Resistance can be fun!


Busking denied? That did not stop the music!

Almost every single day during the summer of 2017 I walked out my front door with fiddle in hand and played my way through the streets of Jasper townsite with a big smile on my face. No busking. Just walking and playing tunes.

The tourists loved it! Some of them even thought that I was being paid by the town! To them it made perfect sense that this jewel of a town in the Canadian Rockies would invest in street musicians and other artisan entertainers. Such irony! The town was actually forbidding me to earn money with my instrument. You can read about it here, here, and here.

Most of the locals also responded with joy. I received enough smiles and nods and thumbs up to store up for a winter drought and then some. The few people who squirmed and scowled and jerked their heads away in disgust – well, they revealed themselves to me. They could not stand it that I was having so much fun, and moreover, that others were responding so joyfully to my minstrelling.

If anyone was worried that giving me a busking permit would give me some kind of platform for proselytizing the public about World War 2 history, their “punishment” backfired on them. Had I been allowed to busk, I would simply have played my violin with an open case in front of me, hoping that a few music appreciators would toss a coin or two my way. I would not have been simultaneously talking about the state of the world.

But since I was not busking, and some tourists asked me why not, I stopped to talk to them. I told them that the town was prohibiting me from busking because they do not like my thoughts. That always elicited a gasp of surprise. Naturally they wanted to know more, so I gave them more. I talked about the forbidden subjects, for example the false flag nature of 9/11 and so on. Sometimes we went all the way into WW2 history and the most forbidden subject of all…

Since some of the tourists thought I was actually being paid to play, well then perhaps I should present the town council with a mock bill for my efforts. About $3000 should be quite adequate. When the world has been turned upside-down, we can turn the assaults against truth-tellers upside-down too, and put it right again.

Resistance can be fun!