Shed your fear! This is a thread that weaves its way through this talk with Dennis Fetcho on Inside the Eye Live on January 5th, 2019. We talk about the arrest, the food in jail, and take some questions. We also talk about Alfred as messenger and the different styles we have but with absolutely the same goal of exposing the lies and deceptions of the Talmudists.

NS Viking put together a beautiful 8 minute video for Alfred’s birthday in January. This video has excerpts of Alfred in an earlier interview, as well as of myself talking about the emotional side of things, taken out of this 44 minute conversation I had with Brian Ruhe and Diane Chase, “One Year Later the Schaefer Siblings”.

The intrepid Andrew Carrington Hitchcock honoured me once again, inviting me back on his show twice in short order. During the first show  [] we talked about the arrest and early days in prison, and we also talked about mail in jail, and read one of Alfred’s letters.

In the second show [] we were joined by Patrick Little, former U.S. Presidential candidate, running again in 2020, on a refreshingly truthful platform, naming the Jews.

Patrick Little invited me to introduce myself and my story during the first half of this show in which he was interviewed by Dr. Patrick Slattery on the Republic Broadcast Network. This was followed by the full-length show 1-hour long, on February 2nd with Farren Shoaf on the Alternative Media. We spoke about Sylvia Stolz’ case, Alfred’s and my trial, how a speech-crime trial works in Germany, betrayal by relatives, conversations in jail, and many more topics.

The lovely Erica at The Harsh Reality youtube channel did a live-stream show with me on February 5th. We went into quite a lot of detail of my past year, the prison experience and trial.

What a pleasure it was for me to be interviewed two weeks in a row each time the full two hours on Blood River Radio with Eddie “the Bombardier” Miller. The first was on the 74th anniversary of the horrific bombing of Dresden in Germany, and so we began our conversation with the telling of that story. We covered many topics in those four hours in total, culminating with the House of Representatives resolution on February 13th, 2019 to outlaw “anti-semitism”. Utter Bolshevism.

That is a wrap for now with cataloguing the on-line talk shows. I did a 13 talk – 11 city Speaking Tour across Canada recently, more on that in another post.