Zombie Response to YouTube Censorship

A few days ago I literally ran into one of my former music-jamming friends, a fellow who had remained friendly to me “even after” my famous video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” was released in 2016, but who has since turned venomously against me. It seems that someone in his “in” crowd seeded him with poison, and the poor old guy (I’ll call him Smith) cannot seem to think for himself.

I cheerfully greeted him with “hi Smith, how are you today?” He grunted,

I was really good until I saw you!….

short pause, then:

oh! at least one good thing happened today – YouTube banned Nazis!

Modern day book burning is cheered on by those who think they have it all figured out. They do not want to see, they do not want to hear, they do not want to open their eyes. The mass media tells them everything they need to know. Nice words like “neo-nazi” or “holocaust denier” or “extreme right-wing radical” or “racist”, trigger the desired Pavlovian response, and elicit spasms of horror and hatred.

In the Orwellian world of inversions where black is white and peace is war and ignorance is strength, this does of course make sense. Truth is Hate to those who Hate the Truth. The self-righteous programmed zombie can throw all the hatred in the world at the truth-teller, while calling their target the hater. And they really seem to believe it.

After the encounter with my ex-friend (the “ex” part is only his doing, not mine), I checked my YouTube channel. There had not been very much on my YouTube channel, only two videos – the short “teaser” of my Toronto talk, and the complete Hamilton talk, both from my cross-Canada speaking tour of January-February 2019. Apparently my talks were deemed too dangerous for the Jewish establishment, so the channel has been terminated.

I have searched for my brother Alfred’s YouTube channel – all gone. Terminated.

Censorship does not make the truth go away. It merely serves to demonstrate “their” fear and panic and desperation to protect their lies. Yes it does get harder to do the research, however, it also serves to wake the people up! For those who are too slow or unwilling to grasp it… well, they will be swept aside so as not to become tripping hazards for the rest of us who are waking and rising to take back our world.

Sylvia “LionHeart” Stolz – AZK Conference Speech, 2012 — TRANSCRIPT

[Here are three texts of presentations from the heroic German lawyer, Sylvia Stolz.

The first is Sylvia Stolz’s speech to the AZK Conference in 2012, for which she has just recently been sentenced to prison. The second short transcript is a of an interview she gave immediately after her AZK speech. Finally, there’s a description of “Sylvia Stolz’s Last Words in Court” (Jan 2008) where she was given a three and a half prison sentence for her too vigorous defence in Ernst Zundel’s German trial. — Admin]

Video: AZK — Sylvia Stolz — Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting

Evidence in the Zundel Trial (full)


Video published on Jan 18, 2013


YouTube Description

Published on Jan 18, 2013

[English Subs] Sylvia Stolz, a German lawyer who was jailed for presenting evidence in the defence of her client in the criminal court trial in Germany of so-called holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, tells her story at the AZK (Anti-Zensor-Koalition) Conference in Switzerland, in November 2012. In 2008, she was banned from speaking during the trial, barred from presenting evidence, and criminally charged with contempt of court, and with inciting contempt, and charged under the same section of the German Criminal Code as her client, and subsequently imprisoned for 3 years. She is also barred from practising law. After giving this presentation in Switzerland, she is now again facing criminal charges, as is the host and organizer of the AZK, Mr. Ivo Sasek.

NOTE: For a translation of the short interview at the very end, please go here (contains C.C.Engl. Subs) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gJvE_…

Transcript of speech

Sylvia “LionHeart” Stolz


Holocaust®, Issue Banned Speech, banned evidence and banned legal defence. The reality of “Free Speech”.

Ivo Sasek (AZK)


[Image] Ivo Sasek at the AZK Conference, Nov, 2012


Ivo Sasek: Our last speaker of the day will be lecturing on banned speech, banned evidence and even a ban on legal defence in court. On top of everything else, being banned from defending yourself in court constitutes a particularly disturbing problem. This speaker is a fully qualified lawyer and throughout her lecture I find it of particular importance, that we don’t let our judgement be influenced by what our eyes and ears have already been shown or told.


She really made the headlines a few years ago, as a defense attorney. So let me briefly explain with whom we are dealing with. This defense attorney has the courage of the lion. She is stronger than a man, and I have never met a woman with such a profile. She bravely stood up and took it upon herself to defend Ernst Zündel in the famous case against him, for so-called “holocaust denial” She was the trial lawyer of Ernst Zündel.


[Image] Ernst Zundel sits in a court in Germany in 2005 at the beginning of a trial where he was accused of incitement.


During the legal proceedings she provided evidence to the court, which could raise doubts regarding the official account of history. This caused furor in the courtroom. And she was prohibited from speaking any further. This speech-ban was ordered as she was presenting the arguments of the defendant. She was not allowed to argue the case, and barred from listing more evidence.

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Sylvia Stolz – Incarcerated for a Speech

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 6.28.59 PM

On Thursday 23 May, 2019, Sylvia Stolz was incarcerated in Germany to serve an 18 month prison sentence for a speech she gave in Switzerland in 2012.

If ever there was a demonstration of the absurd lengths the occupiers of Germany will go to suppress the truth, this story has to be their crowning achievement. Layers upon layers of legal back-flips are required by the criminal regime to keep their holocaust fairy tale going.

First, you are not allowed to say “XYZ”. Then, at trial, you are not allowed to explain how you reached those “XYZ” conclusions. That would constitute new crime, because you would be talking about “XYZ” in public, i.e. in court. It is debatable how “public” those trials actually are, because neither recordings nor transcripts are made or kept. It is an intimidating place to go, and for those brave enough to attend in the public gallery, note-taking is restricted.

Evidence for your defense is also not permitted in those courts. You read correctly!

The next layer of the “speech crime” inquisitorial legal construct is that you are not allowed to describe the above. Because that is exactly what Sylvia Stolz did in her approximately 90 minute speech entitled “Speech Forbidden, Evidence Forbidden, Legal Defence Forbidden: The Reality of Freedom of Expression”, which she presented at the 2012 Anti-Censorship Coalition conference. For that, she is now in jail.

She did not “deny the holocaust” per se in that speech, she simply described Par. 130 of the law in Germany and why it is problematic. She spoke about evidence or lack of evidence, and what is allowed or not allowed to be said in court. She recounts what happened to her while she was acting as defense attorney for Ernst Zündel years earlier. Sylvia Stolz is a lawyer who went to jail for doing her job too well while defending her client. She spent three years and three months in prison from 2008 to 2011.

My own story ties in with that of Sylvia Stolz, in that I was arrested during one of the dates of the Inquisition – sorry – her trial, on the 3rd of January 2018. I was in the public gallery when “they” spotted me, called a recess and hauled me away.

In an interesting twist of fate, Sylvia Stolz was arrested right in the public gallery at the end of Day 1 of my brother Alfred’s and my trial, for expressing in a word her strong disapproval of the day’s proceedings. That was July 2nd, 2018. She spent the next two days in prison for that.

Back to her trial. She received a guilty verdict in February 2018. She appealed. Her appeal process finally ended, failing to overturn the verdict. Sylvia Stolz was arrested at her home on Thursday, taken into custody to serve an 18 month sentence. For a speech she gave in another country – essentially about speech.


Update 26 May 2019 – to write a letter or card, here is the address:

Sylvia Stolz
Münchener Str. 33
86551 Aichach

Update – Books still under CBSA Review for Hate Propaganda

The Canada Border Services Agency responded immediately with a letter of acknowledgement that they received my correspondence of May 3, 2019. Other than that, there is nothing new here, simply a reiteration of legalese jargon, and a statement that the books are under review, “as they were suspected to constitute hate propaganda”. Below is the contents of the letter.


PIU #2019-0041

Canada Border Services Agency
Prohibited Importations Unit

c/o CBSA Mail Processing Unit
2215 Gladwin Crescent, Entrance C
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0L8

May 9, 2019

Ms. Monika Schaefer

Subject: Request for the immediate release of five detained books — Regional Control Number: 2019-7011-K19-0001

Dear Ms. Schaefer,

This letter acknowledges receipt of your correspondence dated May 3, 2019 in relation to the above-noted regional control number. The Prohibited Importations Unit received your letter on May 8, 2019.

As per the Notice of Detention/Determination (Form K27) issued to you on April 24, 2019, the five books were detained for a determination of tariff classification as they were suspected to constitute hate propaganda. The items were sent to the Prohibited Importations Unit (PIU) in Ottawa for determination of their admissibility into Canada under Customs tariff item 9899.00.00 and pursuant to section 58 of the Customs Act.

The books are currently under review and you will be informed of the determination and their admissibility into Canada through the completion of Part B of the Form K27. You will also be provided with various options at that time.

Canada Border Services Agency
Prohibited Importations Unit
E-mail: piu-uip@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca
(613) 954-7049

My Letter to CBSA — and a Cartoon

Let us see what the response will be to my letter sent 10 days ago to the Canadian Border Services Agency, posted below this cartoon by Robert Alan Balaicius of Sacred Truth Ministries.

Canada Post tracking verifies delivery of the letter on 2019 May 7.

[Click images to enlarge]



2019 May 3

Canada Border Services Agency
171 Slater Street, 7th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L8

RE: Seizure of personal books at Calgary YYC Airport on 2019/04/24

I was detained for three hours on the evening of April 24, while three border guards searched my possessions. They were allegedly looking for “hate propaganda”. Five books were taken from my possession. I consider this to be theft of personal property. The search and seizure was nothing short of personal harassment and an attempt at intimidation. I did not consent, and I do not consent. Consider the following:

• These books are available and/or for sale and are NOT banned.
• I did not write the books.
• My books were not in commercial quantities, and I was not selling them. I was carrying single books (one each) for my personal consumption.
• It is nobody’s business except mine what books I choose to read. Or do we now have thought laws?
• Is there a list of forbidden books in Canada? If so, are these books on this list? Where is this list? Why could the three border guards harassing me for three hours not find my books on any such “list”?
• By their actions in seizing these books, the border guards demonstrated an utter contempt for our most basic human right: the freedom to think.

The five books seized are the following:

Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust” by Germar Rudolf
The Commission by Richard Barrett
The Great Impersonation – The Mask of Edom by Pastor Eli James
Mystery Babylon: New World Unveiled Vol 1 by Eli James & Clay Douglas
Government by Deception by Jan Lamprecht

The 3 guards were 12452: Masi; 30482: Nigh; and 35394: Lahaie

I insist that you send me back my books immediately, at your expense. I also insist on receiving a copy of your entire report in this file.


Monika Schaefer

Detained for “Wrong-Think”: Canadian Border Guards Seize Books from Monika Schaefer

Upon returning from the United States of America on 24 April 2019, I was detained by the Canadian Border Guards [CBSA] in the Calgary Airport for three hours. 

Three Border Guards spent those hours perusing through my possessions, especially the books that I was carrying in my small suitcase. They were looking for “hate propaganda“. 


The five books which they seized from me for further inspection are the following:

  • Government by Deception  by Jan Lamprecht
  • Mystery Babylon: New World Unveiled Vol 1  by Eli James & Clay Douglas
  • The Great Inpersonation – The Mask of Edom  by Pastor Eli James
  • The Commission  by Richard Barrett
  • Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust”  by Germar Rudolf

Jan Lamprecht’s book was published in 2002 and has never had any complaints against it nor any bans on sales, whether in South Africa or America or any other place where it has been sold. Government by Deception is a critique of the black South African government, yet no black person, nor anybody else, has ever complained to the author. It was sold in several branches of the Exclusive Books chain in S. Africa, as well as through the online book distributor Amazon for a number of years. It was not taken down by any distributors.


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Conversation with John Friend of The Realist Report

Once again I had the honour of speaking with the courageous truth-teller John Friend of the Realist Report. We spoke on live Eurofolk Radio on March 31st, 2019, however that interview was not archived due to technical difficulties. We then spoke again on April 3rd, and that interview is accessible here.

We discussed the weaponized historical narratives and psychologically exploitative propaganda, the status of my brother Alfred who is currently incarcerated in Germany due to his political and historical views, and much more!

John and I also did a shout out for Patrick Little, pictured below. Patrick and I had the pleasure of again joining Andrew Carrington Hitchcock in this show.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 5.39.57 PM

We discussed: Monika’s recent speaking tour in Canada; how Patrick is running for President in 2020 and will be in Washington D.C. in March to protest the AIPAC Conference; the Anti-Semitism resolution that recently passed unanimously in the House Of Representatives; how the International Definition Of Anti-Semitism prohibits accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing; how the Leo Frank murder and rape of 13 year old Mary Phagan contributed to the creation of the ADL; how at this point it is basically illegal to criticize Jews, as many people that do have had their income streams attacked; Monika’s recent letter from Alfred; the story of Audi’s Dr. Thomas Dettmann who is in prison with Alfred, and how his story has literally been scrubbed from the internet; and many other topics.

Letter from Alfred to Monika — Crossing the Atlantic

Dear Readers,

The letter posted here is in German, the language Alfred used in most of his early letters to me from his prison cell to my prison cell. We shared a similar address for nearly four months, the duration of our “speech-crime” trial. In this letter he describes one of his epic sailing trips, the first Atlantic crossing that he made on the Mistral sailboat.~~~~ Monika.


[NOTE: There is an English translation below]

Brief #6

Dear Möne,

nun gehe ich ins Deutsche über, damit unsere Mit-Leser sich nicht unnötig schwer tun. Wir müssen Rücksicht auf die Mit-Leser nehmen um ihre lädierten Nerven zu schonen.

Hoffentlich nerve ich dich nicht, Monika mit schon wieder einem Brief, ich hatte dir heute schon Brief #5 geschickt und jetzt höre ich Bayerische Volksmusik in meinem Zimmer mit dem herrlichen Gitterblick und habe darüber gegrübelt, daß gewisse Zusammenhänge womöglich fehlen, in gewissen Ereignissen, die ich in Brief #5 beschrieben habe, also werde ich hier nachbessern um mögliche Lücken zu füllen und es zu vervollständigen.

Also, die Lücke die zu füllen ist: Was hat eine Atlantic-Überquerung zu tun mit einem Aufenthalt im Hotel Gitterblick? Das eine ist doch ein Traum und das andere ist doch ein Alpdruck oder Alptraum.

Antwort: Nein, eben nicht. Beide sind beides, es kommt nur darauf an ob man es überlebt und was man daraus macht.

Was ist besser?

1) Mit einem alten 2-Master Holz-Segelboot über den Atlantic segeln, was noch keiner der Mitsegler schon gemacht hat, und überall kommen die Stürme – tue es nicht, diese Leute sind lebensmüde, verrückt und das Schiff ist gar nicht dafür geeignet. Das Ding geht unter.

2) Einen Aufenthalt mit Mördern und Dieben und Kinderschändern (die sind getrennt, für ihre eigene Sicherheit) in einem großen Hotel auf einer Insel von wo es kein Entkommen gibt?

Wie ich vorher sagte, beide können so oder so sein. Es kommt darauf an was man draus macht.

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Speaking Tour Teaser Video

Computer technician is not my forté, but I finally succeeded in uploading (or is it called downloading?) a short video onto youtube, on my very own channel. Just creating the youtube channel had a surprising element to it, as I discovered that I already had a channel, since 2013! There was nothing on it, but there were already 98 subscribers. How did that happen? It certainly put a smile on my face. Perhaps it was the webmaster whom I formerly employed to create my now-defunct musician website who had set that up. Well I’ll be darned. Life is full of surprises.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 12.32.49 PMHere is the video, just 9 minutes long. It consists of excerpts of the Toronto Talk on January 20, 2019, part of a cross-Canada speaking tour in which I discussed our recent speech-crime trial and my 10 month incarceration in Germany. The video was created by Karl Heissler of Toronto, filmed with his cell phone.

On the subject of subscribing, I encourage readers of this blog to click the “follow” button. It is now much easier to find than it used to be. I do not post every day, sometimes just once every week or two, and I tend not to do much promotion – that is also not my forté. Facebook has now blocked me anyway for a few days, for posting a video by another “inconvenient” truth-teller. Regardless, I do not always actively share my new posts, so if you would like to receive notification, please do subscribe with the “follow” option on the left side of this site.

Speaking Tour Canada

13 Talks in 11 Cities: Unbowed and Proud

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 5.37.44 PM

The Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) hosted me on a Canadian speaking tour, beginning on January 19th, 2019. Unbowed and Proud was my motto. I spoke about My Trial, My “Crime” & 10 Months in a German Jail. The first 10 talks took place within a time span of 9 days, all the way from Ottawa, Ontario to Victoria, British Columbia. The remaining 3 talks in B.C. and Alberta took place February 8, 9, and 10. We had some great views while flying.

I was happy and grateful that the Hamilton event was recorded, as well as a Vancouver event. Here is the link to the Hamilton talk.

This is a recording of one of the three Vancouver events, a slightly less favourable camera angle, nonetheless the talk is documented. Parts of this talk are similar to Hamilton, however because I was speaking without a script, there are some different stories. Naturally the question and answer session during the latter half is different as well, covering some important subjects.