Nothing illustrates more clearly the absurdity of the speech-crime laws in Germany than the fact that I was criminalized for my answers in this short video in which I responded to the question:


Why do you support open debate on the holocaust?


In German there is an expression “wenn schon, denn schon”. Indeed, if they are going to put someone on trial for peaceful expression of their views, they may as well go all out and really do a thorough job of it. Seeing as how I was on trial anyway for breaking their “speech laws“, I was very glad to see that this video was part of “the crime“. 

Replace the word “holocaust” with any other subject, and ask yourself if it makes sense to criminalize supporting debate or discussion. Most thinking people would exclaim:

Well of course we should be able to debate and discuss ALL topics!

The more absurd the charges, the more obvious it becomes that “they” are hiding something big.

Truth does not fear investigation.

Video here . Less than 4 minutes.

Ask questions. More importantly, if what you are instructed to believe makes no sense, ask more questions, and do a little research.