A telling compilation of various jews discussing the central jewish role in the invasion of non-Whites into the West — ADMIN


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Immigration Hypocrisy




Australian jew: The belief of people of European stock that their nations, their countries, and their cultures, their civilizations, are essentially on the chopping block — that their way of life, their values, the societal norms and systems, to which they are used to, and to which they they wish to live, and that they wish to hand down to their children and grandchildren — they believe, and I would agree with them, they believe that their way of life, their identity as people of European stock and people of European descent and therefore the inheritors of European Western civilization and society, they believe all this is in peril!


And this has also been the case in North America for many years now. In Europe, in particular, this has accelerated and become a truly enormous crisis for those who wish to see European nations remain exactly what they are, European nations. That is to say the homelands and the societies for European peoples who wish to remain European, who identify as European, who wish to maintain their cultural heritage, etc., they feel threatened!


And again I reiterate, they are correct to feel so. They are absolutely 100% correct in my view. I think it is a massive crime on the part, I would say even a treasonous act on the part of many politicians in the West for allowing and facilitating such an uncontrolled and massive immigration of Third World immigrants into these countries! It is also a massive historical act of folly!


As a result of this apprehension many people of European background are looking for those who are responsible, who they wish to blame, to find the people they can blame and attack for what has been going on over, in some cases, for decades, in other cases more particularly over the last few years. And it is true, unfortunately, and I think this needs to be frankly admitted by jews all over the world, that there are without doubt jews involved in those movements and those organizations, very often NGOs, etc., who promote this phenomenon of Third World immigration into the Western countries.

And the conclusion of these Europeans and Americans, is that the jews are behind this policy. That this is some kind of jewish conspiracy to water down White American, or White European societies, or to inflict irreparable damage on these societies.


In some cases I’ve seen claims made by such people that the jews are doing this deliberately as an act of revenge against the European nations who discriminated against the jews for, not just for centuries, but actually one could say for millennia.


Mark S. Golun (Shalom TV): What’s right now at the top of the agenda for you from within the JCPA [Jewish Council for Public Affairs]?

Steve Gutow (President & CEO, JCPA): There are two issues at the top of our agenda at the very moment. One is the unbelievably important immigration debate in this country! To make sure that immigrants from around the world, particularly those from the south of our border, have a chance here.



Barbara Spectre: I think there’s a resurgence of anti-semitism. Because, at this point, in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we’re going to be part of the throes of that, of that, transformation which must take place! Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and jews will be resented, because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive!



Woman speaking to crowd: And we are saying yes! We will love our neighbour! Last week HIAS [Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society] organized a letter signed by over 1200 rabbis — can you imagine getting 1200 rabbis to agree on one thing! [laughter] But agree they did! And what they agreed, was to ask our elected officials not to halt, or even to limit the United States refugee admissions program! [applause]

[Screenshot of The Times of Israel headline: “US Jewish groups visit ‘heartbreaking’ border detention centers”]

And it’s not just HIAS. Jewish organizations of all kinds, across the spectrum [“jewish leaders from 17 organizations”, “27 person delegation”] of Judaism are issuing statements in support of refugees. [“The trip, which is being organized by the Anti-Defamation League and the jewish refugee aid group HIAS”] These have included the Orthodox Union, the US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum, and still many of the jewish organization that you heard our co-sponsors of this event this evening.



Australian jew: The reason many people are reaching these kinds of conclusions, is because they see many jews involved in these movements. Many, many jews who promote these kinds of agendas. And one cannot deny that that is technically so.

There are many people who are biologically, and even halachically [sp] jewish — that is to say they are jewish from the perspective of jewish law — but in no other sense, in no meaningful sense are they jewish. These people have been have — almost without exception — have been brought up in homes that were bereft of any jewish content.



Jewish male with skull cap and beard: At the “end of days” you’re gonna need the iron of Islam — which represents Edom, which is the West — with Europe and the Americas to get intermixed with each Ishman [sp], which is basically Arabs and Muslims. How in the world was this ever gonna happen if not for this refugee crisis?


At the “end of days” you’re gonna have this intermixing between Asaf [sp], Edom, which is the West and the East. Which is the Muslims and the Arabs making this through this influx into the world. And they’re gonna have children, you know, I don’t wanna say about the dozens, but they’re gonna have a far larger birth rate than the indigenous people there! And they’re going to sort of conquer by number!


And there are many different sources for this. One of them in [word unclear] chapter 14, and many other sources as far as this is concerned, where it’s mentioned very, very vividly, what will happen to the jews, and what will happen to Ishman [sp] and what will happen to the world at that time. Where there will be many, many, people killed and so on, and so forth.


So the idea of having these refugees come into Europe, it’s no longer a matter of whether it’s right, or wrong. It’s just simply a fulfillment of what it was meant to be all along. This is a fulfillment of, you know, they were Hazara [sp] and the prophecies. This has to happen! And this is just another sign that we are nearing, you know, the completion of the secret of the entire world.



Jewish male (Rav Touitou) with black hat and beard speaking in Hebrew [?]: [subtitles] The Messiah will return only once Edom — Europe, Christianity — will be totally destroyed! So I ask you; is it good news that Islam invades Europe? It’s excellent news! It means the coming of the Messiah. Excellent news.

You will pay dearly for it Europeans! To such an extent! You have no idea! And you will have no place to run to. Because all the evil you have done to Israel, you will pay for it a hundred-fold. When Italy will be gone, when Edom (that is why Christianity’s headquarters, which come from “Hessal” is there), when that place will be gone, and that’s what Islam is going to do. Islam is the broom of Israel, you have to know it!



Noel Ignatiev (jewish professor — Massachusetts School of Art): My concern is doing away with Whiteness. … Whiteness is a form of racial oppression! … Sure, the suggestion is that is it somehow possible to separate Whiteness from oppression? And it is not! … There can be no White race without the phenomenon of White supremacy! … If you abolish slavery, you abolish slave holders. In the same way if you abolish racial oppression you do away with Whiteness. … Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity!


Interviewer (male): Your views are fairly well received in academia?


Noel Ignatiev: Yes. They’re legitimate. Not to say that everyone agrees, but sure! … I could not point to any examples where it has provoked political censorship. … Whiteness is an identity, it arises entirely out of oppression. … Whiteness is not a culture, it’s not a religion, it’s not a language, it’s simply an oppressive social category!



Vice News Interviewer (female): So how many people in Europe would be eligible under the law of return to move here?

Dov Maimon (jewish author, The Absorption Plan): Three million, four million maybe, altogether. It could change the geopolitics.


Interviewer: What do you mean that it could change the geopolitics?


Dov Maimon: You know, the demography is a key to everything as, you know. Between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, this is the borders, ten million people, about half of them jews and half of them Arabs. And if we want to remain a democratic state we have to have a majority of jews in this place.


Interviewer: So you think that immigrants could could turn the balance?


Dov Maimon: Absolutely! Sure. Already the birthrate among Arabs is decreasing and the birthrate among jews is increasing. So it’s already changed. The train of history is on its way.



Israeli woman in crowd at a demonstration (speaking Hebrew): [subtitles] We’re racist because we want to preserve our lives and our sanity. So I’m proud to be a racist! And it’s our right to be racist! If I’m racist in order to preserve my life, then I’m proud!



Australian jew: Assimilationists, in other words their aim, is to assimilate into wider Gentile society. That, of course, is the opposite of what authentic Torah based Judaism preachers. According to the Torah the jewish people are a unique people and must have always been and must remain a separate people as the verse states in the Torah.




Sheldon G. Adelson (jewish billionaire casino owner) at IAC [Israeli American Council] National Conference: In this country, the one thing the jews have been searching for 3,000 years is acceptance, and assimilation. And now that we’ve achieved acceptance and assimilation, it’s turning out to be our undoing!

And without birthright — there’s statistics that have been proven at least twice, once by Brandos [sp] and once by Pew Research, that there’s only 42 percent of jewish kids between the age of 18 and 26, that they say they’ll marry within their religion and, or, bring their children up jewish. Now 42% is less than half. In another two, or three generations, there won’t be any more secular jews left. Now think of that!


For 3,000 years we’ve been fighting for acceptance, now we’ve been accepted it’s turning out to kill us! So, this is the most important program of my lifetime. All the kids that go on birthright, that number jumps from 42 to 76%.




Dennis Prager (author — Still the Best Hope): When jews left Judaism they stayed religious, but the religion that they affirmed tended to be any form of leftism, rather than Judaism. This is not a condemnation, this is not an insult, it’s a description.

Jews have been taught by Judaism to make a better world. That is the message of the prophets! And if they weren’t going to do it through monotheism — which is how we’re supposed to do it; ethical monotheism, teach the world of God as the source of ethics and demands ethical behavior — they did it through secular ideologies. They rejected traditional religiosity, and so they accepted a new religiosity which was secular.


Many people have described Marxism as “secular messianism”. Here’s a disturbing statistic though, and it is in my book. And it is not, I didn’t come up with this. A professor I believe at Brandeis University did. The most pro-communist press in the 1930s outside of the Soviet Union, or inside the United States, was the Yiddish press! Jews took a new religion as a substitute for Judaism! And that was, you name it, feminism, environmentalism, Marxism, socialism, and for some even communism!


But jews love “-isms”! Jews are to “-isms” what Italians are to operas! They create new movements, and that everyone will make this great world, instead instead of using their religion that came with being jewish.