Why is it so important all these years later to be exposing the Big Lie, and telling the truth about the so-called jewish holocaust? Why is it still relevant?

Well my friends, it is about our very existence. It is an existential crisis.

Jewish Power is their ability to stop us speaking about jewish power. They pretend to be the eternal victim whilst killing and victimizing their hosts. They wield the power to incite us (the “goyim”) to kill each other, as they did during the two world wars. They have the power with their control of the mass-media to completely reverse reality and invert the truth.

How can we escape the fate they have planned for us, if not by putting ourselves right-side-up in this upside-down reality – and thereby destroying jewish power over us. Understanding the truth is the ultimate key to freeing ourselves from the shackles of enslavement.

The first two instalments of this radio series with Birthe Voss, hosted by Eddie “the Bombardier” Miller, can be found in the links in this article.

The third show took place on May 9, 2020, and can be found at the following links.

Hour 1: https://www.bloodriverradio.com/brr-may-9-2020-hour-1/

Our dialogue begins at minute 25 in this first hour. We got right into the meat of it, the impossibility of the gas chambers, starting at the beginning as Robert Faurisson said.

Hour 2: https://www.bloodriverradio.com/brr-may-9-2020-hour-2-2/

We continue in this hour with the jewish declaration of war on Germany, their intention to annihilate the Germans. We talk about the “singularity” of jewish suffering, war propaganda, German deaths AFTER the war, jewish admission of their own lies, their lack of evidence for their story other than locking people up, and more.

To bring it to our present situation where the masses are blindly and fearfully OBEYING tyrannical orders to lock themselves up and stop all ordinary life – this would NOT be happening if the people were awake to the truth about our history, our political structures, and almost every aspect of our world. That is why it is important to know the Truth! The people would NOT obey such orders that lead to their own enslavement. 

Our fear = their power.
We do NOT consent to their ill-begotten power.
Let us shed our fear.
The Truth will set us Free!