Dresden: Germans who Mourn their Own are Labeled “neo-Nazis”

From February 13 to 15, 1945, American and British bombers unleashed a devastating firestorm on the beautiful city of Dresden. There were no military targets, and the city was overflowing with German refugees fleeing westwards from the invading Red Army. The commanders of the Allied Forces knew full well that the city was full of women, children, the old, the injured and refugees, in other words, all civilians. Architecturally and aesthetically, this had been one of the most magnificent cities in Germany. The Allies laid it flat and set it on fire.


The authorities today in Germany (Dresden mayor and other officialdom) do everything they can to downplay the destruction of this beautiful city 72 years ago. Not only do they screech “neo-Nazi” about those who dare to commemorate the German victims, the authorities have reduced the number of dead to a ridiculously low “up to 25,000”, easily an order of magnitude lower than the real figure. The mayor has gone on record as saying that Dresden was not innocent, thereby he justifies the Allied bombing of the German city.

Is this behaviour normal? Is the mayor mentally ill? Or does it reflect the behaviour of a puppet in an occupied country!

Alfred Schaefer observed this about an “official” event in Dresden on 11 February 2017:

We listened to an official commemoration at one of the big grave yards, and this is what they told us there: The day after the bombing of Dresden on February 13, 1945, the last of the jews were deported from Dresden to be exterminated. They said that without turning red in the face, without twitching. The holocausted Germans from Dresden are accused of having nothing better to do than round up the last jews and deport them, the day after they had their own city burnt and destroyed. Amazing audacity.


Gerd Ittner in Dresden

More observations from Alfred:

Only a few days ago I was one of the speakers at a rally in Dresden to commemorate the 500,000 holocausted German civilians on that horrible February 13 night in 1945.

If you want to know what insult is to injury, get this: the Jews had set up a pathetic distraction consisting of candles and pictures to try to make Germans visiting Dresden cry for a boat load of young African men who drowned trying to come to Germany. This candle light and picture exhibition is at ground zero, at the Frauenkirche, in the heart of Dresden. […] The Germans were composed, but seething under the surface.

Understandable anger, in light of the mayor making excuses for the Allied bombing of innocent German civilians, and the deliberate minimizing of German suffering and victim numbers. The Germans who dare to publicly mourn their own are called “neo-Nazis”. Meanwhile they are obliged to mourn for the would-be invaders who didn’t make it.

By the way, there were about a thousand well armed police who protected us from the antifa hooligans. For them, to be instructed to be lenient on the raping and pillaging invaders while being ordered to investigate the thoughts of thinking German people, is intolerable. They are confident that these lies are essentially OVER. For an idea of how nervous the parasite has now become, just do a search on “dresden gerhard ittner 2017”. The reports will remind you of George Orwell’s “1984”.

Truth that is buried and covered up, grows and grows, and when it then breaks out into the open, it will be like a broom of fire that sweeps all that has kept it down, away. ~Alfred Schaefer

Alfred’s speech starts at minute 50 in this video of their event.

A Few Days Later, B’Nai Brith Canada Creates Fake News

I was first notified in an email from Sean Madden of Glaring Hypocrisy about a report in Canada Free Press by B’Nai Brith Canada. It sounded rather alarming, however I had just been on the phone with Alfred, and knew it not to be true. They said he had been criminally charged with incitement.


I believe this was a deliberate psychological warfare trick to frighten us into submission, and to stifle dissent. It can also be seen as an attempt by B’Nai Brith to call the shots, expecting the authorities to follow suit and take action according to their script.

What came next is even more instructive. Other MSM outlets in Canada quickly published an article in which they praised the German authorities for acting so quickly and declared that Canada should follow suit, implying that Alfred Schaefer’s sister Monika Schaefer should also be charged. My picture and name figured prominently in these articles.


To learn about the tale that the victors still do not want us to know, I highly recommend watching the documentary Hellstorm: The Genocide of Germany by the Common Enemy. Or read the book upon which it is based, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944 to 1947 by Thomas Goodrich, to learn about the barbaric horrors committed against the German people.

Addressing Town Council on Busking and Thought Policing

Sven & Janice

Tuesday February 14, 2017, I was finally given the opportunity to address the Jasper Mayor and Councillors at their Committee of the Whole meeting. Busking was on the agenda. Dave Baker and Marianne Garrah of the Habitat for the Arts had submitted their report on the “Busking Pilot Project” which they had administered.

Background on last summer’s controversy can be found in this post from August 2016, and several other posts on this blog related to the busking matter. In short, I was denied a busking permit in 2016 because of my “Sorry mom” video, in other words because my conclusions about what actually happened during WW2 do not conform to the mainstream Hollywood version of history.

Dave Baker and Marianne Garrah of the Habitat for the Arts spoke first, to summarize their findings and recommendations in the Busking Pilot Project Report. The most important point they made was that vetting of buskers should be based on talent alone.  This was, in my view, a tacit admission that they erred last summer when they made the hasty decision to deny me a busking permit because of my “publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs”. They had dug themselves in deep, and apparently did not know how to get themselves out. This is a new year, with a new “Busking Pilot Project”, with new rules. Hallelujah!

My presentation was next on the agenda. I began by pointing to the irony of my current situation of having been barred from busking, the very activity I lobbied them to allow, approximately 5 years earlier. Lo and behold, when busking finally became a reality in Jasper last summer, I couldn’t participate.

My main point was that the Habitat had subordinated its role as an Arts and Culture institution to that of a thought policing organization.

I reminded Council that I have volunteered my violin playing all over town for all kinds of people and organizations and fundraisers for several decades. People have been only too happy to accept my time and generosity. I pointed out that in spite of the fact that I have long been an activist for all kinds of environmental and political causes, whether it be saving the caribou or opposing skihill expansion, or my former Green Party campaigning, I have never brought a megaphone to my violin stage. [Perhaps I should have…]

I also pointed out that there had been no accountability for decisions being made arbitrarily and without any due process whatsoever. This is a municipal program, therefore this should be the responsibility of Council. Someone needs to be answerable, and last summer there was a deadly silence in response to my attempt and other people’s attempts to get answers.

Relegating the development and implementation of the busking program to Dave Baker’s school project was not a good idea. (Baker used this program to partially fulfil requirements of a course he was enrolled in.) I mused outloud about whether or not he had informed the instructor about his controversial thought policing role, and I wondered if he had passed his course.

Here is a beautiful letter of support, which I believe underlines the points I made to Town Council.

Hi Monika,
I will be unable to make it to the council meeting tomorrow.

Just an FYI, Marianne approached me just last week to ask if I thought that they should issue you a busking licence. I said I did, and when she asked why, I gave these reasons:

1) You play beautiful music, beautifully.
2) We are a community that purports to value diversity. That should include valuing diverse opinions, not just diverse gender identities and cultural backgrounds.
3) I know you to be a kind person, and over the years I’ve seen you celebrate diverse cultural and ethnic heritages. Whatever your beliefs, I know that they don’t come from a place of hatred or intolerance.
4) I’ve seen you volunteer tirelessly, and stand up for our natural heritage and for arts and culture in this community. It could be argued that we owe you a debt of gratitude.

Marianne was receptive and gave thoughtful and positive feedback on these statements. I would not be surprised if she has reconsidered the Habitat’s stance on providing you with a busking license.

If it helps or you have the opportunity, please consider this little note a letter of support and feel free to share it as needed.

With love, support and best wishes,

There was one councillor who spoke frankly about his distaste for my “misguided position” which he called “poison”, and his inability to separate that from my musical talent. He also spoke about my “aggressiveness” with regards to my views. I wonder, how is my apology to my parents “aggressive”? I have never once had a conversation with this particular councillor since last June, so again, where does he get the idea that I am “aggressive”? Methinks it is because he does not agree with my views. That is a common reaction.

In spite of that one councillor’s negative utterances, I felt that my presentation was generally well received. During the break, several people thanked me in a very positive manner. I feel the winds are changing.

Let us hope that my reading of the positive signals coming my way will not betray me. I plan on being on the streets this summer with my violin and a big smile.

A Reply and Challenge to Ben Gadd

Back in December, Ben Gadd responded to the shock expressed by a mutual friend about my expulsion from the Jasper Environmental Associaton (JEA). A small sample from Ben:


Holocaust denial is a federal offense in Canada, a serious crime. It’s hate speech, not free speech. That’s because it’s a particularly virulent lie promulgated by anti-Semites. And anti-Semitism, as we all know, has resulted in the hate-sparked deaths of millions of people over many hundreds of years. Hate crimes of all sorts occur in Canada, and they are not tolerated, especially this one. Nor is the public expression of the hateful beliefs that fuel such crimes…

The following letter by Rocky Notnes seemed like a natural and logical reaction to a situation by a person who apparently is not affected by all the control words which are meant to elicit a certain programmed response. He penned this letter after learning that I had been expelled from the JEA. 

December 17, 2016
Dear JEA members
This is Rocky Notnes from the Entrance ranch near Hinton. Some of you will know me through the Alberta Environmental Network over the past 30 or so years.
Some, if not all of you probably also know that I wrote a letter to the Jasper newspapers, which was published in both, defending Monika Schaefer’s right to free speech re the holocaust. So my stand will not be news to you.
When I learned that she was expelled from JEA for her views as well as almost everything else I was quite surprised and disappointed. It seems like JEA have jumped on the anti-Monika bandwagon with most of the people in Jasper in what seems to have become a stampede. It is as if people are trying to distance themselves as if they think they are guilty by virtue of just knowing her.
I have known Monika before and after and I do not see her having changed, other than speaking out on an issue that obviously is taboo! While I am not a “holocaust denier” as it is called now, I find your, and others in Jasper, reaction appalling. It seems to me that if members of the JEA felt so strongly about it they could have issued a statement that they do not support Monika in her views. That’s all.  But this is democracy “in reaction”, not “action”!
I feel the same way about Elizabeth May and the Green Party,,, they could have issued a statement disassociating themselves from her views. But to boot somebody out for expressing a view, regardless of the topic, when she has been an upstanding member of the community all her life is, going over the top, in my view. 
Regards, Rocky Notnes

The following day this rather patronizing diatribe came from Ben Gadd:

Thanks for writing to all of us, Rocky. I didn’t think I’d ever disagree with you about anything, but in Monika’s case I have to. Hers is not a free-speech issue. Here’s why.
Holocaust denial is a federal offense in Canada, a serious crime. It’s hate speech, not free speech. That’s because it’s a particularly virulent lie promulgated by anti-Semites. And anti-Semitism, as we all know, has resulted in the hate-sparked deaths of millions of people over many hundreds of years. Hate crimes of all sorts occur in Canada, and they are not tolerated, especially this one. Nor is the public expression of the hateful beliefs that fuel such crimes.
If Monika had kept her views to herself, as many anti-Semites do, none of this would have come up. But she hasn’t. In 2013, out of the blue, she sent me a “truther” video blaming the 9/11 attacks on the “Zionists,” i.e. the Jews.
Like other fake news on the Internet, this is a complete fabrication. Go to http://www.debunking911.com for a detailed analysis.
Monika approached other JEA members, too. We didn’t push her away at that point. Some of us took the time to reason with her and direct her to factual sources. I told her that such conspiracy theories are hazardous. They inevitably lead to hatred of whoever is accused of directing the conspiracy. I thought that Monika — the Monika we used to know and love — would realize the depth and danger of the rabbit hole she was going down and quickly reverse her direction.
But she rejected such advice and kept going, deeper and deeper, until now she seems to have reached the bottom, a scary place shared by the likes of Ernst Zündel and James Keegstra (and, alas, Monika’s own brother Alfred). At that point I pushed her away. As has the JEA.
The JEA is a group of like-minded, high-minded folks. We don’t hate anyone. We don’t hate Monika. Rather, our group works together to watch over Jasper National Park and alert the world to activities we see as harmful to this place we love. For that job the organization needs the public on side. And they are. As the polls show, Canadians believe what environmental groups such as the JEA have to say about the value of the park and how it needs to be protected, while Canadians do not buy the commercially-tainted stuff that park exploiters try to sell everyone in their self-promotional ad campaigns. Given the facts, which is what the JEA provides, it’s easy for people to tell the difference between the JEA’s clear and honest position of integrity and some corporation’s clever attempt to get what it wants.
So maintaining our integrity is crucial to the JEA. Opening our membership to vocal haters of any sort, who have accepted obvious lies and seek to spread them, would seriously damage that integrity.
Not only that, any society incorporated in Alberta must exist for a “benevolent, philanthropic, charitable, provident, scientific, artistic, literary, social, educational, agricultural, sporting or other useful purpose” [Societies Act, section 3(1)]. It goes without saying that (a) members should be in agreement with this statement and the goals of the society, (b) that spreading hatred is not included in the statement or in the JEA’s goals, and (c) that anyone doing so cannot be a member.
Monika can go on and on about how she’s the one with integrity, how she’s the victim and those organizations that have rejected her are the haters, but these are just tactics. They are used all the time by people held to account for bad behavior.
A good definition of integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” (Just Google the word.) A person of integrity doesn’t try to convince others that dark-skinned people, for example (substitute indigenous people or Muslims or Jews, etc.) are evil and/or subhuman and should be discriminated against. Such beliefs are in themselves evil, because they are lies. These are not honest beliefs. These are falsehoods so easily exposed that they can be accepted only by the willing suspension of disbelief. You have to want to believe them, despite all the evidence. And there goes your integrity.
Worse, hateful beliefs provide excuses to hurt people. Bigoted mistreatment of minorities occurs all the time, even in Canada, and I’m sure that you, as I, abhor it. Anyone engaged in it is not acting with integrity.
And here’s what really hurts me. I think that Monika — pleasant, friendly Monika, the likeable Jasper violinist — is being used by her new anti-Semitic associates to give Holocaust denial a fresh face. They are turning her into something she’s basically not.
I hope that she awakens one morning to the truth about this (the real truth, not the “truther” truth) and disavows both the intellectual poison she has been fed and the whole crowd purveying it. I hope this occurs soon, before it brings her further mental and emotional injury and before the fully committed haters who are manipulating her succeed in recruiting others through her.
If Monika comes to her senses, all she has to do to extricate herself from this mess is to publicly disavow it, even if she’s sitting in prison for breaking the law, which might be the case. She needs to tell everyone that she was misled, that she was wrong, and that she is sorry for the hateful things she has said. If this happens, I have no doubt that she will mean it, and I will forgive her. I think we would all forgive her. We’d give her a hug and welcome her back to the real world.
Believing in Monika and anticipating that she will turn her life around,
— Ben

My Open Letter to Ben Gadd and the Jasper Environmental Association, January 5 2017 ~ by Monika Schaefer

Happy New Year to you all! Let us hope that this will be the year during which the light of truth becomes ever brighter.

Ben you seem intent on seeing me imprisoned. Let me assure you, that if it should come to that (which I doubt), I would rather be in jail with a free mind, than be a mind-controlled Pavlovian conditioned slave in the Orwellian world of double-speak where peace is war and black is white.

Truth is Hate to those who Hate the Truth.

CIA Director William Casey said in February 1981 in a staff meeting with newly elected President Ronald Reagan, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Thank you very much Ben for bringing up 9/11 in your letter. Most people around the world know that was a false flag event and that controlled demolition brought down the three towers. You claim I sent you a video blaming 9/11 on Zionists, therefore anti-Semitic. In fact I gave you the DVD called “Experts Speak Out” by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Their hallmark is that they investigate the physical aspects of what happened on 9/11, never the “who-done-it”. You reveal your prejudice on that story by implying that ae911truth.org is an anti-Semitic organization. How exactly does their scientific analysis of the chemistry, the architecture, the physics, the thermodynamics etc., add up to anti-Semitism? Who planted that meme into your head?

True, 9/11 was in fact a Zionist operation, therefore the powers-that-be preemptively try to steer people in another direction by using weaponized words such as “anti-Semitic” against anyone who dares question the official narrative.

Would you call me anti-Semitic for pointing out that Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 American Servicemen and injuring many more, and tried to blame Egypt? Had they succeeded in sinking the ship, they might have got away with the deception of blaming another country. Blaming a third party for misdeeds is what is called false flag and Israel is very good at it. I would venture a guess that some people in the JEA have never heard of the USS Liberty. That unfortunate “incident” was suppressed by the Johnston administration, and the mainstream media dutifully fell into line.

What about the Zionist bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, which helped to speed up the establishment of the state of Israel? According to the Jerusalem Post, they rarely call that a terrorist event in Israel, they commemorate it instead.

Is it anti-Semitic to point out these well-documented facts? “Anti-Semitic” is just a Weaponized Control Trigger word which is meant to shut down rational thought and discussion. In fact, former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni agrees with my assessment of that. She calls it a trick, “we always use it…”

The Israeli Mossad motto is “By way of Deception, thou shalt make War”. Wouldn’t it be more noble to have a motto about standing up for Truth and Justice and Peace? By way of deception — think about that word!

Formerly Jewish Israeli Gilad Atzmon puts it this way: Jewish power is the ability to silence criticism of Jewish Power.

Regarding WW2 history, nobody has been able to answer my question about the basic maths. In Auschwitz alone, the official death count has dropped by almost 3 million, yet the mythical 6 million number remains the same. In January 1933, the Jewish population of Germany was approximately 522,000. More than half emigrated during the following 6 years. It is difficult to imagine how 6 million could have been herded into gas chambers, even when Jewish populations from surrounding countries are taken into account. The numbers simply don’t add up. And how could there have been so many “survivors”, who then collected reparation money, and still collect reparations to this day, if 6 million were killed? And how is it that pre- and post-war population figures indicate no reduction in Jewish numbers – was there a giant unprecedented baby boom the likes of which has never been seen before or since?

The mythical 6 million number appeared many times in the decades preceding WW2.

Are you familiar with the Doctrine of Judicial Notice? This doctrine allows courts to recognize as “fact” matters that are “common knowledge”. This doctrine has been used in the courts to avoid actual evidence which might run contrary to the victor’s version and Hollywood depiction of the so-called Jewish Holocaust. Evidence is not required because “The Holocaust” is self-evident. How is that for circular logic? Articles 19 and 21 of the Nuremberg trials stated as much, and Justice Thomas T. Johnson used the doctrine of judicial notice in the case by Mel Mermelstein against the Institute for Historical Review in 1981.

See this article for a thorough discussion of the Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust. You might choose to dismiss it as it comes from the Institute for Historical Review, but keep in mind the perverse logic of the doctrine which I explained in the previous paragraph.  It is a 2-part article, highly footnoted, and very educational.

To all the people who have actively spurned me, actively expelled me from organizations, actively ostracized me (you figure prominently in the JEA strangely enough), it is especially important for you to spend a little bit of time looking into these matters. Even just reading the one article from the IHR to which I supplied the link above, should give you pause to consider that it might not be me who is so 100% wildly wrong on these very important matters. If you react with the common “I refuse to debate this and I refuse to look at this”, how can you be so sure you are 100% right?

Meanwhile you go along with the casting of stones. Are you afraid to look? Do you actually believe I have lost my sanity, causing me to risk all – and to what end? Or might it occur to you in a tiny corner of your brain and heart and soul that just maybe, just maybe, there is another story here, one which is being viciously suppressed.

The Nuremberg Trials truly can be compared to the witch trials of the Middle Ages. This short video puts the matter into that context.

Ben Gadd, you of all people surprise me the most. The American draft dodger from the Vietnam era, the environmental guru, you always stood up for what you believed in. You always told us: question everything, don’t trust authority, governments lie to us. In that light, your outright dismissal and condemnation of me make absolutely no sense to me.

Your behaviour only makes sense if you were Sayanim. If that is the case, everything makes sense!

The fact that this one event in our history is untouchable should be enough to raise serious questions about it. Why are we not allowed to question and investigate this one event? Might it be because there is something to hide? Might it also be due to a particular group of people benefitting from it?

Voltaire said, “To learn who rules over you, simply ask who you are not allowed to criticize.

Finally, to answer the question that some have asked me: “To what end Monika?” A world of lies and deceptions is a world of war and turmoil. That is not the world I want to sit idle in and leave it as such for our children and grandchildren. I desire a world of Peace, Light, Love and Beauty. That comes only through charting our course through the world with a map based on Truth.

Monika Schaefer

Some further thoughts, …

Ben Gadd’s letter gave me the opportunity to write my response (above). I provided many links and many documented facts and I asked a few basic questions. None of that was addressed in this following response from Ben which came the very next day. It is interesting to note that instead of answering any questions or addressing any of the issues at hand, Ben uses language that is intended to so intimidate the mind-softened people to not even dare consider using their own brain. He continues to engage in name-calling and to use plenty of Weaponized Control Trigger words.

January 6th, 2017 from Ben:
Monika’s torrent of words leads to her saying this of me:
“Your behaviour only makes sense if you were Sayanim. If that is the case, everything makes sense!”
I had to look up “Sayanim.” It’s Hebrew for “assistants,” and it refers to Jews living outside Israel who assist the Mossad. More generally, it means Israeli secret agents.
Yikes! I’ve been exposed. (But it does remind to me go give my handler a ring. My cheque is late this month.)
All kidding aside, I am not now, nor have I ever been anyone’s secret agent for anything. Monika is just playing the ultimate card in the conspiracy theorist’s deck. Anyone who opposes the theory is part of the conspiracy.
This is paranoid-delusional, I know, but it’s also a bit scary. Anti-Semites can be quite nasty. They have their enemies list, and if I wasn’t on it already I am now. Should the Truthers come to power — a growing possibility in the Age of Trump — I can expect them to come after me.
That’s how hate speech works. The haters find their targets, denounce them and wait for the mob to do the rest.
After I sent that long reply to Rocky back on December 18th, I noted a long gap in new postings to Monika’s website. (Her anti-Semitic “freespeechmonika.wordpress.com” website, not her benign “monikaschaefer.ca” website.) Perhaps she was just taking some time off from her campaign, but I was hoping that she had withdrawn for some reflection on where all this was taking her. I was really hoping that the next posting would be a heartfelt retraction of the venemous stuff she had been saying.
Alas, not to be. At the end of the year Monika was back, attacking Elizabeth May again as some sort of Zionist puppet and telling us that climate change is caused by you-know-who spreading chemicals through the sky in the form of passenger-jet contrails. This is loonie stuff, but loads of unhappy, gullible people looking for someone to blame their troubles on believe it. Intelligent, articulate and reasonable-sounding Monika is clearly a rising star in their world. I haven’t seen a Donate button on her site, but perhaps that will be next.
Whatever, I’m done with this. Rocky, I’ve said my piece. Monika, for the last time, please, pretty-please, realize that the road you are on leads to Holocaust II.
Sincerely, and ‘bye for now,
— Ben

Ben is right in a way, in that I should have been clearer and simply said that his behaviour is like someone who is a Sayan and not imply (with my word if..) that he might actually be a real live Sayan. He says he is not, so there you have it.

For this he calls me “paranoid-delusional”, while in the next breath, engages in his own “paranoid-delusional” thoughts by saying, … “Anti-Semites can be quite nasty. They have their enemies list, and if I wasn’t on it already I am now. Should the Truthers come to power — a growing possibility in the Age of Trump — I can expect them to come after me.”

Ben, take a big breath, calm down and don’t worry your little PC heart that the knock on the door at 2 or 3 pm is the new Gestapo. (PC does not stand for Progressive Conservative like here in Canada, so just in case you have to look it up – its Politically Correct!) It will just be your neighbour wanting to borrow a cup of sweet lies that you have accepted and stored in abundance. Sweet comfortable lies that I have now thrown in the trash.

Ben then accuses me of being a “hater” and of saying “venomous” stuff. Isn’t this an ironic accusation when all I’m saying with regard to the “Holocaust” is that the German people were NOT guilty of that crime and there is overwhelming evidence to support that position? Now with 9/11, I am accusing organised jewry of carrying out that crime. So, you see, accusations of being a “hater”, etc., cuts both ways and can be used to prevent the truth from coming out. Are the police and courts “haters” when they accuse the Mafia of crimes? Are the police and courts “haters” when they sentence revisionists to years in prison for thinking the wrong thoughts?

Finally Ben ends with this melodramatic flourish, … “Whatever, I’m done with this. Rocky, I’ve said my piece. Monika, for the last time, please, pretty-please, realize that the road you are on leads to Holocaust II.”

Besides begging the very question of “Holocaust I” that is at the heart of the issue at hand, I believe that people like Ben Gadd are unwittingly helping to create a horrifying tyranny that allows no dissent, that crushes anyone who questions what organised jewry says.

So Ben, don’t run away in “outrage”. Perhaps I am wrong, so please engage me in polite and reasoned debate on substantial issues like the “Holocaust” or 9/11.

You never know how minds can be changed.

Elizabeth May Falls from Grace

Thank you Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, for revealing to us who your real masters are. You always said you would “speak truth to power, no matter how unpopular or politically incorrect”. I believed you. But you have fallen from grace. Certain topics cause you to abandon logic and reason, and you exhibit a Pavlovian response.

What follows are portions of an email exchange which was cc’ed and bcc’ed to a number of people. It began with my brief agreement with Fay Ash who encouraged Elizabeth May and the Green Party to revisit climate policies such as the carbon tax, and to take a close look at media censorship and whose interests were being served with what agenda.

On Dec 30, 2016, at 10:01 PM, Elizabeth May  wrote:

Denial of Holocaust and denial of climate change science are manifestly unacceptable — deeply abhorrent. Facts, history and reality are against your views. Time is of the essence. You stand against science, our obligations to history and to future generations.


The background to the “Holocaust” reference is the Green Party press release last July which followed their discovery of my apparently heretical “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” video. It should be noted that I had already rescinded my membership after Elizabeth May refused to acknowledge that there was a problem with the official 9/11 story, by distancing herself from the petition which she tabled in the House of Commons.


Here is what I wrote on January 1st, 2017.

Dear Elizabeth May,

Why do you avoid talking about geoengineering? Why does the Green Party not address the spraying of chemicals in our skies? I am quite certain that chemtrails cause climate change. I am no longer certain about the CO2 factor. But there is no doubt that we are putting many toxins and pollutants into our environment and that we should work to clean up our act.

As for the holohoax, I used to believe the victor’s version of history too, the one that Hollywood has successfully hard-wired into peoples’ minds with their endless movies depicting those evil Germans. I am glad that I have begun to learn the truth about these matters.

It is rather strange how the courts have been using the Doctrine of Judicial Notice ever since the Nuremberg trials did so with their Articles 19 and 21. Since you are a lawyer, I am sure you know what that doctrine is. For those on the cc and bcc list, the Doctrine of Judicial Notice allows courts to recognize as fact matters that are “common knowledge”. In other words, evidence is not required when an event is deemed to be self-evident. They simply said “The Holocaust” happened, so they did not need to show evidence that it happened. Does that not constitute reverse and perverse logic?

In case you wish to disabuse yourself of the toxic lies, here is a documentary called “Questioning the Holocaust – why we believed”.

There is very much excellent resource material readily available on the internet now in the year 2017. It is wonderful that the lies are crumbling.

in Truth and Peace,
Monika Schaefer

I will include here a response by David Crowe, former Chief Financial Officer of the Alberta Green Party, to Elizabeth May’s brief email. He wrote on December 30.

Dear Elizabeth;

I agree that total denial of a problem is a problem. But questioning of a widely accepted assertion is not a problem, it is not denial, it is actually a good thing. There are no facts in science, there are only working hypotheses. Remember, it’s still the “theory of evolution”, not the “fact of evolution”, even thought most scientists accept it (including myself). Those who have questions about climate change, including myself, should not be demonized. Does fear of climate change justify geo-engineering? Using energy to pump CO2 into the ground? Nuclear power? Plantations of trees at the expense of natives who lived there? Financial instruments that might be used to rip off the taxpayer? Suppression of scientists who don’t toe the party line? Ignoring the adverse effects of alternative energy, such as bird deaths from windmills?

And, although I fully accept that the Nazis killed millions of Jews, I am uncomfortable with the ongoing use of the holocaust to justify current Israeli government policies.

Take evolution, for example, which is perhaps less politically charged right now. I don’t support the teaching of evolution at the expense of teaching religious theories of creation. I think both should be “described” and students should be required to think about how the evidence matches the various theories. As someone who studied evolutionary science for several years I’m confident that most students will, if given the chance, agree that species are fluid, and change over time (i.e. they evolve). But the critics will be the people who keep us honest, even when the critics are wrong. I learned a lot from having a few fundamentalists in classes discussing evolutionary biology. I didn’t agree with them, but it forced me to clarify my positions. Should I have lobbied to throw them out of my classes? Furthermore, there is a lot of circular reasoning in evolutionary science, and those who believe in evolution sometimes have to have the humility to accept that we don’t know everything. As Stephen Jay Gould pointed out, we actually don’t know how horses and giraffes evolve because much of what was put in textbooks to “teach” evolution was false. In our zeal to turn myth into fact we sometimes end up promulgating falsehoods.

If we suppressed critics of evolution totally we wouldn’t have the science of epigenetics (i.e. Lamarck was a little bit right, despite what most textbooks used to say). And eugenics would probably still be an accepted concept (because it’s based on a simplistic, absolutist understanding of evolution).

David Crowe

On January 2nd, 2017, Elizabeth May responds:


It pains me to say it, but it must be said clearly and unequivocally. Your decision to deny the reality of the murder of 6 million Jews places you in a realm beyond the pale. I cannot engage with you other than to suggest you seek counseling.

I will not reply to your messages again.


Really? 6 Million? I need to seek counselling? Well, I view this last message from E.May as a gift. She reveals her allegiance and subservience to the Zionist masters. Either that or she is willfully blind, or a coward. It is like she is running back into the burning house. The lies are done. The house of cards is falling down.

Here was my same-day response to her.

Dear Elizabeth,

The Bolsheviks threw many political dissidents into insane asylums because they did not want people to think and speak clearly. They also murdered tens of millions of Russians. The same Cabal was behind that “revolution” as is in control of our countries in the West.

You specifically mention the murdered 6 million Jews. They subtracted almost 3 million from the official numbers at Auschwitz, and yet the magic 6 million remains the same.

Why can you not answer my questions? Instead you tell me to seek counselling and are cutting off further communication. The people on my bcc list might find this amusing, other than the fact that we find ourselves in an extremely perilous situation. We face an existential threat.

You, Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, are proving yourself to be a mere puppet to the Hidden Government.

Here is one more offering, for your edification. Benjamin Freedman’s speech of 1961 is worth paying attention to. He was a Jew who knew, and he was telling the world. Why do we not pay heed?
If you prefer to read the transcript of the speech, it is here: http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/israel/freedman.htm

In Truth and Hope,

Conversation About Europe, Europeans and the Urgency of Our Awakening

I told them that I was expecting an explosive awakening, but that the actual force of this explosive awakening has even surprised me. It is exceeding my wildest dreams. ~Alfred


It has been a while since I have published a new blog. It is certainly not for a lack of interesting things happening. It is high time! I saw the perfect opportunity when a wonderful online conversation arose between a new friend and my brother Alfred Schaefer. I will reproduce excerpts from that conversation here.

It started with my question to Alfred if he was still able to view this short video, a desparate plea by a black woman to Germans to preserve their culture.

Alfred: The censors are falling behind, it is still visible.

All of these invaders, each and every one of them will wish they would never have come. Their glee about having arrived in paradise will soon turn to horrific panic to get out alive. The awakening is about as unstoppable as the sun rising. That woman was saying precisely what Naomi told me one week before the Veterans Today interview, providing me with the most powerful little truth bomb of that interview. These truth bombs are being dropped everywhere and having their expected effects.

The invaders will be ushered out on a last-in-first-out basis and those who do not cooperate will probably not survive.

The biological reaction will result in Europe being great once again. The desperate last move to try to exterminate the European peoples before they wake up, is in fact providing the shock and awe that is arousing the sleeping giant. The unbridgeable gulf that has been opened up between the rapidly shrinking and desperate “refugee welcome” crowd and the awaking realists does not bode well for the invaders.

Today I sent the “Kriminalpolizei” a Christmas card with a couple of DVD’s with lots of great video’s from myself and Evalion and a printout of the Veterans today interview. I thanked them for the help they provided me by reducing the risk for me of having some loony “Antifa” break into our house to steal all my things. I told them that I was expecting an explosive awakening, but that the actual force of this explosive awakening has even surprised me. It is exceeding my wildest dreams. If they have any questions that I am always at their disposal. I sent that with registered mail. I reminded them that 2017 is the 500 year remembrance of Martin Luther’s condemnation of the “Ablasshandel”, where he condemned the way the church was allowing people to pay off their sins. The analogy of holohoax and Germany’s payments and the “Ablasshandel” is so perfect. I just love it.

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Request to Address Council


November 2, 2016

Mark Fercho
Chief Administrative Officer, Jasper Alberta

cc to Mayor and Councillors, and the Habitat for the Arts staff
bcc list extensive

Dear Mr Fercho,
To follow up after my appearance at yesterday’s council meeting, I am requesting a space on the agenda of a town council meeting in the near future. The purpose of my presentation will be to address the busking issue.

I am confident that we will resolve this with a positive outcome, and I look forward to letting people around the world know, who are watching closely. I fully expect to be playing my violin on the streets of Jasper come Spring 2017.


It is hardly a secret that I have been denied a busking permit during the summer of 2016 for the alleged reason of my “publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs”. The Jasper Community Habitat for the Arts was given the authority to sell busking licenses on behalf of the town, and Habitat employee David Baker denied me the license. During the summer I tried unsuccessfully to have a meeting with David Baker to discuss the matter. On August 16th Prof Anthony Hall was informed by staff in the administrative office that it was Marianne Garrah who was responsible. Both Dave Baker and Marianne Garrah are on copy of this email.

My appearance at the council meeting on November 1st was unscheduled. Thank you, Mayor Ireland, for giving me a moment to speak.  I politely stopped talking when Councillor Wall intervened after about 2 minutes, and said I was out of order because I was not on the agenda. I would like to point out, however, that many rules and conventions have been broken all summer long in prohibiting me, a long-time and upstanding citizen of Jasper, from busking. I feel that I would not have been out of line had I insisted on another 5 minutes of Council’s time thereby slightly bending “the rules”.

Everyone knows the story, and there has been a stunning and shameful silence from Council on this matter. It is high time that we have a frank discussion of what exactly went down in Jasper Alberta Canada in the summer of 2016 with regards to freedom of expression and inclusiveness (NOT!) of someone that has a “politically incorrect” view of history.

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My Response to the Alberta Green Party

Two months ago I published on my blog the letter I received from the Green Party of Alberta. What follows is my response.

November 5, 2016

To the Green Party of Alberta

RE: My expulsion from the GPA as noted in your registered letter to me, dated August 19, 2016


Your registered letter arrived more than 2 months ago, so please forgive my tardiness replying. I have been rather busy with my work, however I still feel it is important to respond. First let me assure you that it is of no consequence to me that you have terminated my membership in the Green Party of Alberta, as I have no interest in working in this political party anymore. It has become abundantly clear to me that the Green Parties both provincially and federally are very compromised, as nobody in the upper echelons of those parties can even talk about 9/11. That is much more recent and it is much easier to disentangle ourselves from that false-flag deception than the holohoax. The Green Parties seem to be controlled by the same hidden hand of power that controls the other mainstream parties.

I have replicated your letter below in quotes, and my answers follow each point. I do hope that you will do some investigation, and not simply dismiss my answers outright. We have all been indoctrinated all our lives. I also believed all the lies about WWII history until a few short years ago. It was not easy coming out of the mind-contaminated state, but it is much better to come out on the side of truth than to remain in the fog of deception, where there is no hope for a peaceful and decent future. My motivation is love, and a profound desire for peace.

Dear Ms. Schaefer,

The Executive Committee of the Green Party of Alberta has reviewed the video you recently posted on YouTube in which you claim that the attempted extermination of European Jews by Nazi Germany (the Holocaust) was a hoax. The Committee’s response to this is as follows:

(1) The extermination program, in which approximately six million Jews were murdered, is historical fact and is supported by massive evidence, including the testimonies of survivors and German perpetrators and documentary evidence from contemporary German sources. To maintain otherwise requires a determined effort of willful blindness. A suggestion: check the Wikipedia entry for Rudolf Höss.

You speak of “massive evidence”. Why then are there laws prohibiting debate or questioning of this event in so many countries including Canada? The evidence should speak for itself. What other historical event has laws prohibiting discussion?

Why was the prosecutor during the historic Ernst Zundel trials unable to produce this “massive evidence” of which you speak?

This 6 million number – how do you account for the official Auschwitz museum curators subtracting almost 3 million, and yet the 6 million remains? How do you account for the ever-changing official historiography since WWII? Continue reading

Jasper Environmental Association expels Founding Member for her Views on “The Holocaust”

The Chair of the Jasper Environmental Association informed me that it would be best if the JEA and I go our separate ways. In response I wrote a letter to the entire membership, posted below. But first, here are responses from two of the members, very happy that I have been expelled. Below my letter, a response from a former member who disagrees with the expulsion.


Ben Gadd surprises me the most. He was a draft dodger from the USA during the Vietnam war, and he always told us that we should question everything, don’t trust authority, and that governments lie to us all the time. So of all people, I would have thought he would be a little more open-minded. Even the 9-11 story was too much for him to see through when we had that debate a few years ago. He already labelled me a “conspiracy nut” back then.

Please know that we support the decision to expel Monika from the JEA. Allowing her to remain a member would reflect badly on the organization, and other members are bound to be uncomfortable with her presence at meetings.

This is not about free speech. Holocaust denial is just plain evil. It’s terribly insulting to survivors and their families, it’s a fraudulent attempt to rewrite history, and it’s a thin cover for antisemitism, which has a horrible record of injustice and human-rights violations going back many centuries.

For these reasons and others, holocaust denial is an indictable offense in many countries, especially in Europe, either directly or as hate speech.

In Canada, at least four people have been convicted of hate crimes (and the convictions upheld on appeal), including Eckville school teacher Jim Keegstra. German-born holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel, who spent four decades in Canada and whose writings Monika recommends to us, was deported to Germany as a security threat. He was promptly arrested there and imprisoned for five years. For a good article about hate crimes in Canada see http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/when-is-it-hate-speech-7-significant-canadian-cases-1.1036731.

Western democracies enshrine freedom of speech. But promulgating anti-Semitic lies is not allowed. Monika is risking federal prosecution for her public denial of the Holocaust. As long-time friends and admirers of Monika, we are saddened to see her take up this specious and dangerous cause. We hope that she will come to her senses. Until she does, we will have nothing further to do with her, and neither should the JEA.

— Cia and Ben Gadd

Then came this response from another member.

Dear Members of the Jasper Environmental Association,

I know my soul……..no need to search. I, too, support the expulsion of Monika Schaefer from the JEA.

Monika appears to have no insight or understanding into the atrocious implications of her statements. I see her as an advocate for hate.

Having Monika in the group would only erode the credibility of the JEA.
I would not attend meetings if she were in attendance.

Nancy Addison

What follows is my letter.

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Holohoax Truther Monika Schaefer on Ritual Defamation





Click on the above link to watch the video.

Published on Oct 12, 2016
YouTube Description
 by Brian Ruhe

Monika Schaefer is now experiencing ritual defamation. She is being shunned and ostracized in her home town of 5000 people where she has lived as an active community member and leader for 35 years. She released the YouTube video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” on Alfred S — Monika’s brother’s channel (17 Jun 2016):

Since then she has been in the international News which you can follow on the links below. Monika has been an active leader in her community in Jasper, Alberta, Canada as a violin teacher, musician and involved in politics.

Her Green Party background is that she ran three times federally (2006, 2008, 2011) and once provincially (2004). She also attended the founding convention of the Green Party of Canada in 1983.

Arthur Topham has been publishing articles on Monika’s case. This one focuses on the Green Party by Tony Hall http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=9831

This on is Monika’s rebuttal to the local Jasper newspaper, Fitzhugh which they refused to publish http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=9751

Arthur wrote “Escape from the holocaust lie”, excellent piece here: http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=9811


Monika Schaefer GLARING Hypocrisy Interview with Truth-Teller Monika Schaefer | GlaringHypocrisy.com (15 Jul 2016):
http://bit.ly/29YXgiler’s website:

Video denying holocaust causes uproar | Jasper Fitzhugh (13 Jul 2016):

Jasper is trending! | The Jasper Local (1 Jul 2016):

Hate speech complaint filed after Jasper woman’s holocaust denial video goes viral | Ft McMurray Community News, Alberta (15 Jul 2016):

Former Green Party Candidate Makes Holocaust Denial Video | Canada Free Press by B’nai Brith, Aidan Fishman (15 Jul 2016):




Part 1/2

[29:07 minutes]


Paul Fromm: We have a lot of free speech issues this afternoon to look at. We should have a day-long seminar, but it won’t last all afternoon. Our guest speaker is Monika Schaefer and she has really be through a lot and her story really is a disgrace. To Canada, to her community and to Canadians in general. You know, we as a people like to pat ourselves on the back about how human rights oriented people we are! We’re the nice guys. Oh, we’re kind. What’s our Trust Fund kids say, “we’ve got to bring our sunny ways”.

Well, I’m afraid that a lot of ordinary Canadians are pretty mean, pretty nasty. The way they behave is not all the image they have of themselves and Monika’s story is a rather shocking example of what can happen, on the part of mean spirited Canadians. And I’m not just talking about one or two people, bad guys. We’re talking about a fair number of people in a community where Monika has worked for thirty five years. Well known, she’s been a real community activist. She donated her violin playing to all sorts of community events. She’s run four times for the Green Party. In other words, she’s a known quantity in a small town. People, by a large, really liked her. She’s very sunny, giving personality. And when you hear the story of what has happened since June, I’ve got to say it. It will probably make you feel, as I feel and that’s pretty disgusted. That’s part one of Monika’s story.

Part two, she’s going to be talking about a good friend of hers who is also going through an incredible experience. He has been like, not actually fired, he’s suspended without pay. I suspect that works out about the same thing. Suspended without pay, not for anything he did in the classroom. And he’s a tenured university professor. But for political views he has expressed on his own time, on the Internet. And it points to the outrageous power, essentially a secret government, … They are not all that secret. And then we have, very briefly we touch on a couple of other free speech cases.

So Monika, I think this is really your first time in Vancouver speaking, and she’s a person who graduated from Ottawa University in Ontario, in Environmental Studies?


Monika Schaefer: Well, I took one term at the University of Waterloo, but I got my degree at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton.


Paul: So, and then she went on to work for the federal government in Parks, and so on. And so she had a wide career and, of course, lived most of her adult life in Jasper, Alberta. Very well accepted in the community and THEN she did something called, “putting up a video on YouTube.” No it wasn’t a “porno”, and suddenly all hell broke loose. So, I don’t want to spend any more time on that. I think you’ll get to know Monika very well if you haven’t already done so. Monika Schaefer.


Monika: Thank you. [applause]

Thank you Paul for organizing this and thank you all for coming. I really appreciate that. I know it’s Thanksgiving long weekend and you probably have family, you know, that you like to spend time with. And I really appreciate it that you came.

So yeah, this talk is kind of evolving because things are happening so quickly, day by day, as we speak. Day by day, the situation is changing. Not just on a local level and a regional level, but world-wide. And it’s very concerning.

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Professor Anthony Hall – A Message of Support from a Student




FromVan Iderstine, Carson
Date: Wednesday, 5 October 2016
Subject: Freedom to ask questions and investigate the human condition now and in the past as well as in the future.
To: Anthony James

It’s very upsetting to hear this. I hope you know that I and others have truly enjoyed your classes; they have always been very interesting,  relevant,  and brought to life by your excellent personality.

This is a blow to academia everywhere,  and represents the loss of a critical and questioning academic environment.

I hope that you will be reinstated as a fully tenured professor with all the perks that that entails.

Again,  I want to emphasize how much I enjoyed your class and the life you brought to it,  and that I’m very sad to see it go. Continue reading