letter started 25 Nov. 2019, finished 7 Dec. 2019

Dear ______,

…[about Benjamin Freedman] When I first heard his talk about 2014, at the Willard Hotel in I believe 1961, it totally amazed me. He said so much in one speech. In one of my videos I refer to that speech and said that this speech will become mandatory education for everyone soon. It is mandatory now, we must propagate it.

I wanted to thank you for your extremely valuable letters which I used in my Last Word at the inquisition / Muppet Show. I broke enough thought laws to get at least 6,000,000 years and only got 4 total, so it was a huge success. I only got through about 15% of my last words before they cut me off and the hammer came down. Our tolerant New World Order could not tolerate the truth and evidence I was presenting. I had to be shut down. ha ha ha ha….

You are an important part of the butterfly miracle. For lack of a better word, I call it a miracle. Now the edelweiss is gone. Not really gone, but they did not let me keep it in my new place and put it to my belongings under sealed storage. That edelweiss initiated the butterfly miracle. This is all too good, you can’t make this stuff up. When you sent the Edelweiss you were 100% sure it would not go through. You wrote that very clearly. Normally it would not go through. 100%. But it DID go through. It then adorned my shrine and radiated very positive vibes. It was this ‘miracle’ that led me to write and tell my wife to just send me a magnifier card for reading [small font or bad hand-writing – please take note dear reader ~Monika] That should be no problem whatsoever if an Edelweiss made it through. And when she did send it, she sent it with a butterfly card, and this never came through, and I have no idea where it is, I never got any message of its whereabouts, nor did my wife ever mention the butterfly card.

Then I got your last letter on 23 Oct and wanted to respond to it in a dialog, so I put your letter aside and started my reply, but only got as far as putting the lines around the paper, saving the rest of the reading and writing for the next day. I was tired and went to sleep. I wanted to be awake and fit, not tired and drowsy.

It was then, the morning of 24 October that my head was filled with nothing but this butterfly, and how it describes our situation. Nature shows us how this transformation takes place. I then wrote this butterfly story in your letter because it had overwhelmed me and I had to put it on paper, and your letter was in the works. Then, later that morning I had a visit from my wife and my backgammon buddy, and I told them about this butterfly. She told me, “that’s funny, the letter I had sent you had a butterfly card in it.”

This butterfly and how it came to be has me fascinated to no end. I was going to talk about that also in my Last Word, but the hammer came down long before I got to that part. Our poor poor opponents, they have no idea what is coming. I can hear the munching of the cocoons from here. They seem to be everywhere. For me, all those who fought for the truth, Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zündel, Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz, Vincent Reynouard, etc, etc, etc, were early butterflies. They had an attraction on me, like the sun does on all living things. It was only distractions and ignorance that kept me from a deeper understanding of the situation. But then, once a critical threshold was reached, nothing else mattered anymore. Only this. Children will play in the sandbox as their house burns down. Daddy will fix it. Mommy will take care of me.

Back to your Edelweiss. Had you not sent it, there would not have been that butterfly miracle, and that butterfly miracle makes me absolutely confident that we are well on the way to the critical breakthrough. It is a natural organic cycle we can observe. When other people tell me: “Nothing else matters anymore,” then we have passed a threshold.


Am I ever looking forward to our next talk-show. One of the things I would talk about is abstractions. Our world has been degraded and demoralized to the point where abstractions have masses of people moving collectively to the edge of a huge cliff. Our entire monetary system is based on abstractions, has no connection with reality any longer. And yet we live in a real world and will be brought back to reality, one way or the other. Abstractions are like shifting sands. Today they can be this, or that, here or there, and tomorrow they can be something very different, or maybe not. A tiny example of an abstraction. I just spent several days with people who think of themselves as adults, and they think that I am not allowed to show how high my dog can jump, and they then use this silly abstract “law” to steal all my life’s savings (and lock me up for 6,000,000  4years✓). This money was supposed to represent the accumulated value of my real work as an engineer. A short time back, and in a short time ahead, this will be seen as an absurd crime. But now they do this, and they tell the world that I am bad and they are good. Of course I am not worried, because they will not be laughing for much longer when they discover that everyone hates them and wants to actually …. Then it is a bit late to say, “Oh, there must be a misunderstanding here, we did not mean it that way.” Lucky Larry Silverstein and his billions. Is he happy? Is he a role model? What will the Jews who get targeted and killed think of the role he played? Do they look up to him? Did Lucky Larry share his stolen shekels with them?

Your work is like Benjamin Freedman’s work, he clearly understood the urgency, and had he not been hidden away so totally, had his message gotten out more effectively back then, we would not now have the situation we do. Not the stakes are even higher. The total poisoning of all life on our planet is not an abstraction. It is real.


2 days later…

Yesterday was busy with them assessing me for what to do here. I love this stuff. Yesterday I got a couple of mails from Australia including one card of [Monika/brain/shrunken head/Me] with the following quotes on the back

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ~ George Orwell

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

They had forwarded this mail from Stadelheim to here, so their manners have improved already. After Monika got released, one of my letters to her simply came back to me with a sticker over her name stating something like “Person Unknown”. So there is hope.


I want to give you an example of the problem of having abstractions play such a dominant role in our lives. This is similar to a test I did on the men here where I live and the results were always the same. They always wanted to kill me immediately before I took one more breath of air.

The Test:

Lets say we are neighbours. You are a baker and sell bread and biscuits and cakes. I am a tailor and make shirts and things like that. Since it is not practical for me to give you a shirt every time I want some of your bread, we have shekels to represent the value of our work. We get so and so many shekels for our bread and our shirts. You trust that for my shekels I sold so many shirts and you give me so many loaves of bread for these shekels. Nice system. Based on trust. The money actually represents units of honest work, real value.

You had no idea that I am also a child raping pervert and I have lured your little daughter with candy and cookies into my house and I told your little daughter it won’t hurt much and I’m her special friend. She had no idea because she was only 5 years old. Then I rented her out to one of my friends for lots of shekels, for half an hour. With these shekels I then went to you, grinned and smiled and complimented you on your fine bread and bought some loaves from you. You couldn’t tell if the money I gave you came from honest work or from raping your own daughter. Like buying politicians with the loot from 9-11 after doing 9-11.

Then, much later, after your little girl was old enough to understand what I did, she told you about it, and your neighbours all had similar stories to tell. you all get together and come to me to talk about this disturbing and shocking narrative. The only thing I talk about is my sore penis. I expect you to feel shame and remorse for not lubing the way too tight vagina of your little girl. How long do you think I would still be alive? 2 seconds. Or maybe longer, because everyone wants to slowly torture me to death. In any case, my life as I had lived it would be over for good. That is where the Jews are at this point in human history. The importance of your work is only beginning. As long as your little girl did not understand, I had no worries. It is digital technology converging with the ascending the throne of world domination that has created the conditions for the perfect storm. Coming out from the shadows, waving star of David flags, just at the moment when digital technology enables us to put together a high resolution image of the big picture of what has been done to your little daughter us. No amount of censoring, upload filters, search algorithm manipulations, “hate speech” laws, or anything, can put the genie back in the bottle. For a very short period of time it may still be possible to apportion some of the blame by facing up to the facts. But the very stupidest thing to do now is for me to cry about my sore penis the Jews to pretend that they are the victim in this unfolding saga.

[Alfred has written about this in other letters, and elaborated to say the “the test” was to see if these men whom he told this story to still had their natural instincts intact. So why is it that our collective natural survival instincts have been dulled or obliterated when it comes to the existential threat (from the Jews) to all of our people? ~Monika]

So, you get a flavour of the importance of your work. By the way, I have no doubt that without your letters I would have gotten more than the paltry 4 years. The state inquisitor wanted 38 months plus 60 months. That would have been 8 years. […]

Larry Jew Silverstein collects billions after mass murdering innocent Americans. Larry Jew Silverstein laughs at us for doing nothing. Something is out of balance here. I suppose we should be happy, we are not getting shot yet for words, like in the Soviet Union.

This entire healing process is all very logical. The white race brought about the digital revolution, and it is this technology which does throw a spanner into the gearbox of total control over us. Knowing as we now do, that the Jewish agenda is our own extermination or degradation, this new awareness changes everything. (Understanding the biological nature of this problem will trigger a biological response.) Like your little girl when she could understand what the abuse was. She was helpless and could not protect herself until much later in life. All she could do then is plan for revenge. With some help from her friends. All the quotes now spreading throughout the internet explicitly laying out this agenda of getting rid of us white folks were coined before the fools who made them had any idea of what the internet / digital technology will do to empower human beings to take measures to remedy the problem. The faction of this monster that thinks more draconian punishment is the answer to cull down “the best of the goyem” and further the agenda of ascending the throne of world rule will feign shock when this comes back as retribution. Its like you wrote in one of your letters: “All of history tells us where this leads.”

Before I forget, here is my new address:

Alfred Schaefer
Hindenburgring 12
86899 Landsberg


I just moved from the entry cells to my new cell, and a guy came from the print shop of this place and told me I can start there at 7:00 in the morning. I had expressed interest to do that in the assessment talk yesterday. I think this is going to be a lot of fun. Several of my cell neighbours expressed great relief that I am white and no Congolese. They are coming to Germany because where they come from life is so shitty. Too many Congolese who make life shitty. Its much better in whitey land.


I like your work where you describe how certain Jews eliminated the crazies in their ranks who were doing too much damage. That fits in well with what Israel Shahak describes in his books. We can expect a lot of that happening soon.

Just now something strange happened. Two security guys came into my cell and gave me a letter from my wife, and told me another mail is being held back because bla bla bla anti-semitic bla bla right wing extremist bla bla bla hate speech bla bla bla. All that stuff came through no problem in Stadelheim. I hope they don’t have a bunch of super dulled down zombies here unable to think for themselves. If so, I’ll have to work on them.


What an interesting day, lets see how this continues to play out. I went to my super duper job at the prison print shop, my heart was filled with joy to see an iMac start up. It reminded me of the stuff the “thought police” stole from me. Then I spent the morning on an old machine creating print masters for the Heidelberg 4 colour printing machine. Everything looked good. Then at 11:30 a guard who’s name is also Schäfer, told me, almost in tears, that the entire house was in panic because I was in the print shop, and I will have to go to my cell after lunch. He wanted me to do everything I can to get back in the printshop. You see, printing is my metier. I worked for IBM in the Printing Systems Division for a number of years including a 3 year assignment in the Printing Development Lab in Boulder Colorado. Maybe they can find a Congolese to do this work here. He will be a lot safer. No talk about the hollow joke.


Wow – just came back from a lecture from the head honcho and 2 of his helpers. Its like coming back from what we have been indoctrinated to believe the evil ‘Nazis’ were. It shows how brain dead the zombies can get. They also held back a postcard with my jumping dog ‘Pavlow’. In Stadelheim my cell was fully decorated with all kinds of nice things including my jumping dog. These encounters like I just had make the urgency of our situation ever more apparent. These communist zombies are like your worst nightmare. I would rather be dead than one of them. I wish I could have filmed that little ‘dialog’. Then, after the lies have all collapsed, show them their own pathetic behaviour. The young guard who brought me back to my cell was a breath of fresh air after the talk with the communist apparatchiks. This, we are told, happens only in North Korea.

These experiences also underline the importance of your work. These apparatchiks are like the evil communists in the old Hollywood movies. “Anti-Soviet Agitation death!” They had the paragraph #58, Occupied Germany has #130. Zero compassion for life, or truth or anything nice.

When you write me at this address, do not include the symbols with the swastika, because these fucktards will see that and not pass the mail on to me. They have been indoctrinated to respond like rabid dogs when triggered by these symbols. These are the same people who think its OK to lack up a 91 year old German Lady for asking questions. Their cramped faces repeat the cheap lies they have been indoctrinated and programmed with, and they feel so smug with their power. What pathetic non-humans. Of course our non-human system now promotes these criminals knowing how they will always do as they have been programmed. Just look at all of our “governments”. I have to vomit at the very thought of these traitors. never in the history of mankind has such revulsion been able to survive the wrath of the people. Never. Not once. There is no slipping out the back door on this global level. OK, you can see my encounter with this scum has pissed me off. This is happening everywhere. The grey area between the zombies & the apparatchiks on the one side, and the human beings, is evaporating. People must choose which side they are on.

Its too bad my 1/2 day in the printshop is over. But it had to happen to prove just how confused and afraid they now are. Let’s see how this story further unfolds. The storm is raging and we need all hands on deck.

Am I ever glad that Monika made her move to her new place.


Two days later 30.11.2019

When you wrote in one of your letters, “It’s not our enemies who are doing this to us, but God,” something like that. You were right. When I was in that room with these 3 prison officials, being grilled, at the end I just smiled and said I am happy to have experienced this, because if someone told me of this, I would not have believed, but having just experienced it, I know it is true. I told them that about 100 years ago in the communist Soviet Union they had paragraph 58 (like occupied Germany’s 130, or the “Hate” speech and “crimes” in U.S.A., Canada etc etc). With this legislation they murdered countless millions of the best people. An engineered culling down, reverse evolution. Paragraph 58 was defined as anti-Soviet agitation. Those to be killed were defined as “racists”. We are all racists now. We know it is them or us. This has been foisted onto us.


So what happened next? I was told I’ll be working in work hall #5. Some guys here said, “Oh, that’s not a good one”, all kinds of gloom and doom. That was when I wrote the last part of this letter. But then this doom and gloom prospect turned out to be what ‘God’ intended. Let me explain. On the morning of Friday 29/11 I went to where I was supposed to go, and a very friendly reception awaited me and I was told, this will not be very challenging here and I really should be in the print shop, and this here is only temporary. They were bending over backwards realizing that it was a bad decision to take me out of the printshop. Yeah, like I’m going to print some information and send it to the world. Oy vey! Shut him down!

This is all a symptom of the total panic now permeating through the ranks of the system. One hand knows not what the other is doing. In any case, they are all being shock and awed to wake up.


I think your idea of doing an update out of the BRD gulag as this progresses is a good one. Richard Edmonds from the U.K. was recently in Bielefeld at a demo (as a speaker) for Ursula Haverbeck. What happened there is key for all of this. Downtown Bielefeld was apparently shut down for part of the day to give room for this pro-Ursula Haverbeck demonstration.


Several important details from the higher court sequel of the 88 “Worst Case” Muppet Show recently. The 88 “Worst Case” was the entry round for this show, on 8 of August. On the same day they had a great article about a “worst case” scenario. I was very happy with their “cooperative” reporting.

[Note: 8.8.2019 article in Süddeutsche Zeitung calling Alfred “worst case” here.]

Here are the 3 witnesses again, this time on 12 Nov 2019. The first witness was a courtroom worker, and she had expressed outrage that nobody intervened when I showed how high my dog can jump. She called it a Hitler hand shake Hitler salute✓ (Hitler Gruß). I never even mentioned the guy! When I was allowed to ask her questions before she was dismissed, I asked her if she would have been horrified if my dog would jump this high, and I held my hand the same height, but close to my forehead. She didn’t really know what to say, and then I said,

I would have been terrified because, you see, when my dog jumps, his mouth is open from all the excitement, and his teeth could have inadvertently nipped my eyes out. Then both he and I would be very sad, because he did not want to hurt me, but if I maintain a safe buffer between him and me when he jumps, then all is OK.

When I explained the safe buffer, I extended my right arm out to a proper Roman salute and said,

like this we are all safe and happy.

Then I asked her if she knows where her feeling of horror comes from, and told her that this horror comes from a lifelong indoctrination and can be healed with proper therapy. She was dismissed and I did not even get tossed out. I was very happy!

The next witness was the state prosecutor from the first big Muppet Show with Monika. When it got around to where I could ask her some questions, I asked her if she is familiar with a children’s game we used to play a lot, it is called musical chair, and it translates into the official court language into “Musikalischer Stuhl”, but in order not to lose its meaning, in German it is known suitably as “Travel to Jerusalem” (Reise nach Jerusalem). She thought for a moment, and replied, “Yes”. Then I got reprimanded by the judge who warned me that the questions must relate to my crime. (The crime being the body movement of doing a Napoleon jump, Bush smirk, Clinton laugh, Hitler hand shake, Hitler Salute by showing how high Pavlov can jump. That is certain prison time.) sorry – got all sidetracked again, I was having so much fun.

Immediately after the reprimand and I spoke slowly and clearly into the microphone:

My next question would have been – when you were sitting in that chair over there (and pointed at the prosecutor) could you imagine one day sitting where you now sit. And can you now imagine that you will soon be sitting in the chair I am now sitting in?

She was dismissed and there was no lightning and thunder to strike me down. Again, I was very happy.

Then came witness number 3 against me. Another point I need to make here, all of these witnesses were the object of my glaring stare. This one in particular, because he was the chief judge against my dear sister and me. I glared at his eyes from the moment he walked in the door until he left back out the door. Not once, not for 1/2 of a second did he ever look into my eyes. Not once! I even leaned forward in my chair, cleaned my glasses, never leaving my glare off of his eyes. One time I glanced at the viewers gallery, and a female guard who was worried that I am provoking these reptiles gave me a nod of the head to desist. I did not desist. Christopher Bollyn told me about this “evil eye” method that (((they))) use in ritual defamation, so I thought, lets turn the evil eye on them. Actually its amazing they didn’t bark at me because I even mirrored his head movements while he sat there with his silly yellow children’s watch on his arm, acting like some sleazy street gangster. But like I said, too cowardly and afraid to look at me, even once, although I was the subject of his testimony.

Then, when it was my turn to ask questions, I said the following:

The question I had for this witness has been answered, further questions will be forthcoming at a later point in time.

Then he was dismissed. That jab was placed because when he was head honcho chief judge against Monika and me in Muppet Show 1, he never ever allowed me or Monika to ask even one single question. He, when I would raise my hand, just shrugged me off, and dismissed the witnesses, the ones who investigated which buttons I pushed to upload videos at which minute and second. Really important stuff. I wanted to ask the witnesses if they ever use their brains to look at the actual contents of the videos and if they had problems understanding the straightforward contents. This “judge” prevented, very effectively, us being able to ask any questions. Its like going into the boxing ring with both hands tied behind your back. Not fair.

The question still coming his way is what I just described. This will come after him.

Then, when the “state prosecutor” in this Muppet Show did his plaidoyer for why I need 5 additional years, (so that I finally learn to believe their pathetic lies) he was like a small hysterical child flustered about how I had the audacity to use both hands to show my dog jumping height. That deserves at least torture and 6,000,000 years in prison. He also was hysterical about my knowing full well that a “Hitler Salute” is extremely illegal in this occupied country.

These illegal body movements, whether it be a Hitler scratching head, Hitler walk, Hitler handshake, Hitler laugh, or Hitler Hiccup, or Hitler cough, these are all illegal. It is not illegal to cheat Munich Re Insurance Company out of Billions of Dollars for the False Flag mass murder of innocent Americans on 9/11. Yes, these are the abstractions I was referring to. No contact with the real world. Fantasy land in 2019. All those with common sense will be shot. All value will be stolen and used to destroy the former owners of the stolen goods.

I read Karl Marx’s “Das Kapital” here, and in a nutshell, he preoccupied himself with “the value for the non-owners, and the non-value for the owners.” Right now, our civilized world is of very high value for the third world, while our young people are being distracted by anal sex and general confusion as our world is stolen from us.


No matter where this journey leads to, we are on the same path because destiny meant it to be that way. Nothing can take us off this path following the light of the truth. Give me liberty, or give me death. The truth sets us free. I love your quotes from “Lord of the Ring”.

I’ve got to finish this now. it is the 7 Dec, and I copied this letter in case it doesn’t get through to you. Please send Monika a copy. I have no words to express my total happiness that Monika exists. If we had a few more Monika’s we’d have this battle over and could enjoy a cool beer by the campfire, and Monika would fiddle us a tune. The only reason we exist is to get this right.

Alfred Schaefer