Horst Mahler

Freedom for Horst Mahler


My letter to the Prime Minister of Hungary
23 May 2017

Dear Prime Minister Viktor Orban,

I live in Canada, and am very disturbed by the news that German citizen Horst Mahler has been incarcerated in Hungary after he asked for political asylum there recently. As the Prime Minister of Hungary, you have the power to reverse this terrible injustice. Please do what you can to release this political prisoner as soon as possible. Please also provide him with a safe haven from persecution. He almost died of illness and infections in a German prison, before being released on medical grounds.

Recently I heard a very good speech that you made about immigration and a number of related subjects. It gave me great hope that there exists in Hungary a strong European leader, a man who has not subjugated himself to the usual hidden powers which control other European countries and are mostly serving Israel. I do hope that your strong reputation will not be shown to be an illusion.

The following is a letter which I wrote to the German Embassy in Hungary (and is being cc’ed again here). This provides a little more background.

To the Embassy of Germany in Hungary,

It is a shameful disgrace that Horst Mahler, 81 years of age, has been imprisoned once again, simply for peaceful expression of his views. How can it be that in a so-called democracy, people are not permitted to have certain points of view and that they are not permitted to say their thoughts out loud. Their persecution is, in my view, proof that they are speaking truth, and that the state is protecting some very deep dark Lies.

The truth does not fear investigation. Only lies need to be buttressed and enforced by Laws!

Not only is it wrong that Horst Mahler is imprisoned, it is unbelievably barbaric that he has been deprived of basic sanitary and hygienic things. I understand that he has no towel, no soap, and no toilet paper. Are we talking about a European country? I also learned that he injured himself on a metal protrusion in his cell, and bled profusely, and was not given medical attention. It seems clear to me that the authorities wish to dehumanize him, and make him die in jail.

Please use your power and authority to have Horst Mahler released immediately.

I have an extensive bcc mailing list, and they will be very interested to hear about this. I look forward to your early and positive response.

Monika Schaefer,
Jasper, Canada

Dear reader: The email address for Prime Minister Viktor Orban is  miniszterelnok@me.gov.hu
and the address for the German Embassy in Hungary is info@budapest.diplo.de

For more, see this short article about his current situation, and this indepth article about the background.