The owner of a small-town local business in Jasper Alberta refused to provide a simple service today, the 31st of January 2019, based on the idea that she did not want to serve a person who “hates“.

download3 Sheets Jasper Inc. triples as a stationery, print shop and laundromat.

Upon my entry, Sonja L. Dickey asked me what she could do for me. I said I needed something photocopied. She replied that she needed to see what it was first. I asked if she was controlling and censoring everything first, before providing service. Is that how she runs her business, I queried?

There is a back story. About two years ago when I had brought in a two-sided color book review of Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin, to have copies made, she stared trance-like at it for a long time, until I wondered whether she had had a stroke.



She then informed me she did not want to “participate” in this. She refused to make copies. Since that time however, I have been in the shop on several occasions to make purchases, or have other things copied. I was always friendly and even cracked jokes with her. I thought that dispute we had over the copy refusal had been somewhat amicably resolved. She was certainly willing to take my money for subsequent services and purchases.

Upon my protests today regarding her refusal to provide service in exchange for a fee in a shop which advertises this service, she stammered some incoherent things which made no sense to me. She said she did not want anything to do with something that might involve the police. I explained to her that she should never think we actually live in a free country with freedom of speech if this is the kind of fear she feels. She retorted:

I am NOT afraid.

I explained that if you have a shop, there is a simple exchange of goods or services for money, and that is what I was there to do. I dropped the document on the table and invited her to look at it. (Ironically it was a court document in German, nothing that I could or would be distributing anyway.) It could have been my mother’s kitchen recipes for all she cared at this point, because she did not even look at it. She simply declared that she did not want me there, she would not serve me and that I must leave. I remained standing. She declared, with glowering eyes, she did not want to serve someone…

who hates!

“Oh gosh! What does that mean?”, I asked. She could not answer. They can never answer. She showed me the door. When I did not move quickly enough for her little tantrum, she threatened to call the police. I said: “Go ahead!” I laughed and went on my way.

[While it was public business information, I have removed Ms. Dickey’s contact information from this article here, as a gesture of good will. If she has been receiving any “hate” mail, it was likely coming from my detractors in order to smear my position.]

If you write or call, please remain polite and informative, and do not resort to smear or insults, as that is what hasbara* trolls do and we are not them.





1) While hasbara literally means “explanation“, its exact import in its current usage is debated. Gideon Meir has said that there is no “real, precise” translation of the word hasbara in English or any other language, and has characterized it as public diplomacy, an action undertaken by all governments around the world with the growing importance of what Harvard professor Joseph Nye termed soft power. Gary Rosenblatt describes it as “advocacy“. Individuals who engage in the practise have been called hasbarists.

Hasbara has been described as “pro-Israel propaganda,” and “the new user-friendly term for Israeli propaganda” but while “propaganda strives to highlight the positive aspects of one side of a conflict, hasbara seeks to explain actions, whether or not they are justified.

2) The power of an argument is not always in the truth it contains, but rather in whether it will convince the listener to agree with it, which sometimes, unfortunately, involves deception and emotional manipulation.

Deception is the goal of the Zionist hasbara (a Hebrew word meaning “explaining”, i.e., explaining the Israeli situation the way it wants it perceived).

Its aim is to spread Israeli propaganda among people who are already complicit in the tripe produced by mainstream media outlets, so convincing them is not difficult. In fact, Israeli hasbara preys on an acquiescent population.

Outlandish propaganda is used by Israel to cover up its inhuman occupation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians for over five decades.

Paid online troll groups like the Jewish Internet Defence Force always play the “Israel is misunderstood”, “Israel is defending itself” or “both sides are to blame” cards.