After receiving an enhanced bill from the State Prosecutor to pay court costs, Alfred wrote another letter to them explaining why he will not pay. His first letter to this particular office written in May 2020 is here. Just before Christmas 2019 a State Prosecutor from a different office (Munich II) had sent him a bill, to which Alfred’s reply can be found here. These letters were translated by Alfred from his originals in German.

Alfred Schaefer - Political Prisoner of Germany


Dear State Prosecutor Munich I

It made me very happy to learn of your satisfaction with my first letter to you posted on 22.05.2020 and that you desire an encore. Nothing pleases me more than to do that now.

On 11 June, 2020 I received a letter in my cell office√ from you dated 4 June 2020. In your letter you are asking me to pay up within two weeks the first part of the costs from the 2018 Muppet Show in which my sister Monika and I had two of the leading roles as well as the sequel Muppet Show in 2019 in which I had the leading role as ‘Worst Case’.

This I will do as willingly as did the brutally tortured German prisoners of war after the official termination of acts of war in 1945 while the biggest massacre of defenceless people of all time commenced, admitted that they gassed 6,000,000 Jews. The Muppet Show to get their confessions at that time were called the “Nuremberg Trials”. These “Nuremberg trials” were later used by Holly Wood to build the foundation for their Fantasy Holocaust, and this in turn was used to extort, blackmail, and traumatize entire peoples over a very long period of time.

The men that were tortured for their confessions could not even begin to imagine that anyone would ever believe the utter nonsense they were ordered to confess to, because it was beyond absurd, and if the pain would stop by signing on the dotted line, then so be it.

This compromise, to sign on the dotted line under those circumstances is comparable to a young girl that makes the decision while being raped, to spread her legs slightly in order to reduce the horrible pain of being violated. This self defence must not be re-defined as seduction and desire of the small child to have sex with the rapist. Within the behavioural guidelines for the Jews however, this is explicitly laid out. The Talmud defines a non-Jewish girl of three years and one day old as being ideal for sleeping with, and after having slept with this small girl she is to be murdered for the crime of having seduced the “Jewish holy man”, or Rabbi.

We human beings have a different concept of ethics and morals than do the Jews.

Going back to the confessions of the German men who signed on the dotted line that they had gassed Jews. These men all had smashed testicles. No civilized court of law would accept a confession from an accused who had his testicles smashed in order to admit what the so called court wants him to admit. And yet it was these forced confessions that built the foundation of the so called “Holocaust”. The so called “Holocaust” was then used as the foundation for the state of Israel, which does not have an extradition treaty with any other country on the planet because of the singular uniqueness of their so called “Holocaust”.

Crimes of this magnitude lie well beyond most peoples ability  to comprehend. A small girl that is being raped also does not understand what is happening, and yet becomes permanently scarred from this destructive trauma. Like the German men whose testicles were smashed to convince them to sign on the dotted line. The above mentioned events and behavioural transgressions are part of a systemic pattern designed to terrorize, deceive, and traumatize people to make them pliable for subjugation, parasitical extraction to the point of exhaustion and ultimately their slaughter. In the language of the perpetrators this is understood as “The best of the goyim deserve to be slaughtered”.

So much of our world history seen from this aspect suddenly makes sense.

When our civilization now, in the year 2020, diagnoses our condition, the resulting picture is a very disturbing one, but one that can be dealt with and our health restored. The confused perception and unnatural behaviour we observe on a global scale resembles a patient with a brain tumour. If you visited the doctor because you cannot make any sense out of anything anymore and you are always confused, and the diagnoses determines a brain tumour, there are three possibilities now open for you:

  1. Stuff a small explosive in each ear and blow the tumour out. This method is fast, effective, and has the added bonus of getting rid of memories you don’t like anyway, along with the tumour. This method was used effectively only 7 hours after the twin towers were taken down with explosives in New York on September 11 2001, at 5:20 pm on WTC7, to get rid of, amongst other things, all the documents pertaining to the largest financial fraud in US history to that date, the ENRON scandal. Since that day the Jews who did all that never talk about Enron anymore. With a smile of innocence brush it off with, “Oh, our memory/files from that are gone since Osama bin Laden bla bla bla…”. The only drawback with this method is that the patient dies. (In this case – the U.S.A. – and many more). Without a brain, survival becomes impossible.
  2. Do nothing. Leave the tumour alone and die the slow agonizing death that is now your destiny.
  3. Get the most qualified team of intelligent people who understand the empirical evidence and provable historical facts and base all decisions on an agenda that will secure the survival of our people and our civilization and life on this planet.

To bring this letter to a close – no, I have no intention to give in to the extortion and coercion to pay up. Whatever you want to steal you will have to take yourself. But you know that everything will come out and you will not be anonymous. If you want to be part of a gang of thieves extorting and coercing, it is up to you. You may believe you still have power. I am a prisoner of war. I am easy prey. Should you decide to position yourself on the side of darkness I will help you with a sample of a list intended for the traitors, henchmen, and drudges for the day after the paradigm shift, which is now going through.

  1. I was paid to obey blindly and without conscience and without thinking – as if I have no brain. My boss was {…Name and position…}. He will explain everything.
  2. many more available – ask or subscribe – 

If you want more excuses and explanations, please let me know, I would be pleased to help you.

Best regards,
your (Worst Case)88 Alfred Schaefer