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On 25-10-2020 I had the great pleasure of speaking with Commander Dan on his program By Yahweh’s Design for the first time.

I began by giving an overview of my own story of awakening which led to my short video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust“, and the aftermath of that. We then covered a wide range of topics including the (watermelon) Green Party, the fake holocaust, forbidden evidence, political prisoners, jewish Bolshevism/communism, the real holocaust of German civilians and other genocides, the jewish attempt to make us God-less. We also talked about the power of fear, psychological warfare and the need for forceful resistance. 

That interview link is here: https://cldup.com/0dnV0L3tpA.mp3. 2 hours and 45 minutes. The last 45 minutes was with callers to the program.


It is always a pleasure to join Eddie “the Bombardier” Miller on his Blood River Radio show. During Hour 1 on 24-10-2020 we were joined by the great General Zelijko “Nick” Glasnovic from Croatia. We talked about the dystopian communist enslavement of humanity by way of the false covid narrative. We also talked about the erasure of history, the holodomor, the Trudeau family in Canada, and Croatian history. Listen here.

In Hour 2 we were joined by Jean “Super Star” Andrews. We covered a number of topics, including the political prisoners Sylvia Stolz, Alfred Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck. I told the story of Helmut Oberlander, 96 year old Canadian former German soldier whom B’Nai Brith Canada is lobbying hard to get extradited to Germany for persecution. We paid tribute to earlier holocaust truth-tellers such as Robert Faurisson and others. “The victors write the history books.” We talked about the importance of books, real history books and named a few resources. Listen to Hour 2 here.