It has been nearly two months since I have been spit out of the German Gulag. It has been quite a ride. Going from a very simple daily existence to a busy life of taking care of home affairs, correspondences on- and off-line, catching up with old friends, doing interviews, taking phone calls, getting outside into the beautiful natural world, my goodness, where does one begin? The days never seem to have enough hours in them.

This blog of mine needs a little more attention and TLC from Yours Truly. What better time to make an entry than end of year, and bring in the New Year with good intentions of making more regular posts.

This is not going to be a “year in review” post, which one could naturally expect, but just a summary with links to a few of the online interviews and talk shows that I have done lately.

Transcripts of the two Brian Ruhe interviews are posted previously (thank you so much Katana17 for all that work!). Just scroll down to previous posts.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock broadcast an interview called “How YOU can help Alfred Schaefer” (link here) in which we discussed my arrest, the pseudo-secret aspects of the trial of my brother Alfred and myself, and the fact that one cannot really defend oneself in a speech crime trial in Germany without committing new speech crimes. We also discussed what a life-line letters and cards are for political prisoners, with encouragement to write to

Alfred Schaefer
Stadelheimerstr. 12
81549 München

By the way, it will be Alfred’s birthday on January 30th, so birthday wishes would surely be appreciated!

A second appearance on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show together with Alison Chabloz, this one called “The Persecution of the Dissidents”, was aired on the 29th of December. Strangely the persecution of the Whites in South Africa is not receiving the same kind of attention from the powers-that-should-not-be as what they are affording the so-called persecuted immigrants flooding our lands.

Between 21 and 24 November 2018, Charles Edward Lincoln invited me to 3 interviews, the first together with American Patriot Michael Weaver, the second was for me to give a synopsis/summary of the Last Word which I gave at the end of the trial in Germany, and the third was a five way conversation with the Rizoli brothers and Diane King. I particularly liked the discussion on “bullying” – another tool to control us.

For those who speak German, here are two talk shows with Henry Hafenmayer, here the first, and here the second one.

Team White hosted me thrice on the History Reviewed channel. These were three-way conversations between Alex Linder in the U.S.A. and Jan Lamprecht in South Africa. On 29 November I spoke about how my awakening started with the 9/11 story, how it came to my Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust video, the arrest, the trial, court being a dangerous place, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the re-education of the German people. The second interview one week later we went more in depth to the trial, Alfred’s strategy, PONR (point of no return regarding Plausible Deniability) and talked also about paid agents who create a narrative to achieve the desired ends for the Jewish agenda. The NSU trial was a case in point, for which the files have been locked up for 120 years. During the third conversation, we talked about my Green Party history and Ritual Defamation which followed my breakage of taboos. Alex spoke about the injustices of the Fields trial, and Jan talked about the seizure of white farms in South Africa.

Kevin Barrett invited me onto the second hour of his December 7th Truth Jihad Show. It is archived here within an article which contains many additional links to related interviews that Kevin has conducted. In the first hour he interviewed Robert David Steele. Kevin still goes quite soft or “safe” with the holocaust subject in that he talks about “exaggerations” rather than lies, but that’s okay, he defends the first amendment and does great interviews. We talk about the infamous William Casey quote to President Ronald Reagan:

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Brizer on the Graham Hart Show in Ireland in this interview on 10th of December. We covered a lot of ground, basically on the Inversion of Everything! Ritual Defamation, the trial, indoctrination, witnesses, and Alfred’s efforts.

Next day the good folks at Nordic Frontier based in Sweden conducted a stimulating interview. We talked about the traitorous Green Party, about why the so-called “holocaust” is relevant to this day. We talked about race, white guilt, and about shedding our fear, as our fear gives “them” their power.

Finally the show with Kenn Gividen, Brian Ruhe and the moderator Bill Johnson, hosted by the American Freedom Party. In addition to our stories, we talked about current race-related articles and stories.

That was a flurry of activity, and I apologize for not keeping this blog up-to-date at the time of these various interviews. I certainly would not expect anyone to listen to them all, but nevertheless this provides a catalogue of sorts. Many of these shows or videos contain descriptions underneath, and the people conducting the interviews all have great channels or websites, so I would encourage some exploration of those.

Let us hope and pray for Truth and Justice and more Light in 2019!