by Monika Schaefer

Arthur Topham

An acquaintance wrote to me the other day genuinely seeking answers regarding her concerns about my support for Arthur Topham, as she had been reading some very disturbing things about him. She wondered if I agreed with Arthur on the things they wrote about him.

She expressed her concerns in a thoughtful and respectful manner, pointing out that even though, as she says, “I don’t necessarily agree with or understand your stance on the holocaust Monika”, she supported me in my struggle to maintain participation in public life in Jasper. She asked me directly because in her words, “I know you have the courage to speak what you see as the truth.”

Her concerns emanated from the reports on CBC news and Canadian Jewish News that Arthur Topham said “Jews should be sterilized”.

Here is part of my response.

Dear _(her name)_,

I am so grateful to you that you have asked me these questions, and are willing to listen. You are one of the very few who do so. Most people just take the things they read at face value and make assumptions about me that I have become some kind of deranged thing that has fallen off the deep end.

I would like to address the allegations being made against Arthur Topham. He now has no way of defending himself from these false allegations, because he has been silenced as part of the sentencing in the spurious “hate speech” trial in which he was found ‘guilty’ on one count and ‘not guilty’ on another count for the exact identical charge. One day he was anti-semitic, the next day not.

Yes it is true that the mainstream media (MSM) declares as “fact” that Arthur Topham called for the sterilization of all Jews. Seldom have I seen a better example of how the truth gets turned upside-down and inside-out, on something that I know first-hand. And this is at a time when he has been silenced. So it is up to people like myself to set the record straight. Thank you for the opportunity to do so, for at least one person – yourself. In this war, the psychological war that is being waged against us, it is one by one by one that we resist and fight back by trying to open the eyes of thinking people everywhere. Arthur Topham is a hero in this struggle, and he pays a heavy personal price for his courage.

Okay, so to address the question of what Arthur did or did not say.

In 1941, a Jewish man by the name of Theodore Kaufman from New York wrote and published a book called Germany Must Perish! This book was quite widely acclaimed by various major newspapers of the day, and one can assume from that, that it was widely available at the time. In his book, Kaufman makes the case that German people are so bad, so inately violent and militaristic and evil, that they must be annihilated off the face of this planet forever. He outlined a method which he regarded as more humane than simply killing the Germans by execution or bombs. He proposed that 20,000 surgeons be hired, to sterilize all males up to 60 years of age, and females up to 45 years of age. Within three years, the sterilizations would be complete, and within 2 generations, voilà, no more German people.

Why was the original book not condemned? Why did it receive accolades?

German-hating propaganda had been conducted already since decades before WW2 even started. So the world was already tuned in to hate and fear the Germans.

After the war, the book was largely forgotten and was not talked about much anymore. Until Arthur Topham brought attention to it. What Arthur did was provocative, sure, but sometimes that is what is needed to bring attention to a matter of great injustice. He created a parody, or satire of the book by putting on his website the exact same book (or major portions of it), word for word identical, but with Germany replaced with Israel, and Germans replaced with Jews. That is it. The book titles appeared side-by-side on his website, with some kind of preamble which made it clear to any thinking person that this was a satire to draw attention to the original genocidal screed.

The concept of satire/parody was brought out at length at his trial in Oct 2015 which I attended. It is puzzling to me that the jury still found him “guilty”. But it is not that surprising, given that we have all been subjected to a life-time of mind-contamination by the many many lies and subversive undermining of our culture. The jury members were also heavily influenced by the judge’s concluding remarks, and how the judge was treating the defence versus the prosecution side during the two weeks. He was not at all neutral, and it came across in hundreds of little ways, all adding up to a very skewed trial. The judicial system is quite rigged by the very same group of people who bring us all the deceptions in the first place.

The same group of people own and control the MSM. I used to think the CBC was fabulous, and that I could learn so much from the CBC. Nonsense! They are among the worst. The characterization of Arthur Topham is a clear example of how they twist the truth. In this case, they simply leave out the context of the parody, and there it is! In black and white. And he cannot speak now to defend himself and set the record straight. And of course the MSM would not give him any ink anyway, just like the Jasper Fitzhugh does not give me the right of response to the vicious attacks against me in that paper.

You might ask, who is that group of people that I am referring to. You could call them the Bankers, or the Israel-Firsters, or Organized Jewry, or the Rothschilds, or the Zionists. I do not include ordinary street-level Jews in this. Most of them have had a double dose of indoctrination and don’t know what is being done in their name. Some of them do actually get very upset when they find out, and write good books. An example is Gerard Menuhin, son of famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who wrote Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil.

I am so glad you reached out to me. I can also see that I have my work cut out for me. Because like I said, very few people will actually ask the questions or want to engage on any subject outside of “how’s the weather?” Where do I begin, how do I reach those who just shut me out? I don’t and I can’t. I simply go on holding my head high, and go on radiating a friendly disposition. Which, by the way, is always genuine. Knowing the truth gives me my peace and my inner strength.

Psychological warfare is far worse than guns and bombs. That might sound extreme, but a nation can recover after bombs, but can we recover from the insidiousness of psychological warfare? Can we (the generic we) still think? Or do we participate willingly in our own destruction? (As in believing that the courageous truth-teller Arthur Topham is evil, instead of listening to what he expressed peacefully. Or in the community shunning and vilifying Monika Schaefer instead of paying attention to what she is expressing peacefully.) We can watch the film or read George Orwell’s futuristic book, called 1984, and think about what he was telling us all those years ago in 1948. He was, by the way, an MI6 agent, so he knew. His book was a warning to us.

Happy Easter to you!

in Peace and with Love,