Another excellent conversation between Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Alfred Schaefer, at the following link.

This show originally broadcast on December 9 2017. EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Alfred Schaefer, for a show entitled:
“Defining Hate Speech”

Topics of discussion

examples of hate speech;
how the media promote race-mixing which is actually the genocide of individual races;
how we are now witnessing the final chapter in the destruction of the White Race;
Arthur Topham’s parody of Theodore Kaufman’s Germany Must Perish;
is the ongoing genocide of the White Race revenge for White nations banishing the Jews from White nations over 100 times in the last thousand years;
how the White Race are on their own and cannot rely on any help from other nations or indeed their own governments;
Rabbi Mendy Cohen’s attack on, The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated, Expanded, & Uncensored, which was broadcast on CBS News;
how we are on the verge of World War 3; and many other topics.