Recently a registered letter came to me via Canada Post from the Green Party of Alberta. This is a separate political entity from the Green Party of Canada, from which I had already formally separated myself over a year ago. I had forgotten that I was still a member of the GPA. They took care of that. I will respond in due course to the contents of their letter, but in the meantime I thought I should share. Here is their letter to me.

August 19, 2016

Dear Ms. Schaefer,

The Executive Committee of the Green Party of Alberta has reviewed the video you recently posted on YouTube in which you claim that the attempted extermination of European Jews by Nazi Germany (the Holocaust) was a hoax. The Committee’s response to this is as follows:

(1) The extermination program, in which approximately six million Jews were murdered, is historical fact and is supported by massive evidence, including the testimonies of survivors and German perpetrators and documentary evidence from contemporary German sources. To maintain otherwise requires a determined effort of willful blindness. A suggestion: check the Wikipedia entry for Rudolf Höss.

(2) Denial of the Holocaust is a denial of justice to its victims and survivors, and is contrary to the Green principle of Social Justice.

(3) Your video does not address the question of who has perpetrated the hoax and why. In fact, it is impossible to do so without invoking a Jewish conspiracy of some description. This constitutes anti-Semitism, and is contrary to the Green principle of Respect for Diversity.

(4) Article 4.1(a) of the Green Party constitution requires that members support the objectives and principles of the Party. Since your actions have placed you in contravention of the principles of the Party, the Executive Committee has voted to terminate your membership in the Green Party of Alberta, effective immediately, in accordance with Article 2.5(c) of the Party bylaws.

(5) The Green Party of Alberta supports the right of free speech, including your right to advocate for Holocaust denial. But in so advocating you have shown you are not eligible for membership in the GPA.

We regret that this action has become necessary, and we urge you to reconsider your opinion on this matter, and to be open to the evidence to the contrary.

Carl Svoboda, President
Green Party of Alberta