Jasper’s weekly newspaper called Fitzhugh has become the channel through which vitriol and venom towards this Politically-Incorrect writer has been escalated lately. They have scant regard for fair journalism in the form of providing proper context and the right of response or for fact-checking.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Town Council meeting at which I made a presentation about the unresolved busking issue. It seems that the moment things appeared to be looking up for me, someone got busy contaminating the good will which was present at that meeting. Immediately I felt hostilities rising, both on the street and in the Fitzhugh. The article about the meeting certainly was skewed in that it did not reflect the tone of the meeting. Amazing how that happens when certain parts are suppressed and others elevated and taken out of context.

Week after week since mid February, the assaults in the paper continued. The culmination of it was the March 30, 2017 newspaper which carried yet another letter by a person who lives far away from this little town of 5000, someone who is unknown to this community and really has nothing to do with this town. Why is he so interested in defaming me? He claims to be Paul Brooke from North Vancouver.

A little context for this letter is the article from the week before, in which I learnt that a defamation lawsuit has been filed against me. That was interesting news to me.

Every single sentence in this letter is highly crafted for maximum damage to me, and psychologically targeting the community to do more shunning – they have been too nice!

Dear editor,

I just read your article in the March 23 edition of the Fitzhugh concerning Daniel Gallant and Monika Schaefer.

I’m delighted to see Daniel Gallant’s court challenge against Schaefer, and congratulate the Fitzhugh for excellent and responsible reporting.

Until recently, there has been an understandable tendency in Jasper to overlook or downplay the Schaefer story.

The vast majority of Jasper residents are tolerant, peaceful, and responsible citizens, who don’t harbour and publicly promote radically hostile, extremist viewpoints.

Everyone is entitled to their own private beliefs and opinions, but not to shove them in other people’s faces like Schaefer has done.

Her carefully crafted image as “just a peaceful little old lady who wants freedom of speech” simply doesn’t accord with the known facts.

Her public association with known extremists, anti-Semitic websites and international neo-Nazi groups is evident to anyone who takes the time to look.

Schaefer has drawn negative international attention to herself and the town of Jasper, tarnishing the image of a truly great community by her presence.

She seems to relish her self-imposed status as a persecuted martyr of historical revisionism and the extremist alternate right.

She doesn’t seem to get the fact that living in Jasper is a privilege, not a right.

Paul Brooke
North Vancouver, B.C.

Wow! What can I say? Well, like a friend of mine says, it is just so over-the-top, it kind of speaks against itself. Who is he? Why does he target someone in a little community so far from where he lives?

That was a sample of our friendly neighbourhood newspaper.

On the Street

today's special

I had an interesting experience the other day. My friend and I went for breakfast at Coco’s Cafe, a place that I had not frequented since before my fateful Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust video. I have to admit that I was a little curious how the proprietor would react to my presence. I had a feeling that she would not be neutral towards me and that she might have strong feelings either very positive or very negative. She wasn’t there when we ordered and had our large breakfast. We enjoyed some quiet conversation and left.

Just outside the door, I looked up and lo-and-behold there was the proprietor walking straight towards us. I smiled at her and said “Hi Lynn!” There was no smile coming back at me, but just a silent glare, all the while marching towards us while we were standing in front of her Cafe. When she was about to disappear through the door, I said “We just enjoyed a lovely breakfast in your place!” This was genuine, with not a hint of insincerity.

Lynn stopped in her tracks, squarely faced me, and declared: “Monika, you are not coming back into my restaurant! You are not welcome here, you are not coming through these doors again. They (the servers inside) just didn’t know. It would be a conflict of interest for me to let you eat here!”

“Conflict of interest?”, I asked in disbelief. “Conflict of interest?”

“Yes, conflict of interest. I am on the board of the Legion.” As though that should explain everything and be the most natural thing in the world. Well perhaps in Jasper it is natural, where the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 31 president Ken Kuzminski has declared me persona non grata on their premises, ever since early last summer.

My friend Tony Hall told Lynn that she had just subordinated her restaurant business to the thought police business. She retorted that the law says she can serve whoever she wanted, and by extension refuse service to whomever she chose. That was that. She disappeared through the door, leaving us standing there, jaws dropped, quite in shock.

at Coco's Cafe

This was in their window for “Pride Week”. No irony here?