A few days ago I literally ran into one of my former music-jamming friends, a fellow who had remained friendly to me “even after” my famous video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” was released in 2016, but who has since turned venomously against me. It seems that someone in his “in” crowd seeded him with poison, and the poor old guy (I’ll call him Smith) cannot seem to think for himself.

I cheerfully greeted him with “hi Smith, how are you today?” He grunted,

I was really good until I saw you!….

short pause, then:

oh! at least one good thing happened today – YouTube banned Nazis!

Modern day book burning is cheered on by those who think they have it all figured out. They do not want to see, they do not want to hear, they do not want to open their eyes. The mass media tells them everything they need to know. Nice words like “neo-nazi” or “holocaust denier” or “extreme right-wing radical” or “racist”, trigger the desired Pavlovian response, and elicit spasms of horror and hatred.

In the Orwellian world of inversions where black is white and peace is war and ignorance is strength, this does of course make sense. Truth is Hate to those who Hate the Truth. The self-righteous programmed zombie can throw all the hatred in the world at the truth-teller, while calling their target the hater. And they really seem to believe it.

After the encounter with my ex-friend (the “ex” part is only his doing, not mine), I checked my YouTube channel. There had not been very much on my YouTube channel, only two videos – the short “teaser” of my Toronto talk, and the complete Hamilton talk, both from my cross-Canada speaking tour of January-February 2019. Apparently my talks were deemed too dangerous for the Jewish establishment, so the channel has been terminated.

I have searched for my brother Alfred’s YouTube channel – all gone. Terminated.

Censorship does not make the truth go away. It merely serves to demonstrate “their” fear and panic and desperation to protect their lies. Yes it does get harder to do the research, however, it also serves to wake the people up! For those who are too slow or unwilling to grasp it… well, they will be swept aside so as not to become tripping hazards for the rest of us who are waking and rising to take back our world.