I had the great pleasure of speaking once again with Brizer on the Graham Hart Show on August 3, 2020, and the next day spoke for the first time on Radio Cui Bono with Swedish hosts Daniel, Patrik and Martin. Here are those two interviews.


Brizer and I talked about current events, in particular the agenda being rolled out with the plandemic. Masks are a big part of the story – are they a precursor to the mark of the beast? We talked about how it is in Canada, in Ireland, Australia – where they have taken the guns away, the Berlin protest, the Picten Pig Farm near Vancouver. I gave an update on Alfred and we touched on quite a few other things.



It was great to talk with these three wide-awake men on Radio Cui Bono. Good title for a show! Who benefits indeed, from all those deceptions? We spoke about Par. 130 in Germany the “holocaust denial” law, forbidden evidence beginning with the Nuremberg trials, maritime law, 9/11 and other false flags or hoaxes. I also gave an update on Alfred, told the story of Sylvia Stolz and Ernst Zündel, and many more topics. 

When history comes enforced by law, only one thing is for certain: it is a lie.