Two months ago I published on my blog the letter I received from the Green Party of Alberta. What follows is my response.

November 5, 2016

To the Green Party of Alberta

RE: My expulsion from the GPA as noted in your registered letter to me, dated August 19, 2016


Your registered letter arrived more than 2 months ago, so please forgive my tardiness replying. I have been rather busy with my work, however I still feel it is important to respond. First let me assure you that it is of no consequence to me that you have terminated my membership in the Green Party of Alberta, as I have no interest in working in this political party anymore. It has become abundantly clear to me that the Green Parties both provincially and federally are very compromised, as nobody in the upper echelons of those parties can even talk about 9/11. That is much more recent and it is much easier to disentangle ourselves from that false-flag deception than the holohoax. The Green Parties seem to be controlled by the same hidden hand of power that controls the other mainstream parties.

I have replicated your letter below in quotes, and my answers follow each point. I do hope that you will do some investigation, and not simply dismiss my answers outright. We have all been indoctrinated all our lives. I also believed all the lies about WWII history until a few short years ago. It was not easy coming out of the mind-contaminated state, but it is much better to come out on the side of truth than to remain in the fog of deception, where there is no hope for a peaceful and decent future. My motivation is love, and a profound desire for peace.

Dear Ms. Schaefer,

The Executive Committee of the Green Party of Alberta has reviewed the video you recently posted on YouTube in which you claim that the attempted extermination of European Jews by Nazi Germany (the Holocaust) was a hoax. The Committee’s response to this is as follows:

(1) The extermination program, in which approximately six million Jews were murdered, is historical fact and is supported by massive evidence, including the testimonies of survivors and German perpetrators and documentary evidence from contemporary German sources. To maintain otherwise requires a determined effort of willful blindness. A suggestion: check the Wikipedia entry for Rudolf Höss.

You speak of “massive evidence”. Why then are there laws prohibiting debate or questioning of this event in so many countries including Canada? The evidence should speak for itself. What other historical event has laws prohibiting discussion?

Why was the prosecutor during the historic Ernst Zundel trials unable to produce this “massive evidence” of which you speak?

This 6 million number – how do you account for the official Auschwitz museum curators subtracting almost 3 million, and yet the 6 million remains? How do you account for the ever-changing official historiography since WWII?

You suggest the Wikipedia entry for Rudol Hoess – Wikipedia is monitored and controlled by armies of Israeli students who are paid to keep the information favourable to Jews and Israel. Is it any wonder that the Wikipedia entry on Rudolf Hoess neglects to mention that he was tortured at Nuremberg? Is his “confession” still legitimate when it was given under torture?

I would suggest reading this account of the Zundel trials, in particular take note of the “witnesses, or “survivors” as you call them.

(2) Denial of the Holocaust is a denial of justice to its victims and survivors, and is contrary to the Green principle of Social Justice.

What do you really mean by denial of justice to victims and survivors? The war had many victims. It was a blood bath. Many millions of people died. What about the millions of German women and children who died in the war? They are never allowed to be mourned because of the incessant hate propaganda aimed at Germans since 100 years or more, and especially in the years leading up to WWII and then after WWII.

In the tons of government documents seized by the Allies at the end of WWII, not a single document was found which mentioned a plan or an intention to kill Jews. Not one document. Please do your research.

Fred Leuchter was America’s top expert on gas execution. He was sent to Auschwitz to do forensic study of the alleged gas chambers. He fully believed in “the holocaust” when he went over. He did his thorough investigations, and concluded that not a single person could have been murdered in a gas chamber, as there were no homicidal gas chambers there. The only gas that was used was to disinfect the clothing, to get rid of lice, which carried the deadly typhus disease.

Please do your research. Here is a good documentary which explains how we were deceived through propaganda lies. It is called Questioning the Holocaust – Why We Believed

And what about the Palestinians? What did they have to do with the blood bath of WWII? They are being genocided as we speak. They are direct victims of this holohoax story.

Here is a summation of Robert Faurisson’s research, in his famous 60 word sentence, about the so-called holocaust and its victims.

“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose principal victims are the German people — but not their leaders — and the entire Palestinian people.”

(3) Your video does not address the question of who has perpetrated the hoax and why. In fact, it is impossible to do so without invoking a Jewish conspiracy of some description. This constitutes anti-Semitism, and is contrary to the Green principle of Respect for Diversity.

Your logic defies common sense. Your statement basically says that we are not allowed to look at anything that Israel or organized Jewry does. If evidence of a crime points to this group of people, we must not identify them, because we are automatically labelled anti-semitic. So in other words, we are not allowed to look. That is interesting, because this former Israeli Member of the Knesset actually boasted about this “anti-semite” labelling trick that they use to shut down criticism of Israel, and notice that for Europeans who criticize Israel, they pull out the “holocaust” card. This “trick” allows them to do anything.

(4) Article 4.1(a) of the Green Party constitution requires that members support the objectives and principles of the Party. Since your actions have placed you in contravention of the principles of the Party, the Executive Committee has voted to terminate your membership in the Green Party of Alberta, effective immediately, in accordance with Article 2.5(c) of the Party bylaws.

(5) The Green Party of Alberta supports the right of free speech, including your right to advocate for Holocaust denial. But in so advocating you have shown you are not eligible for membership in the GPA.

The right to free speech does not exist if only some viewpoints are allowed.

We regret that this action has become necessary, and we urge you to reconsider your opinion on this matter, and to be open to the evidence to the contrary.

Carl Svoboda, President
Green Party of Alberta

You urge me to be open to evidence. I am open. That is why I have been able to extricate myself from a life-time of being indoctrinated, and mind-contaminated from the toxic lies (a.k.a. brainwashing) from the mainstream education systems, the media, and the Hollywood film industry. It can be traumatic to come out of this fog-induced mental state, but it is possible. I would urge you to be open to the mountains of evidence that runs counter to the official dogma.

The old saying “The Truth Will Set You Free” is very apt. I can attest to that. I am so happy to be on the side of truth. I encourage you all to learn, and join the masses of people who are waking up to the truth. The lies are crumbling fast. It is urgent that we wake up and stop the madness, so that we have a chance to save ourselves from a bloody path of war and destruction.

In Peace,
Monika Schaefer