Computer technician is not my forté, but I finally succeeded in uploading (or is it called downloading?) a short video onto youtube, on my very own channel. Just creating the youtube channel had a surprising element to it, as I discovered that I already had a channel, since 2013! There was nothing on it, but there were already 98 subscribers. How did that happen? It certainly put a smile on my face. Perhaps it was the webmaster whom I formerly employed to create my now-defunct musician website who had set that up. Well I’ll be darned. Life is full of surprises.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.32.49 PMHere is the video, just 9 minutes long. It consists of excerpts of the Toronto Talk on January 20, 2019, part of a cross-Canada speaking tour in which I discussed our recent speech-crime trial and my 10 month incarceration in Germany. The video was created by Karl Heissler of Toronto, filmed with his cell phone.

On the subject of subscribing, I encourage readers of this blog to click the “follow” button. It is now much easier to find than it used to be. I do not post every day, sometimes just once every week or two, and I tend not to do much promotion – that is also not my forté. Facebook has now blocked me anyway for a few days, for posting a video by another “inconvenient” truth-teller. Regardless, I do not always actively share my new posts, so if you would like to receive notification, please do subscribe with the “follow” option on the left side of this site.