Just the other day I found myself gently nudging an acquaintance, explaining this or that about how we have been indoctrinated and deceived for a very long time. I explained that having a false understanding of history and current events is akin to having a backwards roadmap, and with that backwards roadmap we might find ourselves driving off of a cliff and we will certainly not reach our intended destination. So it is in life, that we will be making decisions that are wrong for us, if those decisions are based on a false understanding of the world.

Over a year ago, before being kept for 10 months in Germany as a political prisoner, I had started to gather these passages out of some of my correspondences. They are responses to questions or concerns from friends and relatives about the difficult and controversial subject of our (falsely-taught) history. Although these are older conversations, they are completely relevant still, and so I am finally publishing these extracts. Names have been removed to respect privacy.



Attempts to Cut Through the Mental Blockages

Dear ____,

It is time for me to stop procrastinating, and give you a good response to your thoughtful questions. There is so much here to talk about, it is hard sometimes to know where to begin.

{Friend: …I see how mr. Topham might have been unfairly treated as a hate-monger, but I have to question his methods. Satire of a current popular book or opinion is one thing, but satire of an outdated, extreme tract that nobody would agree with in the first place is ineffectual at best and very troubling, given its content. Why drag up hate literature from the 1940’s, aimed at a mainstream and broadly socially accepted nation, and aim it at a group who has already had so much hate aimed at them, and who have suffered broad societal condemnation for centuries (whether you believe in the holocaust or not, and I do). I’m just not sure who or what that type of satire serves…}

61ixi29gs3lMe: About the book “Germany Must Perish“. The whole point of satirizing it [see my previous article here for background] was to show the double-standard and to draw attention to the injustices done against the German people. At the time, the book was actually given quite a wide readership; we can assume that, from the various mainstream media outlets that gave it praise. You read correctly, they gave it praise, not condemnation. It was seen as a serious book worthy of consideration. We are talking about the complete and utter genocide of the entire German people. Arthur in no way was “aiming” the same genocidal intent at the Jews. He made it clear that it was satire. The point was to draw attention to the original book.

About the “group who has already had so much hate aimed at them, and who have suffered broad societal condemnation for centuries”, there is background to this that is strangely missing from our history books. It is true, the Jews have been kicked out at least 109 times from countries or regions during the last 2000 years. Let me make a little allegory to illustrate the missing part of the picture.

Let’s say you like to go to the bar quite often. You come home one evening and are very upset because the bouncer kicked you out. I sympathize with you. The next night you go to another bar, and you get kicked out again. You complain that the bouncer there was prejudiced against you and was unfair in kicking you out. Again I sympathize with you. The third night you go to another bar, and get kicked out yet again, and again you complain about the bad bouncer in the third bar. The fourth, the fifth, again and again you get booted out from different places, and each time you cry that you are being discriminated against, and that those bouncers are treating you unfairly. And the bouncers are all just so hateful. At this point I might get skeptical about what is going on, and I might just ask you, very politely, what were you doing that caused them all to kick you out? You might retort angrily that they just hate people with x,y,z, and they are anti-x,y,z-ist!!!

Then you start lobbying to get laws made against anti-x,y,z-ism. End of the story.

Way back in our history, Jesus Christ threw the money-lenders out of the temple. You may or may not believe in Jesus Christ, but the story is always the same. This certain group of people, the Jewish Bankers, Organized Jewry, the Globalists, have always destroyed from within. They become the bankers, they do usury, they infiltrate government. In our day and age they own and control the press, the banks, Hollywood, the school curricula, and the governments. In the past, whenever it got really bad and the people woke up to what was happening, they got angry and threw them out! One could say that the most dangerous enemy is the chameleon within the gates, not the one you see coming with canons and guns.

Now about the so-called “holocaust”. Like a friend of mine likes to say, is there one holocaust, or are there many holocausts? He talks about the holocaust in the Americas since 1492. And then there is the holocaust of the German women and children in cities such as Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne, and hundreds more. Dresden was really really bad. It was perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe, and had not a single military installation. It had been spared for most of the war, and hence it was full of refugees, the injured, the old, and women and children. The people believed it would continue to be spared because they could not imagine that anyone, even in wartime, would be so depraved as to target a city of such beauty, with zero military. Then on Feb 11, 1945, the Allies, (or ALL Lies as some call them), unleashed a firestorm on Dresden. It was pure hatred and revenge. The Allies knew that Dresden was full of civilians, and they set the city on fire. Then they paused, to allow survivors who hadn’t been boiled alive to emerge from bunkers, and then they unleashed another round of firebombing, watching as the fleeing people got stuck in molten asphalt and spontaneously erupted into flames. [previous article on my site]. Watch the film Hellstorm to get an idea what was done to the German people in WW2. I would guess that some of the British soldiers doing those bombings committed suicide, after seeing what they had just done.

About “THE holocaust”, everyone always says “there are mountains of evidence!” but they can never present the evidence. Or, “what about all the eyewitnesses?” As it turns out, not a single eyewitness actually exists that can testify that they saw gas chambers, or that they saw any of this so-called deliberate extermination in the camps. What did they actually see? Yes there were horrible things that happened in the camps. Especially in the last few months of war, when the supply lines were cut off because Germany was destroyed. Many people got sick, especially with typhus, and many people starved to death. Not a single eyewitness of alleged deliberate extermination has ever been able to stand up to the scrutiny of cross-examination in a court.

Back when I still believed in the horrors of “the holocaust”, I invited my friend who was a local Auschwitz “holocaust survivor” to my home, to give us the talk. It turned out that there was nothing in the talk about gas chambers, or filing this way and that, like in the movies. I don’t think my friend was trying to hide anything or obscure anything. He just talked about what he experienced and what he knew. And I had no question in my mind that there was anything amiss in his talk. I just assumed he didn’t want to talk about the gas chambers. And of course we did not ask. It would have been insensitive.

{Friend: But try as I might, I just can’t see your side of things. I can’t disregard the testament of so many who survived the terrors of the third reich, including my best friend’s Polish great-grandparents and grandparents. We love to discuss politics together but we don’t even discuss you or your situation any more because she has so much rage over this. Not because she is a sheep and believes all that she is fed, but because you deny something that is so much a part of her experience, something whose effects her family has lived with so long, that she suffers even generations later.}

I do not want to dismiss your friend’s ancestors’ stories or experiences. But what did her ancestors actually see? It is quite possible that they had horrifying experiences in the war. The war was horrible. Many people died. And there is no doubt that there were brutalities on all sides. Terrible things happen during war. But gas chambers? Deliberate extermination camps?

Your friend is a victim of indoctrination too. I think that the Jewish people get a double dose of indoctrination, right from birth. They are taught that they are always the victim, that they have always been persecuted, that everybody hates them and has always hated them. This mentality of the Jewish people comes through in your email to me, in which you express her victimhood, and how it is part of her experience, and that even generations later she suffers.

When I read The Great Holocaust Trial by Michael A. Hoffman II, I thought to myself that it should be mandatory reading! But it would NEVER be allowed into our schools. It would provide a good counterbalance to the way the MSM portrayed Ernst Zündel. It is about the surprising story of what happened in Toronto in 1985, the first of the Ernst Zündel trials.

Speaking of books, there is a book by Canadian author Julia Shaw called The Memory Illusion. I heard Julia Shaw being interviewed on CBC radio just a few weeks ago. It sounds like a very good book about human memory, and how malleable it is.

People like to talk about the pictures, as evidence that the “evil Nazis” carried out an extermination plan. There are many pictures of piles of dead bodies. First, does a pile of dead bodies prove gas chambers? Second, does a pile of dead bodies prove Jewish dead bodies? I have seen plenty of documentation of pictures that are passed off as holocaust victims, when some of them were actually piles of German dead bodies in the months and years following the end of WW2. Others were from the Holodomor. There are also propaganda photographs which were doctored up, and changed. There are many examples of identical photographs, where for example a hanging body would be inserted, with a caption about what those evil Nazis did.

After the war was over, millions of Germans were murdered, raped, tortured, starved, and forcibly expelled from vast regions of former German territory. Millions died. It was a deliberate strategy, and nobody cared [if they even found out], because the anti-German hate propaganda had been raging for decades already. Not just during WW2, but since decades before that!

To this day, Germany is not a sovereign country. They are an occupied country. They do not have control over their own affairs. I wonder how many school children in Germany are aware of this.

{Friend: I sometimes wonder what you are trying to achieve. Justice? What would that look like to you? What would change if the holocaust did or didn’t happen, if the holocaust doesn’t justify new atrocities? I guess for the past year or so I’ve been waiting to see where you’re going with all this, and I’m afraid it looks a little bit (from the outside) like a downward spiral. We need you here. You fit in this community. I am waiting for you to see that, to see that your power lies not in debating or denying past events but in fighting with us for our future. Looking forward, how can we fix what is dividing and hurting us?}

What am I trying to achieve? Peace. Survival of our people. Prevention of WW3. Prevention of our enslavement.

We are slated for destruction. This is a whole other huge topic, and it is shocking. But here is just a little taste of this topic. A quote from a “respected” Harvard professor, Noel Ignatiev, will give you an idea:

The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists…The editors [of Race Traitor] meant it when they replied to a reader, “Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

So you see, if a person starts researching this topic, and actually tries to point out any of these facts, one is immediately called “white supremacist”. I think you made a reference to it in a previous email, to say that you had heard that I had been meeting with “white supremacists”. What does that actually mean? It is all related to the lies in our history books. Take a look at Noel Ignatiev’s words. In his view, the only people to whom it would occur that it is worthwhile to preserve the white race are “white supremacists”! So if we merely don’t want to be destroyed, we are “white supremacists”! Can you imagine this being said about Japanese people who wish to see their culture and traditions preserved and who wish to see Japanese grandchildren? Japanese supremacists! Or Senegalese people who don’t want to be destroyed? Black supremacists! Any other race of people can be proud of who they are, but not the people of European decent! If we care about our heritage, and want to preserve our traditions and culture, we are automatically smeared with the weaponized label “white supremacists”!

Once you start to gain awareness of this, you will recognize it everywhere! “Stupid White Men” – book by Michael Moore. Can you imagine a book called Stupid Black Men? No way! And Hollywood has long been making movies depicting the white people as dull, moronic, listless, lazy and stupid. An example is the Academy award winning movie called Nebraska. It is unreal! It could be used as a case study of the point I just made. It is a completely depressing depiction of white Americans. And the “news” is constantly telling us about all the bad things that white people do, while they suppress the crimes that are committed by people of colour.

To return to the holocaust subject, it is remarkable that “holocaust denial” gets longer jail time in Germany than what some rapists and murderers have received. Horst Mahler is a case in point. In addition to exposing the lies about “the holocaust”, he was telling the public what was written in the Jewish “holy book” the Talmud. That got him major jail time. To me, it is incredible that this aspect of the story, namely the laws, is not enough to convince people that there is something to hide! We have been so mentally contaminated that the opposite reaction is common. For example, when I tell people about these thought-crime/ speech-crime laws, they react with, “So there you go! You see? You are wrong Monika. The laws prove it. You are wrong!” To me, that is an absurd and twisted logic. Only lies need laws to sustain them. The truth stands on its own. And the truth does not fear investigation.

[Such irony, that I have just finished spending time as a political prisoner in Germany]

The System declares that holocaust revisionists are lying. Would somebody sacrifice their life and limb for a lie? Of course not! It is only for Truth that humans are willing to sacrifice themselves.

There are two very interesting things to know about Jewish Deception. One is the Kol Nidre, which is an annulment of vows that is made once a year during Yom Kippur.

All vows, renunciations, promises, obligations, oaths, taken from this Day of Atonement till the next, may we attain it in peace, we regret them in advance. May we be absolved of them, may we be released from them, may they be null and void and of no effect. May they not be binding upon us. Such vows shall not be considered vows; such renunciations, no renunciations; and such oaths, no oaths.

The other thing that is important to know and understand is the motto of the Mossad, the Israeli equivalent of the CIA. It is “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Cause War” It would be honourable to have as a motto something about defending your country, or standing up for truth and justice, or something like that. But this one is saying by way of deception, thou shall cause war!!! How can that be tolerated? Why does the world not stand up to this? Why do we not shout it out from the rooftops? I can tell you why. It is because they control what we think and believe through their control of the mass media and the school curricula and the movies, etc etc.

This is a long letter, and there is a lot to think about here, and you can do research on any number of things I have raised, if you desire. I want to mention that wikipedia is a totally Jewish controlled medium, so anything about Israel or Jewish interests will be completely manipulated on wikipedia. Armies of Israeli students get paid to monitor wikipedia articles and make them fit their narrative. So that is not a good source on these topics. It might be good on some subjects, but not anything related to Israel or anything Jewish. There is a reason wikipedia usually comes up first on any google search.

I often wonder how many of my former long-time friends who terminated friendship with me, (and some even stabbed me in the back and they stabbed friends of mine in the back, merely because of their association with me), have ever taken the time to view any of the 3 videos  (here1, here2, and here3) that I recommended at the end of my 6 minute video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust“. Decades-long friendships terminated on account of what I expressed in a 6 minute video during which I apologize to my mother!

Thank you so much for having taken the time to think about these things, and for caring, and for being open to hearing my answers to your thoughtful questions. It is a very heavy subject, and it is not easy to go into it. I remember in early days of my awakening to 9/11, I felt physically nauseous for weeks at a time. But once I got through that, I felt much much lighter and happier. I would much rather know the truth, than not.
with Love, Monika

letter to another wise friend:

I am sadly aware of how deep the mind-poisoning aka brainwashing is […] The youngsters have shocked me the most, with their arguments. The stuff they are being poisoned with in school in the disguise of “family life”, or “sexual health”, or plain old “sex-ed” should really be labelled as porno- and perversion-pushing. I was so shocked when learning about what they are being taught these days, I just about threw up, and I had to step outside for air. This is how the children are being softened up for destruction. The young adults cannot get past the first base to get to second base where they might figure out false flags like 9/11 and then third base where they understand the holohoax and then the home plate where they discover the agenda of white genocide. They cannot get past first base when their minds have been so poisoned with the porno-push in schools. It is bad enough that they get this stuff at all in school, but you wouldn’t believe the tender young age at which these things get introduced to them!  ~ Monika

Then this from close relative:

I’m sorry to say this, Alfred and Monika, but I really think you’ve both lost it. Totally. You are living in a hateful fantasy world that is devouring your souls and spirits. Where is your humanity?? If only life was so simple, and so black and white, is in your imagined reality. We are all humans, full of complexities and containing within each of ourselves good and evil in varying measures. Please stop feeding your evil impulses, try nurturing your generosity, humility, openness to Others (nonwhites nonheterosexuals, people of other religious/cultural backgrounds). You might just discover that there is so much more that we have in common than what divides us. You two are promoting the agenda of division and hatred at a time in humanity’s history where we most desperately need to unite. Shame on you.

Dear _____,

Why is it that none of you ever address the basic event of 9/11? Let’s get back to square one on this please. I have noticed that even when one of you engages with us, it is NEVER to address the basics of 9/11. You might get stuck on the LGBTQ stuff, which is exactly what I described in my baseball metaphor, or you just parrot the weaponized language in our Orwellian world, that we are “haters”.

If you cannot address or even see that we have been lied to about the basic event of 9/11, and if you still cannot see that 3 modern steel skyscrapers don’t just fall down in their own footprint after 2 airplanes hit 2 of them, and that the 3rd one came down 8 hours later but they announced it 20 minutes before it actually fell… if you cannot see through that lie which we have been trying for quite some time to point out, well, I am at a loss for what to say.

You call it hateful nonsense. How is it hateful nonsense to point to basic physical evidence of facts and events, which, when wrongly interpreted by the MSM and governments, lead directly to war and the death of millions of innocent people who were wrongly accused of being associated with these terror events. I would postulate that it is “hateful” to carry on with the lies of 9/11. What about the millions of Muslims who have been killed as a direct result of the wrong interpretation of that event? That has absolutely nothing to do with race or colour, does it? […]

If any of you take the time to look into 9/11, perhaps from the strictly physical evidence perspective of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, who never point fingers at who-done-it but only WHAT happened that day and HOW those buildings came down, you will come to understand that we have been lied to. Wrongfully interpreted, 9/11 is the deception that brought on the fraudulent WAR ON TERROR. Millions have died, and been maimed, and whole countries have been destroyed in that fraudulent war!

I could just as well accuse you of being “the haters” [what a concept?!] by staying willfully ignorant. But I will not do that, because I know that we have all been duped.

How exactly is it hateful to get to the bottom of what really happened on 9/11? How is it hateful to do the investigation into who really did 9/11 and thereby uncover their agenda? Their agenda is to kill and destroy, and to do it by way of deception. Remember their motto: By way of Deception, thou shalt make War.

By the way, they brag about their Jewish Power. But when we point it out, we are called “anti-semites”. We can go to jail for it, and soon we could be shot for it. That’s how it was in the Soviet Union.   ~ Monika

Dear ______,

[…] When the world has been inverted, like in George Orwell’s world where “Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace, and Ignorance is Strength”, then of course it looks like Alfred and I are the “haters”. If you are in the matrix of the up-side-down world and do not wish to see the facts and evidence which would put you right side up again, then Love is indeed “Hate“.

There are many many people of all colours all over the world who are hoping for our success. The world will not be a very nice place if we lose this struggle. We are doing this out of Love for people, for humanity, for nature, for life.

Those we are fighting are a death cult. Their holy books are all about destruction of “the Other”. They do not actually like us at all, neither you nor me nor anyone non-Jewish. In fact, even their own people are expendable. Street-level Jews are a human shield, and therefore expendable to the Jewish Elite. High ranking rabbis have said it through the ages, that many Jews can and will be sacrificed before they reach their end-goal, namely world domination.  ~ Monika

astonishing letter from ___(young person):


I think the others are likely of the same opinion as me on the issue of debating 9/11. I don’t bring it up because it’s a hopeless topic to debate. None of us has any education in physics, structural mechanics and materials engineering. There is no real, informed debate we can have about the building collapse without a proper knowledge of the physical science behind it.

I know you parrot the arguments of architects and engineers for 911 truth. However, they are a very small fringe of the scientific community. The founder of that group has only a bachelor degree in architecture.[…]

Instead I debate you about issues that we can debate without a scientific backgrounds, and that have no connection with 911 because I find it fascinating how your views have changed since becoming involved in this movement. Your investigation into 911 has seemingly turned you homophobic, xenophobic, and chauvinistic. Your transition shows that this is not a scientific investigation into the cause of the WTC collapse. It is an ideological agenda based on intolerance. It is an agenda driven by white men who feel threatened because for the first time in modern history there is a push back against the supremacy that white men have enjoyed. Women like you, who was strongly independent and ran for political office, are pushing back. That is why I am so shocked that you have become anti feminist, because you’re the one who loses as your movement gains ground.

I know that everyone craves a sense of purpose in life, and this movement offers a powerful purpose. You’re out saving the world. And it’s all the stronger because it’s a limitless task. You never once identify any actual individuals behind this or what real actions should be taken. No matter what happens, the amorphous, invisible Jewish elite will always be lurking in the shadows, planning their next scheme to tear apart our families and take over the world. It’s a cult, Monika. I know you’re certainly not an evil person, and your intentions are not evil. But this movement and this ideology is not one that fosters love. You spend all your time on websites and in books that are pressing the same message, and so much of it is outright lies that are told in self affirmation of the narrative that’s been created.

I beg you to please take the summer off, go hiking and camping and try to visit old friends. Remove yourself entirely for a few months from this movement. I suspect you’ll find in the end that the world hasn’t been demolished in your absence, and that perhaps things aren’t as bad as they seem in these websites and forums. Perhaps you’ll find that it’s more fulfilling to be fighting for a more tolerant world, rather than a less tolerant one.

Dear ______,

Your take on 9/11 sounds pretty much identical to gate-keeper Noam Chomsky. Maybe he is your hero. He was my hero too and I had many of his books. It took me months to come to terms with his role as a major collaborator in the cover-up of what actually happened on 9/11. I kept on thinking that maybe he is just senile. A little piece of information on him: he comes out of Tavistock. In short, that is a place that specializes in mind-control and how to induce masses of people into support for going to war [or other agendas].

We citizens are apparently too stupid to figure anything out, without having a phD.

[According to you] we can put aside our own abilities to look at something and ask ourselves how much sense something makes, etc. because we are not physicists, so we should not trust our observational and analytical skills either. Okay fine, let’s just talk about coincidences.

– The fact that such steel-building collapses like the three that happened on 9/11 never happened before or since, unless they were, in fact, controlled demolitions. But three happened that day.

– The fact that the BBC announced that WTC7 had collapsed, 20 minutes before it actually collapsed. Oops. Wrong timing on the script?

– The fact that Ehud Barak happened to be in the BBC studios in London while 9/11 was happening, and planted the narrative about Osama Bin Laden, and that America should go to war in Afghanistan. Ehud Barak just happened to be a top-dog in Israel’s military, and he had been Prime Minister of Israel. Just coincidence that he was there?

– The fact that drills were taking place the day of 9/11, simulating pretty much the same scene that then went live.

There are quite a few more coincidences, but I could just ask: are you a “coincidence theorist”?

We are caught a little bit between and betwixt, according to how you see this. Apparently if we spend too much time on researching, “you spend all your time … pressing the same message… outright lies … self affirmation” then we are reinforcing that nasty stuff you were characterizing me with. But if we do not research something, then we are not qualified to reach any conclusions about any of this either. Besides, according to you, we needn’t bother, because that is for the “experts” to figure out and tell us.

You are happy to leave all your thinking to others. That is the perfect recipe for becoming a perfect slave in the New World Order. That is exactly how they want it.

Don’t despair. It is never too late to open your eyes, to ask a lot of questions, to let the light of truth in, to let the fog lift, and to say “I was mistaken”. We have done it. We openly and freely admit that we used to be totally immersed in the matrix of lies, and that we believed a lot of stuff which we now see was false. There is no shame in this. There is only shame, if, when confronted with so much evidence, one keeps on digging in the heels and refusing to think for oneself, and going along with the cognitive dissonance which is inevitable when nothing makes sense anymore in the world. When we have to resort to becoming “coincidence theorists” to make sense of the world, that is where the cognitive dissonance lies.

Lastly for now, I offer here a transcript of an interview by Ole Dammegard. A transcript is faster to read than listening to an interview, but if you would prefer to listen, the link is at the top of the transcript. This man does the research. And he is so very interesting to listen to, not boring at all. In fact, I was just going to skim the beginning of it, but I read every word right to the end. And if you do get to the end, (or skip ahead), you will see his basic philosophy is love. You cannot read or hear this interview and then think, oh, he must be “homophobic, xenophobic, and chauvinistic”, just because he has reached different conclusions about the various false-flag terror events than you have reached by accepting what the “experts” touted by the MSM tell us.


Love, Monika