Many days have passed since I last posted, and the story keeps evolving. There will be some catching up to do in documenting the aftermath of posting the little video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” just over two months ago.

Alfred Schaefer, who produced that and many other videos, had his home raided on the morning of 18 August 2016 by the “Kriminal Polizei” in Germany, for the purpose of searching and confiscating all his computers and hard drives. They also seized many papers.

Most people would be alarmed by this development. Not so with my brother. He sees this “spectacular opportunity we have, to deal the ‘thought crime’ division a real blow”. He says the timing could not have been better, and the guardian angels were with him.

What follows are excerpts from his email messages describing the situation. His life-long propensity to see the silver lining in any cloud shines brightly.

From Alfred to some high-level colleagues:

…Seldom have the ducks been better aligned than they are right now. We all wanted to take this to the next level, and they have done it for us. I am eternally grateful that one of the tribesman followed Bnai Brith’s plea put out to the world, to take this guy down.
On the complaint itself… you have to hold back from laughing. The reason for the raid is stated as “he put up a video, Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” and it goes on, in this video the woman claims there were no gas chambers and bla bla bla…

The next one describes the raid. Alfred told me that he had not slept well the night before (premonition?). He therefore stayed in bed longer, and his wife took her turn in the shower first, which normally never happens. That proved to be a very good coincidence, as it meant that he was in the shower at 7 am when the doorbell rang. He writes, “it was lovely Elfriede who answered the door and ushered in our surprise visitors. She offered them water or coffee which they declined”. Alfred heard the voices and knew exactly what was going on.

Dear Katana and Val and Monika,

First of all, thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do.

Today has been a bit of an unusual day but it makes me very happy when I realize the potential that can be gained by the events as they have unfolded.

While I was in the shower this morning the doorbell rang. My wife, Elfriede, opened the door and had to let in a man and a woman who were from the criminal police. After coming out of the bath room completly naked I greeted the Gentelman and asked him what it is he desires in our house.

He told me that he has an order to search our premises because I have been accused of incitement to hatred.

I put on my clothes and then they showed me the paper which made me very happy. The evidence against me is a video with the title, “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”.
It really will be interesting how they will define “incitement to hatred” out of that, an apology to Mom. I think they just shot themselves in the foot.

Then they told me I could get a witness if I wanted to and I told them, yes I do. I went to the neighbor who happed to be about ready to leave and he came over, extremely gentlemanly and polite. The incredible luck is the fact that his name is Haro GRAF von Luxburg, he comes from royalty. When he had to leave for the office his professional son Alexander took over and they proceeded to go through every thing you can imagine and then took all my computers and all kinds of papers and went off.

I have never in my life seen a better opportunity to embarrass these thought police that this now offers us. The fact that the witness name on the “search” papers was GRAF VON Luxburg will make the accuser uncomfortable. Plus, they took so much stuff from me that they all will learn a lot when they go through it. I told them that it is all OK, they are only following orders and I am very happy that they will not shoot me as would have been the case in the Soviet Union under the same tyrany, so I am, indeed, very lucky. I told them I have many other videos that they may also want to check out. I may be handicapped as I can only write emails from my wifes Ipad, but that is a thing I can live with for now.

So, now I will have to change my daily routine a little and see how this develops. The timing was absolutely perfect, just got the dissident video up in English and German, just cleaned away the studio, and ding dong, they were there. A week earlier would have been bad, and now we just may be able to really embarrass them.


Alfred had nothing to hide, quite literally. He stood stark naked with a smile on his face, squarely in front of the two officers. “How can I help you?” Such poetic symbolism!

In days gone by, a swat team of 8 or 9 officers would have made a big show of such a raid, with sirens ablazing at 3 am. Now two plain-clothes officers, a man and a woman, appear politely at 7 am. They do not want to be doing this anymore, but they are merely “following orders”.