Eddie “the Bombardier” Miller, a true gentleman, and a fearless patriot from Tennessee, invited me together with Birthe Voss to do an exposé on “the holocaust”, the lies and the truth about what really happened in those camps in Germany in WW2.

The first in the Series took place on April 18, 2020.

Hour 1https://www.bloodriverradio.com/brr-april-18-2020-hour-1-2/

Our conversation begins at about minute 19. In this part we discussed our awakening stories, the roll of school teachers in our lives, and the effect of “atrocity propaganda” on the war.

Hour 2https://www.bloodriverradio.com/brr-april-18-2020-hour-2/

We talk about the relevance of the holocaust to today, and the guilt cult. Also, we talked about concentration camps in other times and other wars.

Second in the Series April 25, 2020.

Hour 1: https://www.bloodriverradio.com/brr-april-25-2020-hour-1/

Telephone interference prevented me from joining at first. I had just phoned a friend beforehand to tell him about the upcoming interview, and that “announcement” via telephone made me wonder if the “interference” was coincidental or not. No telephone difficulties before or since. However, Eddie carried the show with Birthe, and I joined via an online connection at minute 29.

We talked about the war memoirs of Churchill, Eisenhower and de Gaulle never mentioning gas chambers. We talked about the Nuremberg Trials: tortured confessions, the predominantly jewish staff, judicial notice that evidence is not required for something that is “self-evident”.

Hour 2https://www.bloodriverradio.com/brr-april-25-2020-hour-2-2/

This is the hour where we really got into the “meat and potatoes” of the physical evidence running counter to the official narrative of gas chambers. We spoke of the Malmedy case, where the young soldiers were tortured with testacle crushing and the case of Arvid Freimuth who hung himself in his cell to avoid signing the forced confession, but the prosecution used the confession anyway that he would have signed had he not died.

We spoke of the Toronto Trials at which Ernst Zündel was tried, where real evidence was presented, and the holocaust story fell apart. We reviewed the Sylvia Stolz case, a lawyer who did her job too well which landed her in jail. And the IHR – Mel Mermelstein is an unbelievable case!

We will continue our series on May 9th at 16:00 Central Time on Blood River Radio on Liberty News Radio. Tune in if you dare!


This next show was out of a different part of the world, but like the attack on white people in the USA, the attack on Swedes is as ferocious as anywhere. The good folks over in Sweden at the Nordic Resistance Movement invited me back on their Nordic Frontier Show on April 28, 2020. It was great to catch up with them after more than a year since our last conversation.

We covered everything from the Truth and Justice for Germans Society, schools, LGBTQ agenda, various holohoax trials, Alfred’s situation, Boa-constrictor metaphor for how the scam-demic is rolling out, “normies” response to white genocide. Our conversation begins at the beginning of hour 2 in this 3 hour show.