Originally in German, this excellent piece (transcript and video) can be found at this website: we-are-alfred.com. I have translated the transcript into english below.

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Ernst Cran – “Alfred”:

Has there ever been a complete orchestra in convict clothes? I’m just not sure. But I am sure that the following literary image of an orchestra comes from a convict – from the Landsberg am Lech prison and from a letter dated 29 July 2020, written by a thought-crime inmate who is incarcerated there. I quote freely from the text, edited only for linguistic form:

“Imagine: A large field full of wild barbarians. You give everyone an instrument: a violin, a cello, a piano, a drum, a flute – whatever. In the beginning, it’s just a terrible noise and everyone argues with everyone because nobody plays together – and the noise hurts. Suddenly, these people begin to understand how real sounds can come out of the instruments – and they even begin to play together. Suddenly everyone wants to participate because it’s beautiful music – and everyone wants to be there. Now a harmonic, melodic symphony can be heard from what used to be just noise.

That is how it is now in 2020 with the truth. Suddenly everyone sings and plays from the same song sheet and everyone harmonizes. Arguing is a thing of the past. This is the case now with the subject of Israel, Jews, lies, history, etc.; there is no one who can still bear the old noise. Everyone wants to play the new beautiful music. The last noisemakers are chased away. They are also not difficult to find because they only make sour tones. 

Nothing can stop what is coming. No one wants to be too stupid not to have recognized the sinking ship as such. Everyone wants to be on the right side, not on the wrong side, when the curtain rises. The wrong side consists of lies, betrayal, criminal evasion, cowardice, greed, theft, murder, etc.

This music resembles every biological healing in nature. If you have a wound or an infection, it takes a little while for your cells to find the right notes, and then they play all their instruments together to make you healthy again. The foreign bodies are fought resolutely with full force!

No one asks about the feelings of the other. A lion does not ask about the feelings of the gazelle, but simply kills it. The lion does not consider whether he would rather be a transvestite and bring the gazelle some grass to eat. Such a lion would quickly be an outcast and thrown out of the pack.

We white Aryan people are now under scrutiny, whether we are a transvestite lion or a real lion. I bet on the real lion. The other races will curse the fact that they took advantage of the feast without asking the host. They must – if they wish to survive – run as fast as the gazelle when the lion is awake and hungry. Otherwise, the gazelle will not survive.

We are waking up, and that is a good thing. One needs to experience the disease before acquiring the emotional energy to drive the healing process. A good sign. This is happening all over the white world now.

Heartfelt regards,

So this was a small excerpt from a “literary orchestral concert”. And this is “Alfred”. It looks like a clothes-hanger – of oak, made in the carpentry workshop of the JVA (prison) Landsberg am Lech and can be obtained at “Haftsache.de”. In reality, however, “Alfred” is an instrument – a partial sound of that large orchestra described earlier. Let’s give “Alfred” the last word, or rather the last note. But before that I say, “Thank you, Alfred!”



Even if you do not speak German, I encourage you to watch the last 30 seconds of this video of the letter reader in prison attire. “Alfred” gets the last note.