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The Link to the Interview:

John Friend graciously invited me once again to join him in a discussion about the “New World Order” or more aptly named “Jew World Order”. Click on the above link to listen. Here is the show description, in part:

Monika was a guest on this podcast back in May, and today we pick up on many of the topics we discussed then. We begin by addressing the recent conviction of Ursula Haverbeck, the so-called “Nazi Grandma,” an 89-year-old German woman who just lost an appeal on charges related to “denying the Holocaust.” She is NOT in jail, and is appealing once again.

We move on to discuss how the fake “Holocaust” narrative is the primary weapon used to advance White genocide and the New World Order agenda across the world. We also address the promotion of degeneracy and cultural perversion by the Jewish mass media and “entertainment” establishment, Jewish globalism and the promotion of mass Third World immigration to formerly White countries, and related matters.

The previous day, Kenn Gividen and Dr. Charles Lincoln invited my brother Alfred and myself back onto The Talk Show. We had been on in October.

In Part 1, Alfred reads his speech that he recently gave at Bretzenheim, near where the Rheinmeadow Death Camps were, and where our father was held prisoner.

In Part 2, we continued to discuss the aftermath of WW2, the millions of Germans who were murdered, the lies of the Jews, and how the Germans had been vilified since decades. We give an update about Ursula Haverbeck. We discuss the lies of the holohoax. The deliberate degradation of our culture is also part of the agenda. Lastly, we discussed what we need to do.