I had a wonderful time this afternoon at the park. My friends Tony, Steve, Gizella and Kyle sat with me on the Information Centre lawn in downtown Jasper while I played my violin. The instrument case was closed, I was not busking. I don’t have a busking permit, because of my “publicly proclaimed non-inclusive views”.

The tourists seemed to enjoy the music. Some came closer and listened. Others let the rhythm guide their feet as they bopped along while passing by. There was clapping. Someone danced joyously. A little boy drew a picture and presented it to me as a gift when I finished.

Apparently there is danger in letting me play in public. There might be enjoyment.

For me, today was a gift. I did not need to be busking. I received much more than money can buy, from the joyfulness of the passers-by. It was a half-hour of bliss.