I told them that I was expecting an explosive awakening, but that the actual force of this explosive awakening has even surprised me. It is exceeding my wildest dreams. ~Alfred


It has been a while since I have published a new blog. It is certainly not for a lack of interesting things happening. It is high time! I saw the perfect opportunity when a wonderful online conversation arose between a new friend and my brother Alfred Schaefer. I will reproduce excerpts from that conversation here.

It started with my question to Alfred if he was still able to view this short video, a desparate plea by a black woman to Germans to preserve their culture.

Alfred: The censors are falling behind, it is still visible.

All of these invaders, each and every one of them will wish they would never have come. Their glee about having arrived in paradise will soon turn to horrific panic to get out alive. The awakening is about as unstoppable as the sun rising. That woman was saying precisely what Naomi told me one week before the Veterans Today interview, providing me with the most powerful little truth bomb of that interview. These truth bombs are being dropped everywhere and having their expected effects.

The invaders will be ushered out on a last-in-first-out basis and those who do not cooperate will probably not survive.

The biological reaction will result in Europe being great once again. The desperate last move to try to exterminate the European peoples before they wake up, is in fact providing the shock and awe that is arousing the sleeping giant. The unbridgeable gulf that has been opened up between the rapidly shrinking and desperate “refugee welcome” crowd and the awaking realists does not bode well for the invaders.

Today I sent the “Kriminalpolizei” a Christmas card with a couple of DVD’s with lots of great video’s from myself and Evalion and a printout of the Veterans today interview. I thanked them for the help they provided me by reducing the risk for me of having some loony “Antifa” break into our house to steal all my things. I told them that I was expecting an explosive awakening, but that the actual force of this explosive awakening has even surprised me. It is exceeding my wildest dreams. If they have any questions that I am always at their disposal. I sent that with registered mail. I reminded them that 2017 is the 500 year remembrance of Martin Luther’s condemnation of the “Ablasshandel”, where he condemned the way the church was allowing people to pay off their sins. The analogy of holohoax and Germany’s payments and the “Ablasshandel” is so perfect. I just love it.

2017 is the Year!

Monika: Thanks Alfred for this excellent analysis of the situation in Germany. 

That is a good prelude to introduce you to Steve, a new friend since after my fateful “Sorry mom…” video. 

Steve: Please let me start with introducing ourselves… 

Everybody has a story. I like to start a conversation with people with a similar mindset by asking the story of their journey to the point where they currently are. It is different with each person, most of the time. Monika stated in her e-mail that somehow we were not brainwashed at the same level in our native Hungary as people in the West. Yes we were, officially, throughout our education and school years, we were intensely brainwashed but the generation of our grandparents told us a different story and we tended to believe that story opposed to the official one. Nevertheless the official brainwashing had still worked on a certain level in our minds.

I know, for many people, questioning the official 9/11 story was/is the first step to start searching the truth. My, our story started with the Holocaust. It was around the mid 90`s when I first saw pamphlets about the Holocaust that never happened. Honestly it was rather confusing and at that time I did not really pay too much attention to it. Soon after that we arrived in the age of the internet from where lots of pieces of information were openly accessible. I started following a Hungarian website that had an open debate about the Holocaust. It inspired me to start my research about the history of the 20th century, digging and digging deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. It is indeed a one way road down and not a pleasant journey, we all know that. After a while, especially when you are tired and busy with the [tedious] life, bringing children up, working hard day by day, you just realize that the past can not be changed and you can not do too much anyway.

When the new website came up: thegreateststorynevertold.tv, it was just before Christmas time and we were just sitting behind the screen and could not stop watching the documentary, episode by episode until the wee hours. We knew the story already, nothing new that we did not know already, but how it came through visually by the video, I need to admit it was highly emotional. That heroic time of history was known by our brain already, but that documentary deeply touched the heart. We had become restless, deeply disturbed, anger came several times a day, feeling of loss and desperation, and at the same time seeing this sick society clearly and hoping it was only a bad dream, a nightmare.

After a year or two struggling with those feelings we realized that we need to have the company of someone or someones who see the world similarly. My wife said one day: We are not alone in this big city. It just cannot be….

We realized that we needed to bring our people together as the first step. We need to connect. We are bringing our people together… Our group has started growing.

Please let us wish you a Merry Christmas.

Alfred: Thank you so much for your words and thoughts. Yes, I saw in your lines my very own mind and soul.

Rest assured, the lie(s) have fallen over the edge and are gaining momentum before hitting the ground. When it reaches the ground, the impact will shatter it to ashes, similar to the ashes covering NYC on 9/11.

Knowing what is coming, the parasite moves to protect itself through “hate speech legislation”.

One of our points of focus needs to be on helping those people with the best chances of “healing” to come out and up to our level, to help the chain reaction accelerate even more. The interpretation of words and symbols as they have been hard wired into our brains needs to be reinterpreted with facts and logic.

I just came back from a short “tour” with some close friends, and I can assure you that you are not alone in understanding what has happened and what is at stake. As people come out of their zombie state they are essentially reborn with a very different energy and awareness level than anything they ever thought possible.

This process is only at its beginning, and is accelerating. Most important is that those in positions of policing and in the military undergo the necessary healing. The parasite is revealing its nervousness by stating things like “the alarming level of right wingers in the ranks of the police” and other statements along these lines.

Once people stand on solid ground because they have the critical amount of understanding, then they stop “apologizing” when attacked with “control trigger words”. The parasite needs people apologizing to put them into submission. That is the basis of the master-slave relationship.

When the “control trigger words” that are supposed to elicit “apologies” and submission are reflected back to the source with a powerful “am I ever relieved that you did not mistake me for someone who still falls for that, now in 2017”, then no amount of “hate speech” legislation can save the parasite.

The game truly is over. The exciting part will be the “defragmenting” and “reformatting” of all the peoples living in our lands. That is why the parasite wants to flood our countries [from] the third world, because then the parasite thinks it can slip out the back door as we go up in flames. This has worked well for thousands of years, but now, things are on a different scale and there is no place for the parasite to hide. There is no “healthy” society left for the parasite to infiltrate and subvert. If we fail, then the parasite will die with us. That is why it is worth the fight. What an exciting time to be alive.

I was thrilled to see that my interview with VT was published and not stripped or defanged.

These things are falling into place very neatly and give me great optimism. 2017 is the year. The “Kriminalpolizei” have just received a “truth bomb” from me, once again, as I sent them some DVD’s with lots of helpful information, and thanked them for reducing the risk to me of being attacked by the “antifa” by beating them to the punch and taking all of my equipment. I asked them not to be too careless with all the data that they took as I would hate to have to inconvenience my sailing friends by asking them for the photos of my sailing trips across the Atlantic. All of these pictures were on the “stolen” equipment”. That puts them into the position of “submission”. Not one of them wants to give me a “hard time”. They already know what the response was after they came the first time.

Its like Moshe Dayan used to say. “We need to behave like a rabid dog. When they touch us, the reaction will always be one that will make them think twice before they touch us again.”

That is how they got themselves and us to where we are today, but now, as we have seen through their evil ways und understand that it is “them” or “us”, we will take up the fight. And they have always known that they are no match for the European man. That is why they turned the European man into something else, but that “something else” is an artificial condition and can be cured.

They took “faggot queer” and made “gay pride”, they make normal recognition of facts “hate speech”.

When we were growing up, we used to tell the school bully, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. So, don’t think, for one moment, that when the European man remembers these old verses, that he will forever crawl on the floor when the word “anti-semite” or “hater” is screamed at him.

Merry Christmas Steve, and an exciting new year for all of us.

Monika: It makes me so happy to see this exchange between you. This connection is very important. I feel it in my heart and soul.

Sorry Steve I made that error in stating that you had not been as “brainwashed” in Hungary, similar to another friend Henry Hafenmayer in the former East Germany. But I am so glad that you had the sense to listen to your parents. Alfred and I experienced a mixture of listening to and rejecting our parents. Sometimes listening was stronger, more often rejection.

I do remember some rare occasions when my father tried to tell us that Hitler did do a lot of good things before the war started. He never got very far with those declarations, at least not with me (I don’t know about my siblings), because I reacted with a total look of indignation and disdain and disapproval on my face. After all, he was coming up against a thoroughly indoctrinated child who had been taught in school about how horrible Hitler was and how shameful the German people were to have gone along with Hitler.

Alfred: These exchanges are extremely important, because we are all converging in the new world of reality and truth. We are all coming from different places, from different levels of contamination, and finding ourselves, naked as the emperor with no clothes, in the real world.

Our job, at this level, is to try to package the information and the messages in such a way that people understand the urgency of acting and advancing their own understanding. We are turning over a centuries-old conspiracy against us, and we happen to be the next in line for extermination.

The fantastic success perpetrated against the heart of Europe, the peaceful and ingenious Germanic Peoples, is being expanded to do the same with the rest of the “white people”, with the same insidious methods. Using labels (nazi racist etc etc) to trigger feelings and emotions to have all the others gang up on us to do the dirty work as the parasite rubs his hands in glee and satisfaction. When all is said and done, the sludge that is trying to replace us will celebrate the extinction of those “nazi racists”, until it is their turn to die. The ease with which the parasite got the “civilised” countries to firebomb the German cities and to nuke the Japanese gives it the confidence to activate the third world to execute the next phase. The parasite has deluded itself into believing it can then rule uncontested, at the top. All it needs to do is have us do to China and Iran and Russia what was done to the Germans, and then the world belongs to the jews. The parasite has overlooked the fact that nature does not allow a parasite to actually rule the host for any meaningful length of time. A biological response kicks in, or the host dies.

We need to help people to understand that it is no shame to have been fooled, and that it will not be easy to go from “fun and games and tra la la,” to survival mode. This is an existential threat.

The realisation that it is the “white folks” who keep America running, is even alarming many of the other people who thought that this free lunch in the “white countries” is a pretty good idea. 

2017 promises to be an exciting year, and how wonderful it is to be in a position that is more meaningful than a zombie on the couch watching TV.

And remember, we are not alone. And now we are already very many, and growing fast.

Happy new year.

 Steve: We, as human beings, have a limited period of time to spend on this planet. We tend to measure the time accordingly. There are different measurements of time such as historical time, geological time and so on. I think that the time that we are living in is still in the same period, same era of time of the two big clashes that were provoked and masterminded by certain international elements.The happenings of our days are direct consequences of those historical events of the two world wars and their aftermath. Those two struggles between nations were indeed the harvest of those international cliques. The defeated (and betrayed) nations found themselves in a complete state of defenselessness and the ones who were victorious had become heavily put in debt and bankruptcy by the very same international monetary groups. We can conclude that the peoples of our race had found themselves in a devastating lose-lose situation.

What is happening right now in the West is an attempt to give us the last mercy shot or stab as Alfred pointed out with different wording but with the same meaning. One of the methods of this attempt is the mass 3rd world immigration to the countries of Europe and other countries where the civilization was established and built by people of European descent. The level of this migration has indeed reached a critical level in Western Europe where a natural chauvinism is/was always much stronger than in North America. Alfred has been witnessing it directly in Germany, we in Canada also witness it at a growing rate especially in the bigger urban centers.

So it indeed looks like the end game is close… 

I strongly believe that the movement able to solve our desperate situation must not be only a political one but needs to be somehow spiritual (not necessarily connected to any of the corrupted christian or other religious organizations) as well . We talk about awakening. Awakening in my vocabulary has a deeper meaning. You can be aware of political situations, connections between facts and happenings. Awakening nevertheless has a more profound meaning for me.

There was a time not too long ago when the beautiful banners and standards proudly proclaimed: “Deutschland Erwache”

We need that profound mass awakening again .

All the best and a Successful 2017 New Year!