It is a work in progress and there is much yet to be done. But I would like to let the readers know that the Truth and Justice for Germans Society new website is up and running. 

addition (my oversight): We have a dedicated group of volunteers – thank you! You know who you are. God Bless you.

Take a peek, browse the site.

Why is truth and justice for Germans still relevant and important, you might ask.

We are having a “pandemic” now and all that stuff happened so long ago!

The simple answer is that we are living in a world built on lies and deceptions. We are living in a manufactured matrix. If we have half a chance of coming out of this matrix and freeing ourselves from the chains of planned enslavement, we need to know the truth about our history and current affairs, and right ourselves back up in this upside-down world.

We need to recognize what is really happening and who our enemy is – and that we even HAVE an enemy. We are in a war, not a war of our choosing and not a war which we started. Most people do not recognize that we are in a war, because we do not have physical bombs raining down on our heads. There is no possibility to win a war when we ourselves are seeing everything backwards and inverted.

The war on Germany and Germans never ended. It began long before the two “World Wars” and it has continued after the bombs stopped dropping in 1945. 

The war on Germany extends to a war against all Europeans worldwide!

We have been taught to believe that we are our own enemy. We have become agents of our own destruction. The guilt cult has brought us to our knees, and this guilt cult is based on deception and inversion of truth.

When one group of people behaves in such a way that they must resort to making laws against criticizing them, we must ask ourselves what are they hiding.

They have driven their lies and deceptions so hard, right into this scamdemic in 2020, where the frightened and programmed masses are “obeying” their way into enslavement. An awake populace would not be willingly walking into their own annihilation such as what we are witnessing now. That is why learning, understanding and telling the truth is so important!

We need to say NO. We need to RESIST. We need to stand up and take back our world.

The Truth will set us Free!