The Chair of the Jasper Environmental Association informed me that it would be best if the JEA and I go our separate ways. In response I wrote a letter to the entire membership, posted below. But first, here are responses from two of the members, very happy that I have been expelled. Below my letter, a response from a former member who disagrees with the expulsion.


Ben Gadd surprises me the most. He was a draft dodger from the USA during the Vietnam war, and he always told us that we should question everything, don’t trust authority, and that governments lie to us all the time. So of all people, I would have thought he would be a little more open-minded. Even the 9-11 story was too much for him to see through when we had that debate a few years ago. He already labelled me a “conspiracy nut” back then.

Please know that we support the decision to expel Monika from the JEA. Allowing her to remain a member would reflect badly on the organization, and other members are bound to be uncomfortable with her presence at meetings.

This is not about free speech. Holocaust denial is just plain evil. It’s terribly insulting to survivors and their families, it’s a fraudulent attempt to rewrite history, and it’s a thin cover for antisemitism, which has a horrible record of injustice and human-rights violations going back many centuries.

For these reasons and others, holocaust denial is an indictable offense in many countries, especially in Europe, either directly or as hate speech.

In Canada, at least four people have been convicted of hate crimes (and the convictions upheld on appeal), including Eckville school teacher Jim Keegstra. German-born holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel, who spent four decades in Canada and whose writings Monika recommends to us, was deported to Germany as a security threat. He was promptly arrested there and imprisoned for five years. For a good article about hate crimes in Canada see

Western democracies enshrine freedom of speech. But promulgating anti-Semitic lies is not allowed. Monika is risking federal prosecution for her public denial of the Holocaust. As long-time friends and admirers of Monika, we are saddened to see her take up this specious and dangerous cause. We hope that she will come to her senses. Until she does, we will have nothing further to do with her, and neither should the JEA.

— Cia and Ben Gadd

Then came this response from another member.

Dear Members of the Jasper Environmental Association,

I know my soul…… need to search. I, too, support the expulsion of Monika Schaefer from the JEA.

Monika appears to have no insight or understanding into the atrocious implications of her statements. I see her as an advocate for hate.

Having Monika in the group would only erode the credibility of the JEA.
I would not attend meetings if she were in attendance.

Nancy Addison

What follows is my letter.

20 October 2016

Dear members of the Jasper Environmental Association,

Jasper Environmental Association chair, Jill Seaton, informed me a few days ago that I was no longer welcome in the JEA. Here is my response.

What exactly do my conclusions about WW2 history have to do with our long and shared struggle to protect Jasper National Park? I was told that some JEA members would refuse to participate and attend meetings should I still be involved. Who’s problem is that?

Upon reflection, I do see that there is a connection. If we do not get to the root of the problem, in other words, figure out who is the “hidden government” actually pulling the strings in Ottawa, then we will never be able to have any influence over affairs of the environment. The politicians are merely puppets, playing us like fools. Have you ever noticed that nothing really changes in how the different governments actually work once they have been elected? Is it not incredibly frustrating to see that they dance right over our noses with their agendas anyway? Our so-called democracy is a facade, distracting us from identifying the real power brokers.

Voltaire said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

Had I made a statement to the effect that Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not happen, do you think for one minute that I would be the subject of ritual defamation?(1) I hardly think so. But then again, Japanese people are not getting reparations money from the “nagasaki-hiroshima industry” unlike another group reaping the ongoing benefits from the “holocaust industry”.

This really is the only part of our history which we are not permitted to discuss, debate, or question, even in the face of a constantly changing narrative over the decades. If one studies the historiography of the singular Jewish Holocaust since 1945, it has changed significantly many times. Even Jewish holocaust historians admit that the 6 million number is a symbolic number. The Auschwitz State Museum curators reduced their official number of deaths by nearly 3 million, yet the 6 million number is still sacred. How does one account for this?

The shrunken heads, soap and lampshades made out of the bodies of Jews, which I remember learning about in grade school, are proven propaganda lies. No serious scholar tells those stories anymore, Jewish or not. And not a single document was found in the tons of government papers seized at the end of WW2 about a plan to exterminate Jews. That does not mean that no Jews died. Of course Jews died, and so did a lot of other people die in the bloodbath called World War Two.

Yet, questioning anything “holocaust” remains taboo. There are many people who have gone to jail simply for questioning the 6 million story. To me this sounds more like a religion or a fable than a historical fact. One could call it Holocaustianity, and it seems to have replaced Christianity.

There has been intense reaction to my controversial video. A good part of the response has been letters and messages of support from people in every corner of this country and from around the world. They share my conclusions about the history we have been taught – or not taught. But the reality is that the vast majority of people who understand the real story do not speak publicly about it, for obvious reasons. There is a high price to pay and you are all witnessing that with my case.

In fact some of you are active participants in my character assassination and in the attempt to cut me out of Jasper life. So perhaps you might pause and reflect that there might be people all around you who share my views, but you just don’t realize it. Rather than make you paranoid, this should give you cause to consider the possibility that I am not 100% wrong, and you 100% right.

The Hollywood version we have been taught about WW2 does not serve the interests of humanity. I feel that I am at the heart of the peace movement, as the wrong interpretations of WW2 and 9/11 are not without consequence. The inability of my critics to take off their blinders only serves to advance the war agenda.

Jill and I discussed the aftermath of WW2, and the millions of Germans who were killed after Germany capitulated. Jill suggested that this information “would be out” if that had actually happened. It is out, but the mainstream media has always suppressed this kind of information. Read “Other Losses” by James Bacques. Read about the Eisenhower death camps in which prisoners were deliberately starved to death, while civilians from nearby villages who were caught trying to reach food through fences were instantly shot. These things are well documented by Bacques and others.My father escaped from one of those camps. Does that not make me a “survivor” too? But we Germans, we “Krauts”, have never really been allowed to mourn German victims or talk about German suffering. And of course, we Germans must never, ever, ever, question any aspect of “The Holocaust”.

You could also look up the forced expulsion of ethnic Germans from the former German territories in what became the eastern block countries. Prussian, Sudeten, Silesian, Pomeranian, and others – an estimated 16 million people – formed the largest forced migration in human history. Some 3 million perished along the way.Have any of you heard about the Wilhelm Gustloff? It was a refugee-filled ship with approximately 10,000 women, children, old, and injured civilians crammed shoulder to shoulder on what had been a cruise ship for just over 1800 passengers. Almost half were children. It was not a military vessel. The Allies torpedoed this ship on 30th of January, 1945. Approximately 1000 were rescued from the icy waters, and the remainder, some 9000, perished. This was the worst maritime disaster in history, an order of magnitude larger than the Titanic disaster, and yet most people have never heard about it. Why? Could it be that this piece of history was suppressed because those people who died were the dreadfully hated Germans?

Now I have been expelled from a nature-loving group for my “crime” of apologizing to my parents after having reckoned with evidence causing me to alter my views on German history. The harsh reality is that I am being expelled from the JEA because I no longer see my parents and grandparents as belonging to a people who became overnight the most maniacal monsters of all time.

It is the JEA (minus me) that has chosen to make thought policing its priority. Or was it really the whole JEA? Was there a meeting, a vote? Was there discussion about due process? Or is this just coercion? While I have not been very active in recent years, I have been there from the inception of this organization, and in fact in the precursor, the Jasper Conservation Committee. I have held pretty much every executive position at one time or another: chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer. As you know, I have been a very active member over the decades.

I wonder how many of you have taken the time to view the 3 videos (2) which I had listed at the end of my short “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” video. By the way, the Fitzhugh got it wrong in their hit piece on me (3) when they said I was recommending books to read. This proves to me that they did not even do the most elementary title search to find out where I might be getting some of my information from, while writing a piece which was clearly harmful to me. They also did not publish my response. How does that square with freedom of speech and fair journalism and decent conduct?

I expect the Jasper Environmental Association members will have to do some soul searching about who we are as a people and as an organization. Ostracizing a founding member like this puts us squarely into George Orwell’s world, in which the people have been so indoctrinated and controlled by the state apparatus of thought control and police power that they no longer have the capacity to think clearly. I wonder if the JEA will remain relevant in the context of this Orwellian world in which some you are so deeply engulfed.

The efforts of some of you to expel me from what you consider polite company epitomizes the very kind of authoritarian intolerance you think you are against.

in Peace,

Monika Schaefer


(2) Questioning the Holocaust – Why We Believed

Ursula Haverbeck: The Greatest Problem of Our Time

Ernst Zundel – Off Your Knees, Germany!


This last link is to an informative short quiz about history.

And finally, here is a thoughtful, compassionate and wise response from a former JEA member.

Dearest Monika,

I also do not see your beliefs about WWII and our common understanding about the integrity of the ecological status of Jasper National Park as being connected…though everything is connected so perhaps it is in someway.

I’m sorry all this is happening. As I am not in the community anymore, and am unable to participate in meetings, I had no idea of this decision. I also have been away and not paid membership for the last years so I should not have a vote but I surely would have questioned this had I been involved.

I find it confusing that so many are so threatened by your perspective, as difficult as it is to accept. If there is no doubt in our own perspectives, there could be a subtle shrugging of the shoulders and a moving on from your assertions. We believe in different Gods and so it is.

Let us focus instead in our commonalities and work together to protect what we do both believe in, that being the ecological integrity of the land that serves our sanity and community.

Again, I’m sorry this is happening. I stand with you in your right to your own perspective and to question stories. You are “endowed with reason and conscience” and deserve to be treated equally in dignity and rights. In fact, I thank you for having different beliefs so that I may question my own and investigate them more deeply.

Respectfully and with love and peace for all,
Kim Wallace