Alfred has often commented over the last few years that everything is accelerating, moving faster and faster. That is now an understatement. So much is happening these days at break neck speed, it is hard to catch one’s breath. The corona fraud, then the instigated race war at the proverbial flick of a switch triggered by a staged event.

On the local front there are gardens to plant and farm work to be done, keeping real life going.

In the meantime, I would like to post this interview with Jim Fetzer. It was my first time on his show The Raw Deal, and so I tell the story of the aftermath of the little video Sorry mom, I was wrong about the holocaust and how we could not put up a defence in court without incurring new charges. First hour is our dialogue, second hour Dr. Fetzer takes callers.

A few days ago a letter came from Alfred in which he tells about the compulsory masks that have been handed out. He did not comply. Brian Ruhe made a video, in which Jim Rizoli and Diane Chase join us to discuss this.

Here is the video: Tightening the Screws on Alfred inside a prison in Germany

I just received another letter from Alfred today with an english translation of his second  letter to the state prosecutor. First one published here. I will soon publish his second state prosecutor letter. Stay tuned. Never a dull moment.