UPDATED: Aug 26, 2019

Prisoner of Conscience — Alfred Schaefer


Alfred was sentenced to 38 months imprisonment in Germany, starting from July 2018, for  “incitement to hatred“, i.e., for telling the truth about the so-called “Holocaust“, and Organized jewry’s false flag attack on America on 9/11, 2001.

He also faces possibly further charges for making statements in his defense during his trial.

UPDATE: On August 8th, 2019 Alfred was given an additional 18 month sentence for his actions in his original trial. Please see this post for details:

Alfred Schaefer Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Forbidden Speech During the 2018 Trial

Show your support for Alfred by writing (letters and/or cards) to him at the address below.


— There are strict rules on what a prisoner can receive, i.e., letters, cards, postcards, photos, drawings, and stamps are the only permitted items.

— Alfred is receiving sufficient German stamps from supporters in Germany, so no need to send them from abroad.

— You can write anonymously, with no name or address, or use an alias. If you do put a return address, please ensure that it is genuine (if not, then mention that in your letter) so that his reply can get to you.

— Prisoners are only allowed to have 20 cards/postcards and 20 photos at one time in their cell. The rest are put in storage.

— Please write the date on each letter, card, etc. Also number them (letter/card 1, 2, 3, etc.) so that Alfred can see whether he is missing any.

— Do NOT send images of swastikas, or other pro-NS imagery.

— Books, magazines, objects, food, clothing, etc., should NOT be sent as, if even permissible, it involves a long and troublesome procedure to receive such items.

If you can, please try to send a letter or card on a regular basis, say, once a month or so! It’s a real morale boost for prisoners to know that they haven’t been forgotten about. And especially in Alfred’s case, as a political prisoner, it sends a message to the “authorities” that he is not alone in his views. Also don’t feel there’s a need to write anything profound of insightful, as even a simple “Hello” message is fine.

If you have any queries, etc., don’t hesitate to leave them in the Comment section.

Thank you.


Alfred Schaefer

Stadelheim Prison

Stadelheimer Straße 12

81549 Munich






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JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede
z. Hd. Ursula Haverbeck
Umlostraße 100
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JVA Brandenburg A.D. Havel,
Inhaftierter: Horst Mahler
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