Jim Rizoli with Monika Schaefer

Sept 2016




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Published on Sep 16, 2016


In this relaxed and friendly one hour interview Jim asks Monika to talk about her personal and family background; her interest in music and playing the violin; her work as a park warden for the national park system; how she first got into activism starting in her teenage years; her involvement in the Green Party and running as a candidate; how she discovered the 9/11 truth movement which then lead to her research into the “Holocaust” and the subsequent realization that it a massive fraud and lie on the German people and the world.

Monika also talks about the very hostile reaction she has received from much of the community in her small town of Jasper, Alberta, since putting up her YouTube video, “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust“, in June this year. She has been subjected to what has been called, “Ritual Defamation” whereby she is being punished and ostracized in multiple ways for daring to tell the truth about the many lies that make up the “Holocaust“.

Towards the end Monika talks about her lifelong, profound desire for peace in the world and how that drives her, in her activism. Finally, Monika urges people who are also aware and able to, to go public and spread the word.