, genocidal mass murderers, Holocaust deniers. They deny what really happened, hiding the true history, falsifying, trying to strip from reality, erasing from memory everything which does not fit their version of reality, their official narrative/s. To deceive the public they follow the advice “Make them feel pity for you”. They always put the “Jewish suffering” at center stage, as if Jews were the only ones who suffered during WW2, always obfuscating the real issues, the Jewish lies and crimes. They want to outlaw the truth, by criminalizing the truth tellers, by suppressing and silencing all criticism and all opposition. By harassing, stalking, persecuting, prosecuting, fining and jailing everyone who exposes the ugly truth about the Jews, their obnoxious lies and most heinous crimes. They don’t want their criminal ways being exposed. The truth is “grossly offensive” to the haters of truth. They make speaking the truth a crime. They make exposing them a criminal act. They want to take away all our natural self-defence. The message is: “How dare you to defend yourself, your nation, your country, your race, your culture and heritage!” “How dare you to speak out against us!” Jewish madness, a true pandemic is terrorizing the world. 
We need to uncover that which most Whites and Christians are ignorant to and unaware of, because they have been deceived by the Zionist, Talmudic web of lies which they should be resisting – a SPELL – MIND CONTROL – DECEPTION – INDOCTRINATION they are subconsciously being put under. HOW IT IS BEING DONE (by the media, in schools, in universities, even in churches):”4HYPERLINK
Ben Becker, Ich, Judas – Trailer”-ben-becker-ich-judas/

“So wurde Judas noch nie gefeiert!” ~ Hamburger Morgenpost
“Never before has Judas been celebrated like that!”
Judas, the traitor – celebrated? What is going on here?

Since March 18, 2017 (again March! what is it about March?) the Berlin cathedral has been used for theatre performances. The bishop of Berlin, a “liberal” false preacher himself? The flock is without shepherd. Too many bad ones! When you think about it… Judas defending himself or is it rather ‘Lucifer, Satan’ as the ‘Devil’s advocate’ defending himself? All dressed in white signalling innocence… giving a very long speech “in defence of Judas Ischariot”, the traitor of Jesus Christ. In principle nothing against putting up a defense. However, the actor Ben Becker (text allegedly written by Walter Jens) is presenting a PACK OF LIES! Telling lies to the audience, lies which have been widely disseminated (film, videos in libraries), deceiving, confusing the public… lies about the traditional teaching of the church with regards to Judas Ischariot and his betrayal of Jesus Christ.

Walter Jens – the author of the text – whatever his personal errors were, they should not be put on stage in a cathedral, in front of the crucified Jesus Christ. MOCKING HIM, his gospel, all he did… allowing lies and errors be told as if “finally telling the truth”… about Judas, the “most hated, persecuted and demonized”, “under the ban of a two thousand years curse”, “the only enemy for whom there is no love, no forgiveness”, “a guilt which can’t be forgiven”. That’s a description of Judas Ischariot which sounds wrong. I’ve never heard anyone talk about Judas, the traitor like that. It is not the official traditional teaching of the church(es). It is a lie to create a false impression.


and falsification of the biblical narrative. Judas means Judas and not ‘Jews’, not ‘all Jews’. Not Judas Ischariot has been “under the ban of a two thousand years curse”, it was the Talmudic rabbis, the high priests and Pharasees who sentenced Jesus to death in the Sanhedrin. They made the mob choose Barrabas instead of Jesus, shouting: “Crucify him! Crucify him! His blood shall come upon us and our children!”

They brought the curse on themselves. They did this to themselves.
But ‘the Jews’ blame the church for simply reporting what was done to Jesus – by his judges, his torturers, his murderers! They call “anti-Semitic slander” that which is the truth. The truth of what they did to Jesus Christ, the prophesied Messiah. They teach in their Satanic Babylonian Talmud that Jesus is in hell for ever boiling in hot excrement, and keep persecuting HIM and his followers with atavistic hatred. That is a problem: ‘the Jews’ always blame others, they never take responsibility for their own failures. They scapegoat their victims. That is their Talmudic “religion”. They do not follow the Mosaic law. Most of them do not admit it but their god is ‘Lucifer, Satan’. The worst are bragging about being ‘the destroyers’!

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

~ Robert Oppenheimer, who invented the atomic bomb. We live in a matrix of Jewish lies and deception.

We have two different story lines. The story about Judas Ischariot is not the same as the story about the Talmudic rabbis, Pharasees and high priests. It is not about ‘Jews’ at all. The story about Judas is about the betrayal of Jesus Christ by giving him a kiss. The betrayal of the most loved One is the worst case scenario.

It is about OUR BETRAYAL. It is about becoming a traitor, betraying the most loved one/s (also a main theme in George Orwell’s ‘1984’).
By claiming that ‘Judas’ means ‘all Jews’ the two story lines get mixed up. The true meaning of the Judas Ischariot story – the story of betrayal and its importance for us – gets buried under a pack of lies, and the audience gets confused… by a misinterpretation, a reference to ‘Jews’, a generalisation which is totally illogical and absurd. Again, it serves the narrative of ‘Jewish victimhood’ – all over again… oy vey! “The innocent Jews falsely victimized by the church for over two thousand years!” an arbitrary misinterpretation of Judas Ischariot, resulting in the defamation of the New Testament (they want to outlaw, too), the falsification of the traditional teaching of the church. Only a subverted church taken over by Freemasonic Talmudic Satanists, Luciferians allows such lies and errors to be peddled, right in front of the crucified Jesus Christ, MOCKING HIM, the HOLY SPIRIT – an unforgivable sin.  

To allow such an abomination to happen in a cathedral is simply incredible.
It is the ‘Entweihung’ of the churches – what they did in the so called “French” and “Russian” Revolutions which were in fact Jewish Freemasonic revolutions, takeovers of Christian societies to destroy their foundations, the monarchy and the Christian church.

No doubt, false preachers, Freemasonic Satanists/Luciferians are right on top. Crypto-Jew ‘Pope Francis I’ kisses the Talmudists’ hands!
Jesus taught we can call God our ‘Abba’ (father, ‘Papa’, ‘daddy’) ‘Popes’ elevating themselves on God’s throne will go down. Evil will be brought down. The fall of those who presume to be “the gods of the planet”, a Talmudic assertion, is certain. God’s justice will be served as far as those Babylonian Luciferian cabbalists go who call themselves ‘Jews’, pretending to be Israelites, and are of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

“How you are fallen from heaven,

O shining star, son of the morning!

[LUCIFER in rebellion to God]

You have been thrown down to the earth,
you who destroyed the nations of the world.

For you said to yourself,
“I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above God’s stars.
I will preside on the mountain of the gods far away in the north.

I will climb to the highest heavens
and be like the Most High.”

Instead, you will be brought down to the place of the dead,
 down to its lowest depths.“

~ Isaiah 14:12-15

Interjections coming from a protestor (I wished I was there) would have made the actor lose his lines… and the protestor would probably be dragged out for “causing disturbance”, for speaking the truth in a church! quelle malheur!
Heidi Mund in der ev. Gedächtniskirche Speyer
She protested against the invitation of Muslims into the church, dedicated to the reformer Martin Luther. The imam speaks Arabic, the audience cannot understand what he says, the church is turned into a mosque… and Heidi claimed Germany for Jesus Christ in rejection of Islam (an ideology of world conquest and submission under the cover of ‘religion’, by crypto-Jew Mohammed (his mother was Jewish) copying from the Babylonian Talmud to mobilize the Arabic masses against Christianity. They did it then, they do it now.

Sounds good? But it is deceptive. Half truths are lies, too. Heidi is a Zionist, a so called ‘Judeo-Christian’, a ‘Christian-Zionist’ (“You cannot serve two masters at the same time!” ~ Jesus), recruited by Jewish Zionists in the former ‘DDR’ (Deutsche Demokratische Republik), either unknowingly or with full intent she has played a dubious role in the German nationalist movement. She is a friend of fake Israel, Rothschild’s fiefdom, promotes Zionism, and the fraud which is ‘Judeo-Christianity’, a Zionist agent the likes of Jayda Fransen of ‘Britain First’ and Tommy Robinson. It looks as if they are all fake. What a pity! What a shame!

The German nationalist movement PEGIDA (P-atrioten E-uropas G-egen die I-slamisierung des A-bendlandes / European Patriots Against the Islamization of the Occident) originating from Dresden, has been infiltrated by Zionists too (the same with the ‘AfD’! The new nationalist centrist party smeared as “right wing extremist” won’t be a true ‘alternative’ to the other parties, all ‘transformed’ into Zionist lobby organizations… as long as they have a Jewish Zionist, Merkel 2.0 Alice Weidel, a liberal feminist married to another lesbian at the top! an ‘ex’-Goldmann-Sachs operative, the ‘German’ version of France’s Macron, ‘ex’-Rothschild banker). It doesn’t look good at all. The German patriots regularly taking part in the PEGIDA demonstrations are sincere, they honestly are seeking for solutions to the dire situation Germany is in. Not sure about PEGIDA’S leadership though. Geert Wilders (Netherlands) and Tommy Robinson (Britain), both Zionists and fake nationalists, were invited to give their speeches there. You cannot be an honest nationalist and true patriot, a Christian and a Zionist (Communist / Luciferian / Satanist / Freemason / Zionist agent) at the same time. That’s impossible. The Christian faith, German nationalism and Zionism (Communism / Judaism / Babylonian Talmudism / Luciferianism / Satanism / Freemasonry, Jewish supremacist ideologies, all aiming at a Jewish one world government!) are polar opposites. Jesus called the Talmudic rabbis and Pharasees “liars, hypocrites, the Synagogue of Satan” and they crucified him for speaking the truth in opposition to them. And here you have Sarah Silverman, Zionist, defiling the crucified Jesus Christ:
Mocking the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Israeli TV

Vicious mockery of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin (a sin Judas Ischariot did not commit, he betrayed Jesus for money, and out of despair he hung himself).

Vicious incitement to hatred of Jesus Christ and Christians is certainly not protected by the right to free speech. But the Jewish impertinence “chuzpah” knows no bounds; Jewish tyrants do whatever they like, they are Satanists “Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law!” (Talmudic Satanism) Talmudic Jews keep trying to create situations where Christians get persecuted and murdered, tortured to death. Revolutions and two world wars were instigated by the most vicious Jewish lies, Jewish Zionist Communist anti-German atrocity propaganda. And now international Zionist Jews are behind the mobilization of alien immigrants into all white countries to show us that we are being replaced. Jewish Zionist extermination plans! Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan! UN-EU-Replacement Migration Plan! They even made it a PACT, forced upon the white nations. They bring millions of alien invaders into the white countries to use them as weapons against Whites, indoctrinating them with anti-white, anti-Christian hate propaganda. “We must take the Jews seriously!” (judge to Alison Chabloz) Of course, we must! They want to ANNIHILATE the white race. They have announced it. A threat we had better take extremely seriously. 

We would miss the point (PEGIDA’s leadership does, British nationalists of the Tommy Robinson scene do, Dutch patriots defrauded by Geert Wilders, American patriots deceived by Donald Trump who promised to put “America First” but serves Israel as a “1000 percent Zionist”) if we only saw the Muslims as the threat to the western white Christian nations, and not expose the Jewish Zionist perpetrators steering from behind. Zionist Jews keep bringing multi-ethnic immigrants into the white countries to systematically destroy and replace us… “Jews for Refugees” equals “Jews for White Genocide”! They are using Muslims and Blacks as proxy armies to do the gang raping, the plundering and mass murder… the crime rates are soaring. The corporate Zionist controlled media are silent about the white victims… They are silent about the Boer genocide in South Africa… They are telling us how we are being “protected” against a “Covid 19 virus”… They might even switch from staged to real… by unleashing a real pandemic, waging biological/electro-magnetic (5G) warfare against humanity. They are doing it already by chemtrailing the sky, the ionosphere. Lots of respiratory illnesses (and horrific ‘Morgellons disease’) are stemming from that. Now everything can conveniently be blamed on “the virus”… The quarantine centers (FEMA camps) will be the new gulag system. They intend to kill tens of millions of Whites. They did it before, they want to do it again. They have announced it.


The Ashke’nazi’ Jews (the only “Nazis” we’ve ever had, most of the Jews of today) are a breed of inbreds, the ‘Jewish nation’ is a multi-racial social construct. Most Jews are not Semites. ‘Anti-Semitism’ is a made-up weaponized word, a misnomer they are hiding behind, pretending to be Semites and Israelites. To claim a “right to return to Palestine” where their ancestors never lived.

The point is: Neither the Ashke’nazi’ Jews (of Asiatic, Mongol, Turk, Khasar origin, proselytes to Talmudic Judaism in 740 AD, racially mixed inbreds) nor the Sephardic Jews (racially mixed ‘Edomites’) are the descendants of the Israelites of the Bible.

Those who call themselves ‘Jews’ have no biblical claim to the land of Palestine. They are not descendants of the biblical Israelites. They are liars, deceivers, identity thieves, and they know it.


NO, JESUS WAS NOT A ‘JEW’ (the word did not yet exist), he was an Israelite of the royal tribe of Judah, the House of David. The 12 men (women were prominent too) whom he chose for his pupils were not ‘Jews’, they were all Israelites! The number 12 represents the 12 tribes of Israel. Judas was an Israelite. Judas was ONE OF THEM which made his betrayal the worst case scenario! The Messiah came to save the Israelites, the descendants of Jacob the man named ‘Israel’ who had fallen away from their true God. Jesus/Joschuah did not come to preach to ‘Jews’. The ‘Jews’ did not exist, the term did not exist.

King Herod was an ‘Edomite’, an usurper of the throne of Judah. He ordered the newborn babies of the Israelites be killed (infanticide of Bethlehem) when he learned that a king of Judah was born. Joseph and Miriam had to flee to Egypt to save the newborn baby Jesus, the light from heaven shining into the darkness, the prophesied Messiah, the savior of his people. That’s the ‘Frohe Botschaft’ the Christians all over the world listen to every year at Christmas time.

There are striking parallels to the situation we are in today, in all white countries. We have Ashke’nazi’ & Sephardic/Edomite ‘Jews’ as usurpers of the governments in all white countries. Judea/Judah was militarily occupied back then by the Roman Empire as Germany/the Germans have been militarily occupied by the Anglo-American Empire for over seven decades, since 1945. The ‘Jewish’ Ashke’nazi’ witch queen MoreKill has been the usurper of the German government for 16 years. And before her it was the crypto-Jew Henoch Kohn alias ‘Helmut Kohl’ for 16 years who led the ‘re-unified’ Germans into EU-slavery. The Anglo-Americans have been playing the role of Go(y)lem for the international ‘Jews’ (Ashke’nazis’ & Edomite Sephardics, the ‘Black Nobility’, the Babylonian Talmudists, Luciferians, ‘Illuminati’, Satanists, Zionists, Communists – the different names are legion) for over a hundred years, waging all the Zionist wars for world domination for them. Not for ‘freedom’ as Zionist propaganda made them believe but to increase the global power of the ‘Jewish’ usurpers at the top of the power pyramid, enslaving us all.

‘British Israelism’ (not known in Germany), in America also called ‘Christian identity’ movement has been used as the bait (!?) to make the Anglo-Americans fight all these wars for the international Jews!? The British have fought for a British Empire, a ‘Commonwealth’ (who truly owns the wealth?) where the sun never set. However, Talmudic Jews (cabbalists, Luciferians, Satanists) have always been on top of the British Empire (starting off with John Dee, the black magician who served queen Elizabeth I), and they are on top of the Anglo-American Empire of today. The military might of the Roman Empire was used in the same way as the military might of the Anglo-American Empire has been used… self-destructive in exactly the same way… by the same alien Satanic force within (‘Mystery Babylon’ – the 8th BEAST in the Book of Revelations; JEWISH MONEY POWER enslaving the world).

The deception is huge, the error is tragic. For all white nations, for all Christian churches. They have all been undermined, overtaken and destroyed by Jewish usurpers, Jewish lies.

Judas and ‘Jews’/’all Jews’ are not the same! “The defence of Judas Ischarioth in defence of all Jews” is all lies, absurd, illogical, most easily debunked.
‘Jews’ and the tribe of Judah/Israelites are not the same either. “Beware of those who claim they are (of the tribe of) Judah (‘Jews’ – a false translation here) but are of the Synagogue of Satan”.

Jesus and his 12 apostles were not ‘Jews’. They were all Israelites!
These first three HUGE LIES suffice (and there are many more) to blow the whole thing out of the water – a TRAVESTY – DECEPTION – IDENTITY THEFT – a HUGE FRAUD.

Alas! Standing ovations in the Berlin cathedral… for Judas, the traitor “in defence of all Jews”, “the most hated, persecuted and demonized”, “under the ban of a two thousand years curse”, “the only enemy for whom there is no love, no forgiveness”, “a guilt which cannot be forgiven”….
The audience gets confused by the distortions, emotions manipulated, those who are too naive, too gullible to see through the lies are easily deceived – although the lies are totally illogical. The people don’t think any more. They are being indoctrinated 24/7 by media propaganda. Fake news. THAT’S HOW THEY DO IT. The Luciferians, the great deceivers, the Talmudic Jews always playing the “innocent victims”, following the advice to make the “stupid goy” feel pity, feel pity for the traitor/s… the ‘ persecuted underdog/s’… allegedly ‘the Jews’… and make us traitors too, even force us to become traitors, to commit
For example by submitting to the Israeli anti-BDS laws (Boycott – Divest – Sanctions).
By pledging loyalty to fake Israel instead of to one’s own country and people!
By agreeing to international definitions of “anti-Semitism” as a precursor for “anti-Semitism laws”, threatening us with the death penalty for anti-Zionism. The Talmudic Communist Zionist Jews want to ELIMINATE ALL OPPOSITION to their global power grab, and repeat of what the Jewish revolutionaries did in Bolshevik Russia: “anti-Semitism” laws carried the death penalty for anti-Communism. The Jewish mass murderers killed tens of millions of opponents! They did it then, they want to do it again! They have announced it!

Since March 2020 anti -“pandemic” rules have forced the wearing of masks (muzzles) on everybody who wants to buy and sell, use public services. The Jewish slave masters are programming us into subservience to the JEWISH TYRANNY, the “New World Order”! Coming next: mandated vaccinations –
The MARK OF THE BEAST the bible warns about.

The bible says in Rev. 13:16, 17: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

“They” are already talking about that w/the present measures being enforced; for ex. One may not do any public business whatsoever in the near future without the digital vaccine certificate. Period. It sure does look like the mark of the beast! ~ Canadian wildflower

If you are a bird and you don’t fly when the cat comes, then you belong to the cat.” ~ German saying
“If you are a human being and you don’t think when the Jew comes, then you belong to the Jew.” ~ Alfred Schaefer