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Published on Oct 12, 2016
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 by Brian Ruhe

Monika Schaefer is now experiencing ritual defamation. She is being shunned and ostracized in her home town of 5000 people where she has lived as an active community member and leader for 35 years. She released the YouTube video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” on Alfred S — Monika’s brother’s channel (17 Jun 2016):

Since then she has been in the international News which you can follow on the links below. Monika has been an active leader in her community in Jasper, Alberta, Canada as a violin teacher, musician and involved in politics.

Her Green Party background is that she ran three times federally (2006, 2008, 2011) and once provincially (2004). She also attended the founding convention of the Green Party of Canada in 1983.

Arthur Topham has been publishing articles on Monika’s case. This one focuses on the Green Party by Tony Hall http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=9831

This on is Monika’s rebuttal to the local Jasper newspaper, Fitzhugh which they refused to publish http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=9751

Arthur wrote “Escape from the holocaust lie”, excellent piece here: http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=9811


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Part 1/2

[29:07 minutes]


Paul Fromm: We have a lot of free speech issues this afternoon to look at. We should have a day-long seminar, but it won’t last all afternoon. Our guest speaker is Monika Schaefer and she has really be through a lot and her story really is a disgrace. To Canada, to her community and to Canadians in general. You know, we as a people like to pat ourselves on the back about how human rights oriented people we are! We’re the nice guys. Oh, we’re kind. What’s our Trust Fund kids say, “we’ve got to bring our sunny ways”.

Well, I’m afraid that a lot of ordinary Canadians are pretty mean, pretty nasty. The way they behave is not all the image they have of themselves and Monika’s story is a rather shocking example of what can happen, on the part of mean spirited Canadians. And I’m not just talking about one or two people, bad guys. We’re talking about a fair number of people in a community where Monika has worked for thirty five years. Well known, she’s been a real community activist. She donated her violin playing to all sorts of community events. She’s run four times for the Green Party. In other words, she’s a known quantity in a small town. People, by a large, really liked her. She’s very sunny, giving personality. And when you hear the story of what has happened since June, I’ve got to say it. It will probably make you feel, as I feel and that’s pretty disgusted. That’s part one of Monika’s story.

Part two, she’s going to be talking about a good friend of hers who is also going through an incredible experience. He has been like, not actually fired, he’s suspended without pay. I suspect that works out about the same thing. Suspended without pay, not for anything he did in the classroom. And he’s a tenured university professor. But for political views he has expressed on his own time, on the Internet. And it points to the outrageous power, essentially a secret government, … They are not all that secret. And then we have, very briefly we touch on a couple of other free speech cases.

So Monika, I think this is really your first time in Vancouver speaking, and she’s a person who graduated from Ottawa University in Ontario, in Environmental Studies?


Monika Schaefer: Well, I took one term at the University of Waterloo, but I got my degree at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton.


Paul: So, and then she went on to work for the federal government in Parks, and so on. And so she had a wide career and, of course, lived most of her adult life in Jasper, Alberta. Very well accepted in the community and THEN she did something called, “putting up a video on YouTube.” No it wasn’t a “porno”, and suddenly all hell broke loose. So, I don’t want to spend any more time on that. I think you’ll get to know Monika very well if you haven’t already done so. Monika Schaefer.


Monika: Thank you. [applause]

Thank you Paul for organizing this and thank you all for coming. I really appreciate that. I know it’s Thanksgiving long weekend and you probably have family, you know, that you like to spend time with. And I really appreciate it that you came.

So yeah, this talk is kind of evolving because things are happening so quickly, day by day, as we speak. Day by day, the situation is changing. Not just on a local level and a regional level, but world-wide. And it’s very concerning.

One of the main things that I will address is the psychological warfare aspect of the situation we find ourselves in. Because this is what I’m experiencing myself and so, I will talk about that. The part that I’m learning about by first hand experience. And I’ll talk a little bit about how I came to “wake up”. About what is going on in the world, because I was not always, “awake”. [laughing] In fact, it’s very late in life that I started to learn what’s really going on in the world.

Yeah, so it’s this video that Paul has alluded to, is called, “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”. It’s a very short video. First off, can everybody hear me all right? I can elevate my voice. It’s okay? At the back, you can still hear? There’s a lot of outside noise here. Yeah, I just want to make, … I can talk quite loudly. I can project.


Paul: You’re louder than my horn!



Monika: [laughing] Okay, so that’s good.

Yes, so the thing that I am becoming expert on was not by design and not by plan. I didn’t set out to research this, but it’s called “ritual defamation”. And, you know, other people do primary research on perhaps the physical aspects of something, the chemistry of something, or the documentary evidence, and I. I’m not doing those things. I can read about these things on the Internet and so can you. But what I’m getting experienced in is this ritual defamation and that would be the psychological warfare aspect of this. Well, it involves more than that, but anyway, I will get to that.

Yes, one of the main elements of that is weaponized language which involves control words and these control words are meant to stop us from thinking clearly. And it basically has the effect of inducing a mental illness in us. Because we hear certain words like, well you’re familiar with them, I’m sure. Anti-semitic, “Holocaust” denier, Nazi, Neo Nazi, skinhead. Well there’s many, … 9/11 truther, conspiracy theorist, or conspiracy theory.

All these words have been weaponized. They are meant to stop us from thinking clearly. They’re meant to stop the conversation. Dismissed. It’s like putting gates into our brain, barriers into our brains so that we basically don’t carry on with either, our critical thinking or, you know, ability to debate this subject, any subject. Whatever the subject at hand is that we’re not allowed to look at. And yeah, that’s the effect it has on us. And we’ve also become so demoralized by the destruction of our culture, the real culture. And this has a demoralizing effect on us and so it paralyzes us.

And we need to decontaminate our minds so that we can regain our spirit and remember who we are and what we love and what we stand for and we can regain our pride! And with that newfound spirit, if we decontaminate our minds, we can take action! And it is incredibly energizing to decontaminate our minds, because in so doing we become healthy again. It’s like physically, if we eat well and we get exercise, we are physically healthy. But mentally if we clear our minds of these toxic lies and start to understand these things and understand how they are doing it to us and the weaponized words and control words, then we can become mentally healthy again, too. And that’s largely what I want to talk about.

Yes, so how did I come to this? So, my awakening started in about 2011, which is ten years post 9/11. But it is the story of 9/11 that started me down this road. And I think that is the port hole through which many people come to see that we are being deceived on a massive scale. Once you go through that first door, and that was hard, I can say from personal experience, I felt nauseous for a long time when this was happening and I was looking and looking at 9/11 information, ten years after it happened and I kind of felt nauseous. But after you go through that first door, it becomes easier, even if the layers and layers of deception might be larger and more ingrained in us, these stories of our past. It does become easier, because you start to realize:

Oh, our institutions, like the government, the media, the schools, the books, the, you know, the universities. They’re not being straight with us!

And not always the people in those institutions. They don’t always realize it themselves. But there’s just been these layers upon layers of deception, that even, you know, our school teachers they may not have realized. They probably did not realize that they were giving us the wrong stories, at the time. But they also are in this world of deception.


Okay! Now, my activism did not start with 9/11. All my life since I was a youngster, since I was a teenager, I have been concerning myself with issues of peace and justice and the environment and, nuclear and, you know, good food that we should, you know, have organic food and all those kind of things. I mean it starts with, you know, I was advocating for bicycle infrastructure when I was a teenager in Edmonton, and all these issues. So I was very active, and in the Green Party politics I was involved in that.

And so yeah, activism was all my life, but the “awakening” is really the last, what is it, 2016 now, so five years. Oh my goodness! I’m a newcomer to this. [laughing] I always had a deep sense that all these issues in the past were related to each other and now in retrospect even more do I understand them all to be related. If for no other reason, that we cannot tackle any of the pressing issues on our planet, if we do not get to the root of who, the hidden hand of power really is! We are spending an awful lot of time and energy and money trying to fix so many problems, but if we do not address the elephant in the room, then of what use is all that effort? It just makes people crazy! You know, it just never seems to make sense that people at all levels of government, that all these decisions get made by the various levels of government that are not good for the people, not good for the environment and it’s not what we voted. We voted for them, but yet they’re not doing what we wanted them to do and it just makes us crazy! We lose our spirit and we lose our drive, we lose our faith in our fellow human beings. However, if we can dig to the root of what is going on. Only then, can we emerge from this enslavement and the tyranny!

So, when I started being confronted with the issues of 9/11, which was ten, five years ago, or so. And it was my brother Alfred in Germany and many of you are probably familiar with his work otherwise you may not, … You know, like people who are here are interested in this kind of thing, you may be familiar with Alfred Schaefer who has produced videos. He has been producing videos on “brainwashing”, 9/11, and then he kind of, you know, his started linking 9/11, going back in time to the “Holocaust” and this kind of thing. Anyway he started sending e-mails to members of our family about 9/11, and I was very interested in this. Because it always sat there, not quite right in my brain. I had said to my friends, shortly after 9/11, you know, within that first year. I said it’s like they handed that to them on a silver platter, because look what they’re doing with! The aftermath, you know, the wars that the United States, the wars of aggression. It just made no sense to me! But, I kept saying, “It’s like they handed that to them on a silver platter! Them!” I didn’t know really who was behind all that. And yeah, so it never made sense to me.

So when he started sending things I was just voracious for this and I needed to research it deeper. But I was firing back questions and saying, “Well, wait a minute, …” Because when he started to implicate Israel, you know, there were these barriers for me. These are engineered into us that we can’t, you know, think, or look critically at Israel. These are, you know, this is taboo. So I would say, “Wait, wait, how do, you know, this and how do, you know, that?” Anyway, I did the research and I followed up on things that I was being confronted with. So that’s how that started and then fast forward a couple of years and I started to get, you know, stories about “Holocaust” and at first I was like, “Oh, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Don’t go there!” like, how can you even talk about that? Like, you’re just going to undermine us in the 9/11 truth movement if you start talking about that! But, anyway, so I resisted at first. I’ve heard about people who deny that the “Holocaust” ever happened and it was kind of always out there, they’re like it’s, … Maybe it’s a bit crazy, they must be a little bit crazy those people who are saying that. How can something so big be untrue? Something that was just so factual, I thought! Factual like, you know, I have ten fingers! And it was difficult, but I did look. I thought, I have to look! Now that I’ve gone through this other door of realizing they do big deceptions, like 9/11. That’s huge!

Okay, I looked and I discovered there was a lot of information! There’s, like one of the first sites I looked at, “Holocaust deprogramming course dot com” I was overwhelmed to see that there wasn’t one, or two people talking about this! There’s a huge abundance of information out there! Okay, so I knew this is the door I have to at least look and research and find out.


One of the first videos that I looked at was the, “Off Your Knees Germany!” about Ernst Zundel. I’m sure that many of you in this room are familiar with that. And that was absolutely impacting for me. And I have to say even subsequent to that, I’ve looked at lots, lots more, but that, the story of Ernst Zundel is absolutely fundamental and critical to this whole story. Because, the trials in Toronto in the eighty’s, 1985, and 1988, those were real trials! Where evidence was brought into the courts. Now you’ll probably be aware that they don’t do trials like that anymore. They avoid them! Because in that kind of a trial, evidence is presented. Now this gets documented, it goes into the public record. Now the mainstream media did a very good job of, you know, basically burying whatever physical and real evidence that was brought forward, so we’re still left with this idea. I mean, I remember in those days, it was day after day in the news, but it was kind of background information and I just think they made him sound like a bad man! And at the time I wasn’t looking critically at it. So I just assumed, okay I guess he’s just a bad man. But little did I know that all this evidence was brought forward that put an end to the, you know, the mythical gas chambers and that there was no documentary evidence for any plan to exterminate Jews. Nothing like that! So yes, that’s how I started to learn.

Let me go forward here. So, in the video. I’ll just talk very briefly about the video. When I was a teenager I reproached my mother. I basically, you know, I’ve been learning all these stories in, wherever they were coming from. It’s like it was just everywhere, the schools and the media about the “Holocaust”, … And I was horrified by all this and I, you know, my parents they came from Germany. They emigrated from Germany. They were there in the war and I just said, “How could you let this happen?” And so those reproaches that I made to my mom, all those years ago, and now my parents, they’re both gone. Since quite a while. And I just mentioned that to my brother in passing, that I felt really bad about that now and I sure wish I could apologize. And he seized on to that, because he realized that’s a very significant story. There are many of us that feel that have gone through that experience, the shame! Probably two generations of Germans who have felt ashamed of their parents, or their grandparents’ generation.

And that guilt and shame, I mean it is pervasive, it’s kind of a traumatic thing, … You know, feeling ashamed of your culture, which as a child I learned to kind of hide that part of my heritage, even though it was a wonderful heritage. So yes, and since he’s a producer of videos that’s how that came about. And I visited him in Germany in June and we made that little video!

So, one thing that I didn’t put into the video, but I just want to add, because it’s just come up so much in conversation since then. People, you know, they have a misconception of what this video is about. I never said, no jews died! No that’s not the point. Many Jews died as did others. It was in the war and in the camps many people died and especially towards the end of the war, because the supply lines were being cut. I mean, Germany was being bombed into smithereens and food and supplies couldn’t get through to the camp. So yes, it was horrifying towards the end the war. Many died in the camps. So that is something that, you know, it’s very clear and also there probably were some abuses. Of course, there were abuses and there are always abuses. However, the important thing to take note of, through Ursula Haverbeck’s research, and I am sure there are many other sources of research for this, we know that at least two if not more S.S. Officers were themselves executed for prisoner abuse. So that means there were rules against abusing the prisoners. Now that would not jibe with the story of, you know, extermination of Jews.


So, anyway. So what exactly is our problem. I mean history has been turned it on it’s head and we are living in this matrix of deception. And it is a foundational lie, this one that I apologized to my mother for reproaching her for this singular, so-called “Holocaust”, the holohoax, or the, “Six million lie” as I sometimes call it. It is foundational, because the state of Israel is based on this fictional “Holocaust”. And it’s also foundational, because Germany, as it exists today, and it is not of sovereign country, it is an occupied country. Germany in it’s current form is structure on this lie. Angela Merkel has said on more than one occasion that Germany’s support for Israel security is part of their national ethos! Their “raison d’etat”. That is what she said. So that tells you.

Now sometimes, well meaning people say to me:

Monica. Why bring up something from so long ago. You cannot change the past. So let’s focus on the present and what we can do to make a better future.

Well, this is an interesting argument to ignore this past event, implying irrelevance today and in the future. Now, if that was so, why the fuss? You see it is obvious that it is relevant. This intense attack on anyone who dares to question the “Holocaust”. It makes it obvious that it is extremely consequential to the present and to the future.

So, if the political structure of our world is based on a giant lie, then no wonder there are powerful forces at work to keep the people from looking at the evidence which runs counter to the prevailing myth. A great deal of energy is being put into the psychological warfare that is being conducted on us. Keeping us mind contaminated, putting gates and barriers into our brains.

Yes, and I mentioned already about the weaponization of language and, of course, there’s the indoctrination of the young minds through the school education system and through film and television industries and through the incessant repetition of the lies in the mainstream media. And, of course, the universities. Now, how do they keep all those professors in line? I have somebody very close to me who keeps on saying to me:

You mean all those university professors were wrong? Those thousands of professors and all those books that they’ve written?

Well we’re seeing right now how they do it. And this is the case that’s happening right now with Professor Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge, is probably one of the most egregious assaults on our academic freedom that we have seen in Canada, ever! Suddenly this institution called “tenure” is no more! He is a tenured professor meaning he’s protected, that he, you know, he’s gone through all the steps to become a full professor and then a tenured professor and that is supposed to give him academic freedom to pursue his research and wherever that takes him and be able to speak about it, and is no more! Because they have suspended him without pay.

They did this like just, … Basically B’nai Brith and I will implicate them, because they advertised that he was, he was the next target after the fellow whose name I’ve now forgotten. But at York there was somebody who was fired recently for postings on Facebook. Before that, [? ? ?] at Overland College in the United States was fired, or suspended, or something like that, for Facebook postings. So Professor Hall was hauled in, he was given twenty four hours notice to be suspended without pay. And a week earlier he was told that, “Yes, we’re going our separate ways.” Anyway, that is a story that you probably have become aware of and, so that is how they do it!

Now, they have done it to other professors before, maybe not so quite so blatant, but it is truly [? ? ?] . So, you do that to one person and all the rest, you know, if they’re younger and they’re trying to, you know, stay in there for a while, because they have to feed their families and whatnot. I mean, do you think they’re going to come out and talk about it? Very few people have the courage to actually follow the path of truth! I mean, how many professors who are actually still in their jobs are talking about 9/11? And 9/11, now in retrospect, I see that as an easy one. I mean it’s just so obvious that the lies are so blatant and obvious and it’s in our recent history. Where if you go into, you know, World War Two history it’s a long time ago now. So anyway, that’s how they do it.


So, I’m going to move forward here. Yes. Name calling. So I’ll go back to this psychological warfare and, … Another one of the things that people talk about, you know, they say to me:

Well you haven’t been to any of the camps. How do, you know?

So I say:

Okay, so what about these current current camps, museums?

Museums are all over the world, but if you go to Auschwitz today, that’s a museum. Well, the building there was rebuilt after World War Two. We know that. And so, if I don’t go there physically that means I can’t know anything about it? That would mean that by implication any scientist that does any experiment might as well not document it, because you can’t learn anything from that scientist, you have to do the experiment for yourself! It’s a funny argument to use. Also, these museums, they are manmade things. They do everything they can to pull all your emotional heartstrings! I’ve heard about the piles of hair, all the little children shoes lined up. They’re pulling our emotional heartstrings. What does that prove, though? What do those things prove, piles of hair and many shoes? It doesn’t prove anything. It’s just like there’s a museum now at ground zero of the 9/11, and it’s the 9/11 museum, but it’s just telling the official story of 9/11, which is a pack of lies! But that doesn’t prove anything about what happened on 9/11!

Yes. So. There is something very positive about this ritual defamation, that is happening. I see it this way. It proves that our enemy is very afraid of us when we discover the truth. Yes! It means that we have hope! You see it’s not all too late. Some people say:

Oh, you know, what? They’ve got it all sewn up in a bag. It’s done. We’re doomed!

No! They wouldn’t care about little old me, a fiddler from Jasper. They wouldn’t care, they wouldn’t go to such lengths to annihilate a professor who dares to speak about false flags and dares to say we need to be able to look at all of the aspects of our history.

No! They wouldn’t care about that if they have won already. No, they are very threatened by the general awakening that is happening and they have to work very hard at keeping people in their mind conditioned, you could say, “laboratory rat” condition. See, when we wake up to their game in greater and greater numbers and when we show no fear, they lose their power over us. We are sentient human beings, we are not robots!

And for that reason, I have hope and I remain optimistic.

So, what is this ritual defamation? It has many elements. A fellow named Larry Wilcox wrote this paper in 1990. And in his paper there are sixteen elements. I recognize myself in all of them except for number ten. And number ten is, says, that quite often the person whenever they raise some taboo subject, it’s not just talking about World War Two history, but they will recant. They will apologize! “Oh, I was wrong! I’m so sorry!” And then they might even go further and attack their friends who were also learning the truth, or speaking the truth. That is not happening! No! I’m not recanting. I’m not saying:

Sorry folks, I was wrong about this stuff! I’m now going to go along with the mainstream story.

But the basic elements of ritual defamation are to shun, to ostracize.

[cont’d in Part 2/2]