by Monika Schaefer

From February 13 to 15, 1945, American and British bombers unleashed a devastating firestorm on the beautiful city of Dresden. There were no military targets, and the city was overflowing with German refugees fleeing westwards from the invading Red Army. The commanders of the Allied Forces knew full well that the city was full of women, children, the old, the injured and refugees, in other words, all civilians. Architecturally and aesthetically, this had been one of the most magnificent cities in Germany. The Allies laid it flat and set it on fire.


The authorities today in Germany (Dresden mayor and other officialdom) do everything they can to downplay the destruction of this beautiful city 72 years ago. Not only do they screech “neo-Nazi” about those who dare to commemorate the German victims, the authorities have reduced the number of dead to a ridiculously low “up to 25,000”, easily an order of magnitude lower than the real figure. The mayor has gone on record as saying that Dresden was not innocent, thereby he justifies the Allied bombing of the German city.

Is this behaviour normal? Is the mayor mentally ill? Or does it reflect the behaviour of a puppet in an occupied country!

Alfred Schaefer observed this about an “official” event in Dresden on 11 February 2017:

We listened to an official commemoration at one of the big grave yards, and this is what they told us there: The day after the bombing of Dresden on February 13, 1945, the last of the jews were deported from Dresden to be exterminated. They said that without turning red in the face, without twitching. The holocausted Germans from Dresden are accused of having nothing better to do than round up the last jews and deport them, the day after they had their own city burnt and destroyed. Amazing audacity.


Gerd Ittner in Dresden

More observations from Alfred:

Only a few days ago I was one of the speakers at a rally in Dresden to commemorate the 500,000 holocausted German civilians on that horrible February 13 night in 1945.

If you want to know what insult is to injury, get this: the Jews had set up a pathetic distraction consisting of candles and pictures to try to make Germans visiting Dresden cry for a boat load of young African men who drowned trying to come to Germany. This candle light and picture exhibition is at ground zero, at the Frauenkirche, in the heart of Dresden. […] The Germans were composed, but seething under the surface.

Understandable anger, in light of the mayor making excuses for the Allied bombing of innocent German civilians, and the deliberate minimizing of German suffering and victim numbers. The Germans who dare to publicly mourn their own are called “neo-Nazis”. Meanwhile they are obliged to mourn for the would-be invaders who didn’t make it.

By the way, there were about a thousand well armed police who protected us from the antifa hooligans. For them, to be instructed to be lenient on the raping and pillaging invaders while being ordered to investigate the thoughts of thinking German people, is intolerable. They are confident that these lies are essentially OVER. For an idea of how nervous the parasite has now become, just do a search on “dresden gerhard ittner 2017”. The reports will remind you of George Orwell’s “1984”.

Truth that is buried and covered up, grows and grows, and when it then breaks out into the open, it will be like a broom of fire that sweeps all that has kept it down, away. ~Alfred Schaefer

Alfred’s speech starts at minute 50 in this video of their event.

A Few Days Later, B’Nai Brith Canada Creates Fake News

I was first notified in an email from Sean Madden of Glaring Hypocrisy about a report in Canada Free Press by B’Nai Brith Canada. It sounded rather alarming, however I had just been on the phone with Alfred, and knew it not to be true. They said he had been criminally charged with incitement.

I believe this was a deliberate psychological warfare trick to frighten us into submission, and to stifle dissent. It can also be seen as an attempt by B’Nai Brith to call the shots, expecting the authorities to follow suit and take action according to their script.

What came next is even more instructive. Other MSM outlets in Canada quickly published an article in which they praised the German authorities for acting so quickly and declared that Canada should follow suit, implying that Alfred Schaefer’s sister Monika Schaefer should also be charged. My picture and name figured prominently in these articles.

To learn about the tale that the victors still do not want us to know, I highly recommend watching the documentary Hellstorm: The Genocide of Germany by the Common Enemy. Or read the book upon which it is based, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944 to 1947 by Thomas Goodrich, to learn about the barbaric horrors committed against the German people.