Ursula, Sylvia and Horst – Political Prisoners Update


Three of our political prisoners in Germany are soon to be released from their prison cells out into…. the open air prison of Corona World.

It needs be said and repeated: these political prisoners are incarcerated for words. They have reached different conclusions about our world and about history from what is prescribed in the main stream. They had the nerve to talk about it. They are in jail for words. Peaceful expression of ideas, facts, conclusions. Simply words. The truth.

The information in this brief update is what I have gathered to be accurate to the best of my knowledge. If there are errors, please let me know in the comments.

downloadHorst Mahler will be released October 27, 2020 from the Brandenburg / Havel prison. He has been in jail for over 10 years in total. Despite his poor health, the “authorities” never relented in their persecution of Horst.

OIPUrsula Haverbeck will be released November 5, 2020 from Bielefeld prison. She is over 90 years old. It seems political prisoners never get early parole. She will be in court again on November 17, 2020, in Berlin.

OIP-2Sylvia Stolz was given an 18 month jail sentence which began May 23, 2019. That should mean a release date of November 23, 2020. 

Those three political prisoners will be “free”, thank God. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.34.01 PMAlfred Schaefer still sits in jail, just over half way through a 4 year sentence. Address here.

OIP-3Hervé Ryssen is a prolific writer in France who has just recently been incarcerated. His books tell the truth about those who wish to enslave us all.

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 6.48.29 AMMatt Hale has been in prison for 17 years in the USA, for a crime he did not commit. He also is a political prisoner, facing a 40 year sentence. 

This list is not at all comprehensive. There are more. These are only the ones I am most familiar with.

These political prisoners are heroes one and all, for having the courage to speak truth in an age of deceit. 

John Friend – The Realist Report 2020.09.21


Once again I had the honour of being invited to John Friend’s show The Realist Report.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 6.09.24 AM

We discuss the ongoing plight of my brother Alfred, who has been imprisoned in Germany for over two years now for his publicly expressed views on WWII and the alleged Jewish “Holocaust”. We also cover the concept of historical revisionism, the totally inverted official WWII narrative, and a recent experience at an emergency room hospital in Canada, and much more!

Click on the following link to listen to the podcast.

Alfred to Frederick

I received copy of very moving letters from my brother Alfred to a man in the USA named Frederick. Alfred makes reference to Frederick’s letter in which he tells of his late uncle’s wartime stories. I do not have copy of Frederick’s letter to Alfred at this time, but I am including segments from a letter which I received in 2018 from Frederick, while myself a political prisoner in Germany. Those excerpts follow Alfred’s letter below.

Here are Alfred’s two letters sent two days apart:

June 26, 2020

Dear Frederick,

Today I only want to quickly let you know I got your letter from Nov, 2019. Yesterday it arrived in my cell here in Landsberg. Obviously they held it back and now decided to let it through because they know they have been betting on the wrong horse. This matrix is so evil and so sophisticated and so deadly, and yet it is what it is and we either defeat it or it defeats us and then we have hell on earth.

I’m only writing you a short acknowledgement that I received your letter for now and will send you another shortly. I will go through your letter. I just started reading it and had to just let you know it got through. Seeing events as they are now unfolding in all of our white countries puts your letter in perspective. It allows us to understand the role this strange behaviour played in the Big Picture. Believe me Frederick, within the System people are also waking up and are terrified by what comes to their senses insofar as they have any, and the great backstabbing begins within their ranks. […]

In the big picture we can also be satisfied to have this epic challenge land on our plate. We are not here for fun and games and childish trivia. We will now learn what pain is good for. Our pain level will reach the threshold it takes to respond in whatever way is necessary to deal with this. Or we die. That is Life. Every single organic healing begins with the host, or victim, recognizing that it has a problem. We are well into / past this phase. […]

P.S. I just saw now that the post mark is June 1, 2020. I’m so so glad you sent this out. I’m just going through your letter and it makes me cry. This is so very important. Your letter is exactly the same as my own thoughts. Proves we are winning big time.

Jun 28th, 2020

Dear Frederick,

Your letter gave me great satisfaction because it so enriches the clarity and depth of the high resolution image that is now coming into focus around the globe. The image of who we are and what has been done to us over time and space.

When I started working in Germany for IBM in 1985 at age 30, intending to stay only for 2 years or so and then go back to Canada, one thing that always struck me was how the Germans’ behaviour reminded me more and more of a beautiful woman who has been raped and beaten half to death and since regaining her consciousness had her attacker hammer down on her and all she could do was offer everything she has left while crawling on her knees. At that time of course, I did not yet really understand enough of what the truth was and was very involved in my work and other activities that I loved; my IBM work had me move about a lot. I spent 3 years in Boulder Colorado in the IBM development lab there. Continue reading

Blood River Radio with Eddie “the Bombardier” Miller


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We are in a war. It is not a war of our choosing, but we find ourselves in it. We had better recognize that fact if we are to survive the full-on assault against Europeans and people of European decent worldwide. “World War Two” did not end in 1945 just because the bombs stopped dropping.

I had the great pleasure of spending the better part of an hour discussing the critical issues of our time in the context of our falsely taught history with Eddie Miller on Blood River Radio. Click on the following link to listen.

Ernst Cran – “Alfred”

Originally in German, this excellent piece (transcript and video) can be found at this website: we-are-alfred.com. I have translated the transcript into english below.

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 8.45.06 PM

Ernst Cran – “Alfred”:

Has there ever been a complete orchestra in convict clothes? I’m just not sure. But I am sure that the following literary image of an orchestra comes from a convict – from the Landsberg am Lech prison and from a letter dated 29 July 2020, written by a thought-crime inmate who is incarcerated there. I quote freely from the text, edited only for linguistic form:

“Imagine: A large field full of wild barbarians. You give everyone an instrument: a violin, a cello, a piano, a drum, a flute – whatever. In the beginning, it’s just a terrible noise and everyone argues with everyone because nobody plays together – and the noise hurts. Suddenly, these people begin to understand how real sounds can come out of the instruments – and they even begin to play together. Suddenly everyone wants to participate because it’s beautiful music – and everyone wants to be there. Now a harmonic, melodic symphony can be heard from what used to be just noise.

That is how it is now in 2020 with the truth. Suddenly everyone sings and plays from the same song sheet and everyone harmonizes. Arguing is a thing of the past. This is the case now with the subject of Israel, Jews, lies, history, etc.; there is no one who can still bear the old noise. Everyone wants to play the new beautiful music. The last noisemakers are chased away. They are also not difficult to find because they only make sour tones. 

Nothing can stop what is coming. No one wants to be too stupid not to have recognized the sinking ship as such. Everyone wants to be on the right side, not on the wrong side, when the curtain rises. The wrong side consists of lies, betrayal, criminal evasion, cowardice, greed, theft, murder, etc.

This music resembles every biological healing in nature. If you have a wound or an infection, it takes a little while for your cells to find the right notes, and then they play all their instruments together to make you healthy again. The foreign bodies are fought resolutely with full force!

No one asks about the feelings of the other. A lion does not ask about the feelings of the gazelle, but simply kills it. The lion does not consider whether he would rather be a transvestite and bring the gazelle some grass to eat. Such a lion would quickly be an outcast and thrown out of the pack.

We white Aryan people are now under scrutiny, whether we are a transvestite lion or a real lion. I bet on the real lion. The other races will curse the fact that they took advantage of the feast without asking the host. They must – if they wish to survive – run as fast as the gazelle when the lion is awake and hungry. Otherwise, the gazelle will not survive.

We are waking up, and that is a good thing. One needs to experience the disease before acquiring the emotional energy to drive the healing process. A good sign. This is happening all over the white world now.

Heartfelt regards,

So this was a small excerpt from a “literary orchestral concert”. And this is “Alfred”. It looks like a clothes-hanger – of oak, made in the carpentry workshop of the JVA (prison) Landsberg am Lech and can be obtained at “Haftsache.de”. In reality, however, “Alfred” is an instrument – a partial sound of that large orchestra described earlier. Let’s give “Alfred” the last word, or rather the last note. But before that I say, “Thank you, Alfred!”



Even if you do not speak German, I encourage you to watch the last 30 seconds of this video of the letter reader in prison attire. “Alfred” gets the last note.


Two Interviews: The Brizer Show and Radio Cui Bono


I had the great pleasure of speaking once again with Brizer on the Graham Hart Show on August 3, 2020, and the next day spoke for the first time on Radio Cui Bono with Swedish hosts Daniel, Patrik and Martin. Here are those two interviews.


Brizer and I talked about current events, in particular the agenda being rolled out with the plandemic. Masks are a big part of the story – are they a precursor to the mark of the beast? We talked about how it is in Canada, in Ireland, Australia – where they have taken the guns away, the Berlin protest, the Picten Pig Farm near Vancouver. I gave an update on Alfred and we touched on quite a few other things.



It was great to talk with these three wide-awake men on Radio Cui Bono. Good title for a show! Who benefits indeed, from all those deceptions? We spoke about Par. 130 in Germany the “holocaust denial” law, forbidden evidence beginning with the Nuremberg trials, maritime law, 9/11 and other false flags or hoaxes. I also gave an update on Alfred, told the story of Sylvia Stolz and Ernst Zündel, and many more topics. 

When history comes enforced by law, only one thing is for certain: it is a lie.

Follow-up Letter from Alfred to German State Prosecutor

After receiving an enhanced bill from the State Prosecutor to pay court costs, Alfred wrote another letter to them explaining why he will not pay. His first letter to this particular office written in May 2020 is here. Just before Christmas 2019 a State Prosecutor from a different office (Munich II) had sent him a bill, to which Alfred’s reply can be found here. These letters were translated by Alfred from his originals in German.

Alfred Schaefer - Political Prisoner of Germany


Dear State Prosecutor Munich I

It made me very happy to learn of your satisfaction with my first letter to you posted on 22.05.2020 and that you desire an encore. Nothing pleases me more than to do that now.

On 11 June, 2020 I received a letter in my cell office√ from you dated 4 June 2020. In your letter you are asking me to pay up within two weeks the first part of the costs from the 2018 Muppet Show in which my sister Monika and I had two of the leading roles as well as the sequel Muppet Show in 2019 in which I had the leading role as ‘Worst Case’.

This I will do as willingly as did the brutally tortured German prisoners of war after the official termination of acts of war in 1945 while the biggest massacre of defenceless people of all time commenced, admitted that they gassed 6,000,000 Jews. The Muppet Show to get their confessions at that time were called the “Nuremberg Trials”. These “Nuremberg trials” were later used by Holly Wood to build the foundation for their Fantasy Holocaust, and this in turn was used to extort, blackmail, and traumatize entire peoples over a very long period of time.

The men that were tortured for their confessions could not even begin to imagine that anyone would ever believe the utter nonsense they were ordered to confess to, because it was beyond absurd, and if the pain would stop by signing on the dotted line, then so be it.

This compromise, to sign on the dotted line under those circumstances is comparable to a young girl that makes the decision while being raped, to spread her legs slightly in order to reduce the horrible pain of being violated. This self defence must not be re-defined as seduction and desire of the small child to have sex with the rapist. Within the behavioural guidelines for the Jews however, this is explicitly laid out. The Talmud defines a non-Jewish girl of three years and one day old as being ideal for sleeping with, and after having slept with this small girl she is to be murdered for the crime of having seduced the “Jewish holy man”, or Rabbi.

We human beings have a different concept of ethics and morals than do the Jews.

Going back to the confessions of the German men who signed on the dotted line that they had gassed Jews. These men all had smashed testicles. No civilized court of law would accept a confession from an accused who had his testicles smashed in order to admit what the so called court wants him to admit. And yet it was these forced confessions that built the foundation of the so called “Holocaust”. The so called “Holocaust” was then used as the foundation for the state of Israel, which does not have an extradition treaty with any other country on the planet because of the singular uniqueness of their so called “Holocaust”.

Crimes of this magnitude lie well beyond most peoples ability  to comprehend. A small girl that is being raped also does not understand what is happening, and yet becomes permanently scarred from this destructive trauma. Like the German men whose testicles were smashed to convince them to sign on the dotted line. The above mentioned events and behavioural transgressions are part of a systemic pattern designed to terrorize, deceive, and traumatize people to make them pliable for subjugation, parasitical extraction to the point of exhaustion and ultimately their slaughter. In the language of the perpetrators this is understood as “The best of the goyim deserve to be slaughtered”.

So much of our world history seen from this aspect suddenly makes sense.

When our civilization now, in the year 2020, diagnoses our condition, the resulting picture is a very disturbing one, but one that can be dealt with and our health restored. The confused perception and unnatural behaviour we observe on a global scale resembles a patient with a brain tumour. If you visited the doctor because you cannot make any sense out of anything anymore and you are always confused, and the diagnoses determines a brain tumour, there are three possibilities now open for you:

  1. Stuff a small explosive in each ear and blow the tumour out. This method is fast, effective, and has the added bonus of getting rid of memories you don’t like anyway, along with the tumour. This method was used effectively only 7 hours after the twin towers were taken down with explosives in New York on September 11 2001, at 5:20 pm on WTC7, to get rid of, amongst other things, all the documents pertaining to the largest financial fraud in US history to that date, the ENRON scandal. Since that day the Jews who did all that never talk about Enron anymore. With a smile of innocence brush it off with, “Oh, our memory/files from that are gone since Osama bin Laden bla bla bla…”. The only drawback with this method is that the patient dies. (In this case – the U.S.A. – and many more). Without a brain, survival becomes impossible.
  2. Do nothing. Leave the tumour alone and die the slow agonizing death that is now your destiny.
  3. Get the most qualified team of intelligent people who understand the empirical evidence and provable historical facts and base all decisions on an agenda that will secure the survival of our people and our civilization and life on this planet.

To bring this letter to a close – no, I have no intention to give in to the extortion and coercion to pay up. Whatever you want to steal you will have to take yourself. But you know that everything will come out and you will not be anonymous. If you want to be part of a gang of thieves extorting and coercing, it is up to you. You may believe you still have power. I am a prisoner of war. I am easy prey. Should you decide to position yourself on the side of darkness I will help you with a sample of a list intended for the traitors, henchmen, and drudges for the day after the paradigm shift, which is now going through.

  1. I was paid to obey blindly and without conscience and without thinking – as if I have no brain. My boss was {…Name and position…}. He will explain everything.
  2. many more available – ask or subscribe – 

If you want more excuses and explanations, please let me know, I would be pleased to help you.

Best regards,
your (Worst Case)88 Alfred Schaefer

Seven Seas passenger mail – Mother Emigrating from Germany to Canada 1952

A treasure trove of old letters has recently come into my possession from another family member’s storage space. The letters are mostly from my mother to her parents, ranging from 1946 to the 1980’s. My grandparents in Germany had kept all those letters and after they died many years ago, two boxes of letters were sent to our family along with other possessions, shipped by container. My mother had a very close relationship with her parents, and even though we children grew up a continent away we also had a close relationship with our “Ami und Api” as we called them.

Back then when long-distance phone calls were rare and emails non-existent, they wrote letters, many letters! I have just begun looking at some of these, pulling them out quite at random thus far, and am amazed at this rich correspondence. These letters are like a journal from my mother, and all the more moving as they show what a close relationship she had with her family.

Food descriptions figured prominently in the post-war letters, especially the early ones from 1946 and 47. No wonder, as they went through very hungry times after open hostilities ended in 1945. 

The second letter that I happened to pull out of the box is the one my mother (Editha – aka Didi – Schmilinsky) wrote while sailing across the Atlantic on her voyage to Canada in 1952. This was momentous, as it was her emigration voyage leaving Germany to begin a new life in Canada, joining her fiancé – soon to be husband – Otto Schaefer. He had emigrated one year earlier in 1951.

Almost all of Didi’s letters start with the complete date including the year, but not this one. Also, most of the letters are still in their envelopes with a postmark, but again not this one. It took me a few minutes to figure out when and where this boat voyage was, and when it became clear to me – what a thrill it was to be holding this particular letter in my hands!

Unfortunately the mice had got ahold of it, and the last page is only half there, but I’ll do my best to translate a few bits and pieces.


Tuesday, April 2nd  7 pm

Dear Parents! Continue reading

Conversation with Dr. Kevin Barrett on his Truth Jihad Radio Show

After my open letter to the Mayor and Council of Jasper about the Covid19 madness made the rounds, I was invited by Dr. Kevin Barrett to join him on his Truth Jihad Radio show, originally aired July 3, 2020 live on Revolution Radio.

The show is called Monika Schaefer on COVID/NWO Agenda, and can be found archived here. Just under one hour.

We talked about who might be behind the lockdown, the masks, the poison chemical injection (a.k.a. vaccination), and other aspects of the agenda which is being rolled out. Dr. Barrett has a slightly different take on some of the issues we discussed, including the so-called holocaust and the Protocols, and it made for an interesting and lively discussion.

Fredrick Töben has died R.I.P.

OIPFredrick Töben (2nd June 1944 – 29 June 2020), another great truth-teller has died. He worked tirelessly to expose the fraud and tell the truth about the so-called jewish holocaust. For his efforts, he suffered persecution, including imprisonment.

Töben created the Adelaide Institute in Australia. The website can be found here, where extensive archives of the many newsletters and articles can be found. There is a wealth of information there.

Jim Rizoli and Fred Leuchter paid tribute to Fredrick Töben in this video, produced the day Töben died. It is 22 minutes long, and includes an older 15 minute video by Fredrick Töben, showing his work at Auschwitz. It will provide you with an excellent summation of his work.

Thank you Herr Töben for all you have done. The ripple effects of your work will continue for a very long time.

Update: Here is a conversation between Brian Ruhe and Monika Schaefer, a tribute to Fredrick Töben. https://www.bitchute.com/video/JkiM1lOGCSrJ/

Here is an article in Heritage and Destiny. http://www.heritageanddestiny.com/fredrick-toben-1944-2020/.