January 2019

“When the Germans Invaded Czechoslovakia” – Hearing this slanderous and hateful remark on my favourite “New Classical FM” in a commercial for the Blue Mountain Winter Sport Resort in Collingwood during the Christmas season, when people all over the world celebrate peace and joy, spoiled this holy time for me tremendously and came as a personal insult because I was born in 1931 in just this area in question. I thought I am calloused enough to be immune against this sort of German-bashing but all of a sudden my 87-year-old heart was aching and rebelling , urging me to fight back. It was the last straw and I will tell you who the real invaders were.

Sudetia, my homeland: since 300 before Christ this area had been Germanic settlement territory. For two thousand three hundred years, it was ours. Later, Czechs INVADED Sudetenland and soon subjugated the native Germans with the intent to wipe them out because the Czechs wanted the land for themselves. The living conditions were catastrophic: unemployment, no food, (babies were given black malt coffee instead of milk), no clothing, no medical care. There was a Czech doctor, Dr Stransky in Reichenberg, my hometown, who gave Germans seeking help the cynical advice:

the best for you is to throw yourself into the Neisse

(river running through Reichenberg), or

have you tried this?

~ and he motioned hanging.

I heard this from my mother – never to forget it. And when this genocide was reported abroad, silence was the answer. Then, in 1938, Hitler came to our rescue. He did not come as an invader, he came as our saviour. I owe him my survival. That was the “Sudetenland-Anschluss”.

After that, we Sudeten-Germans held out our hands to our enemies for reconciliation. The Czechs took these hands, worked for the victory of the Reich and were more German than the Germans themselves, so that they were soon entrusted with the most confidential tasks.

Then, in 1945, came Germany’s defeat and with it the Czech authorities’ fear of the consequences of their collaboration with Hitler-Germany. This fear turned into an unbelievable incitement against all things German, put the Czechs into a blood frenzy of an indescribable extent and started one of the greatest tragedies in all of human history. Documented in the book “Das andere Lidice” by Erich Kern.

Friedrich Smetana, a great son of Bohemia, would turn over in his grave if he heard what his beloved Moldau had to tell after May 1945. During his lifetime this river inspired him with its calming murmur or angry shouting for his world-famous symphony “Die Moldau“. Think about it when you play it for your listeners!

460,000 Sudeten-Germans were murdered in the most bestial manner, the rest of 3.5 million were driven out and the Czechs found themselves again in possession of the stolen Sudetenland and called it Czechoslovakia. Czech President Benes over the radio: “Take everything away from the Germans, leave them only a handkerchief to weep into!”

Smashed Germany took us in when she was carpet-bombed into rubble, Sudetenland was spared for the Czechs, and with us refugees Germany experienced her “economic miracle”. 

From 1946 on I grew new roots, strong and healthy, in the German soil. When my husband decided to go to Canada in 1972/74, I uprooted myself to go with him. He gave up a very well-paying job at IBM as a customer technician to go to the land of his dreams. Canada opened her border for us but not her heart. Not for a German, who has to forget his pride and honour and has to accept living under the lie and being a third-class citizen. It saddened me to my soul when I had to watch how he buried his dream, and it pained me for not being able to root in this anti-German Canadian soil. Canada failed her Germans miserably. All of them. Why?


The victor still writes the history of the vanquished.
The slayer disfigures the face of the slain.
The weaker leaves the world, and what remains is the lie.

~ Bertold Brecht (1898-1956, world-famous German poet)

Exactly this is what happened with Germany, she was slain, her face disfigured, and the lie stayed behind. That is why the hate goes on and on. Germany still has no peace treaty, still under the control of the US government.

It was a big mistake to emigrate to an enemy country, where my husband was greeted with Heil Hitler on his first day of work at Litton Systems Canada. Where society confronted our little 8-year old daughter with unconditional hatred after the film “Holocaust” was broadcast on TV. She lost her school friends overnight, was called a “Nazi”, and swastikas were smeared onto her desk. 

After 1945, the Allied-licensed media imposed on Germany was ordered to never ever report anything positive about the Germans or anything negative about the Allies. Needless to say, the same applies to the victorious nations to this day, and it will continue to apply tomorrow. 

Always remember: either distortion, selective negativity, condemnation, hatred, lies or nothing at all. And the people have been conditioned to it all their lives. 

The result was in the long run a people, deprived of its true great history, and consumed by self-hate and self-destruction. See the picture of these two young German women. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 8.22.15 AM

“Invaded by the Germans”

Poor little Poland suffered the same fate, didn’t she? Encouraged by the British she butchered her German minorities and then declared war on Germany, and THEN the Wehrmacht was ordered to attack on September 1, 1939. In a short speech Hitler said:

Now we are shooting back.

“Hiding from the Nazis”

I wonder what the next idea will be. My question is: what kind of message are you directing at your German-Canadian listeners? Filling your quota of anti-Germanism? These people are bad (see the preacher Billy Sunday) but their music is good and can be used for a crazy world. Crazy indeed: Too bad it can’t also be blamed on us “Nazis” too. 

What we see now is the beginning of the end of the White Race worldwide. 

“The weaker leaves the world and what remains is …” the Mix.

Herta Ruthard