Farewell Love-Letter from Jasper & Update on the “War Zone”

Such a sweet and loving letter was sent to me just days before I moved out of that fairy-tale town called Jasper, that I thought I should share it with you all. I picked up a pile of mail from my post box on my way out, and the return address and name did not even tweak on me at first – it just remained in a small pile with other mail for a few days before I even opened it.

After finally getting around to reading it, well then the little play on words on the envelope dawned on me.

The return address on the envelope:

Al Lofus    [….just change the spacing]
6 Mill Dr.  [hahahaha 6 million haha’s… oh aren’t they clever]


TRUTH is HATE to those who HATE the TRUTH. Those who HATE the TRUTH are in fact the real HATERS, as amply demonstrated by the following letter.


…heard you’re leaving town.

That’s awesome for everyone here!

Also heard you’re devoting more into your hatred of Jews and trying to show the holocaust was a fake or some bullshit like that.

Also awesome, because that means another failure added to all your other failures.
– parenting               L
– politician                O
– music teacher          S
– warden                    E
– sister                        R   !

When you die, you and whoever else supports you will not have convinced the world about any of your sick-minded shit.

You totally suck.

Have a miserable life, you pathetic turd.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … fuck you.

Faceless and nameless – what cowardice! There is no surprise in that though, as the real haters like to hide behind a rock while they sling their mud and spew their venom. They puff themselves up and make a lot of noise and pretend that they are everyone everywhere. That is what gives them their feigned strength. Alone they cower and tremble in fear. They can never provide logical argument or evidence to counter what the truth-teller says. That is why they resort to their pathetic tactics like this letter. That letter demonstrates their fear about the fact that we are waking up!

It gave me a good laugh – so I had the last laugh!

In the upside-down world that we live in where war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength, then that was indeed a love letter. 

UPDATE on the War Zone in Jasper

A while back I promised an update on “The War Zone in Jasper” article of August 10th. The Jews and their Quislings in Jasper did not like my busking success.

On August 14th while playing my fiddle downtown I felt a presence close behind me. When I turned around, I saw two young women, one of whom was holding a sign right above my head. I recall it saying something like

This woman is a holocaust-denier.
Do not support!

I laughed and carried on playing, but after a while I confronted her about being in my space. I asked her name. She told me Julie Carr. Her friend would not identify herself – too cowardly. I told them I was happy that they did not confuse me for someone who still believes in all those lies. She kept repeating,

the holocaust happened… the holocaust happened… the holocaust happened…

I told her to prove that it happened. Where is the proof?

A man came along and challenged these young women. He defended my right to speak. He talked about Iraq and the lies which were used to trigger / justify that war. He spoke about the 30 million Russians [it was actually far more – he understated that one!] who were killed by the Bolsheviks [and who exactly were those Bolsheviks – overwhelmingly Jews!].

Other people came along and honked their horns – was that for Julie Carr? or was that for me? The jury is still out on that one. Tourists sat down on the bench nearby to listen to the tunes – they shared their appreciation with me afterwards.

Our conversation escalated. Julie’s face came within an inch of my face, both of our voices were rising. Her friend was nudging her,

c’mon, c’mon, let’s get out of here! let’s go..

Soon another man came along, presumably a friend of hers, who led Julie Carr by the arm, saying, “let’s go, let’s go…”.

As they were leaving, Julie Carr hauled out and kicked my violin case hard, throwing the contents, the busking money, all over the sidewalk and street. She turned to me and oozed sarcasm with:

oh I am soooo sorry…

When I called the RCMP on this matter, two officers showed up with two big police cruisers blocking the area in front of my home. The cop station is right next door and they could just as well have strolled over and rang the doorbell. The first thing I said to them was,

That’s a really good show you are putting on here with your two great big marked cruisers, demonstrating to the whole neighbourhood what a dangerous criminal lives here!

The female officer:

We are not here to discuss our parking practices. 

While I made the complaint about the Julie Carr incident, Constable Theriault told me they have another matter to discuss with me. She handed me a violation ticket for an alleged trespass that I made six weeks earlier! I called the RCMP officer out for this “Tit for Tat” manoeuvre!

Remember the photocopy shop story? That was back in January. There never was a court order, there never was a piece of paper or anything formal that said I was banned from entering the shop forever. There was a phone call from the RCMP explaining to me that once the shop keeper tells me to leave then I am trespassing if I do not leave. Fine. That was then.

I was working for the fruit vendor at the summer market in early July when I was asked to make 10 copies of the price list. The first place I went to wanted to charge an-arm-and-a-leg for the copies, so I went to the 3 Sheets Shop. Doors were unlocked, I entered but all was dark and quiet. 

Anyone here? Hello?


Half an hour later I returned. Sonja the shop owner’s jaw dropped upon seeing me. I first informed her about the open doors, thinking she might appreciate knowing that whoever closed shop the night before forgot to lock the doors and that they could have been robbed blindly. She seemed oblivious. Next I showed her the fruit list that I wanted copied but she remained obstinately hostile to my presence. We exchanged a few words, perhaps a little bit of comedic sarcasm on my part, and I left. Later she visited the fruit stand and complained to my boss. Evidently she also called the RCMP – which I was to find out 6 weeks later, with the violation ticket. 

Two days after the Julie Carr incident and my complaint, the constable left me a telephone message that there would be no charges laid against Miss Carr. If I had any questions I should call them. I did call them, was put on voice mail, asked my questions, but I never heard back from the constable.

Every complaint I have made during the last three years has resulted in zero action by the RCMP.  Yet, one little peep from the real perpetrators of hate, and charges against me are the result.

I of course had no intention to pay the $287 trespass violation ticket, nor would I have paid even a $1 fine! So we went to court on October 10th, and my representative Frank Frost said “let’s go to trial”. They set the date for December 12th, the same date as another trial regarding “a disturbance”. Bring it on, we say. They have nothing.

Stay tuned. Life is never boring!

Two Interviews: John Friend and Brizer

Between the chaos and upheaval of a move out of Jasper after living there for almost all my adult life, I have spent far less time on-line and on writing and on correspondences lately. There are, however, two interviews done recently which I would like to link to here for the record.


The above interview with John Friend of the Realist Report took place just a few days after the 9/11 anniversary – 18 years later – a deception that continues to shape the world. We also addressed current affairs in Canada – an election – corruption at the very highest level, quite literally the Queen. And we spoke briefly about a court case in Jasper involving yours truly – the saga continues.


Dennis Fetcho of Inside the Eye Live joined Brizer, Graham, and myself on the Graham Hart Show. We had a round-table discussion, topics included political prisoner Alfred Schaefer in prison; the climate change hoax as a tool for the “new world order” agenda; Green Party: the reds cloaked in green; two important men recently passing on: James Bacque (Other Losses) and Benton Bradbury (The Myth of German Villainy); Middle East affairs; and more.

Adam Green – Immigration Hypocrisy – Jun 17, 2019 — Transcript

A telling compilation of various jews discussing the central jewish role in the invasion of non-Whites into the West — ADMIN


The view the video please click this link:

Immigration Hypocrisy




Australian jew: The belief of people of European stock that their nations, their countries, and their cultures, their civilizations, are essentially on the chopping block — that their way of life, their values, the societal norms and systems, to which they are used to, and to which they they wish to live, and that they wish to hand down to their children and grandchildren — they believe, and I would agree with them, they believe that their way of life, their identity as people of European stock and people of European descent and therefore the inheritors of European Western civilization and society, they believe all this is in peril!


And this has also been the case in North America for many years now. In Europe, in particular, this has accelerated and become a truly enormous crisis for those who wish to see European nations remain exactly what they are, European nations. That is to say the homelands and the societies for European peoples who wish to remain European, who identify as European, who wish to maintain their cultural heritage, etc., they feel threatened!


And again I reiterate, they are correct to feel so. They are absolutely 100% correct in my view. I think it is a massive crime on the part, I would say even a treasonous act on the part of many politicians in the West for allowing and facilitating such an uncontrolled and massive immigration of Third World immigrants into these countries! It is also a massive historical act of folly!


As a result of this apprehension many people of European background are looking for those who are responsible, who they wish to blame, to find the people they can blame and attack for what has been going on over, in some cases, for decades, in other cases more particularly over the last few years. And it is true, unfortunately, and I think this needs to be frankly admitted by jews all over the world, that there are without doubt jews involved in those movements and those organizations, very often NGOs, etc., who promote this phenomenon of Third World immigration into the Western countries.

And the conclusion of these Europeans and Americans, is that the jews are behind this policy. That this is some kind of jewish conspiracy to water down White American, or White European societies, or to inflict irreparable damage on these societies.


In some cases I’ve seen claims made by such people that the jews are doing this deliberately as an act of revenge against the European nations who discriminated against the jews for, not just for centuries, but actually one could say for millennia.

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CBSA Book Theft Saga continues…

It took nine days for their letter to reach me on July 25, 2019, and in that letter they said I could “submit evidence, in writing, regarding the admissibility of the material”, and it had to be received by them “within 14 days of the date of this letter”.

CBSA letter

The background: The Canadian Border Services Agency stole 5 books from me at the Calgary airport on April 24, 2019 upon my return from New York. My first article describing what happened is here. My first letter, then their response, and my second letter to them can be found in those links.

My third letter to the Canadian Border Services Agency follows.


Monika Schaefer

2019 August 12

Canada Border Services Agency
171 Slater Street, 7th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0L8

Traveller Compliance Unit / Prohibited Importation Appeals (address below)

RE: Seizure of personal property (books) at Calgary Airport on 2019/04/24
Regional Control No: 2019-7011-K19-0001
File#: CD2019-001
TRS#: F0358395

This is my third letter to the CBSA regarding your seizure of my books.

The level of absurdity has reached astronomical proportions. It leaves me speechless. Let me try to find words to describe the paradox.

First, the deadline for rebuttal is impossible to meet. Your letter, sent by ordinary mail, was dated July 16, 2019, and I received it at the Jasper post office 9 days later on July 25th. Keep in mind it is the height of summer. Your letter stipulated that you must receive, by mail, my evidence and arguments within 14 days of the date on your letter, which would have put the deadline at July 30th. If my letter took just as long to reach you as yours to reach me, it would already have been too late, and would have allowed a negative amount of time for me – in your words – “…to submit evidence, in writing, regarding the admissibility of the material. Such evidence should include any arguments that you might choose to make with respect to artistic, literary, or other similar merit (e.g. educational, scientific, etc) of the material in question…”

The more serious matter is that the onus of proof is reversed. You say I should provide evidence that these books do not constitute “hate propaganda”. If something does not exist, it is a moot point to prove it does not exist. If it does exist, then the person alleging that it exists should prove that it exists. The onus MUST be on the accuser to prove their accusation. Your logic is false.

The next flaw in your case against me is that you have stolen the evidence! You have taken away my personal possessions, the books that you deemed offensive. How am I supposed to gather and submit evidence regarding the “admissibility of the material” when you have taken the allegedly-offensive books away from me???

I have not read the books. I do not have copies of these books in my possession. You seized them. Explain to me how I am to gather evidence about an object that you have stolen from me. Would these books not be the very source of “evidence” with which I am supposed to prove that they are NOT something that you allege that they are?

I would like to underline the utter duplicity and outright criminality of your agency and the master that you serve, with an example of something truly hateful and offensive, which is not only available (still to this day), but was also lauded in the mass media as a “sensational idea” (Time magazine) when this book was published in 1941. Theodore Kaufmann, a Jew, called for the complete genocide of the German people in his book Germany Must Perish. The term “hate propaganda” would be far too mild a descriptor for this blueprint for genocide.

Neither Kaufmann, nor his descendants, nor any of the beneficiaries of this “hate propaganda” have ever been taken to court or charged with any “hate crime”. Why not?

By your actions you are showing utter contempt for civilized society. What an insult to our intelligence, that you expect us to respect “Canadian laws and regulations”, when the so-called authorities exhibit this type of behavior. You have already been judge and jury on the books, and you follow your theft of my books with this charade of justice. It is a joke!

Monika Schaefer

cc: Traveller Compliance Unit, Prohibited Importation Appeals c/o CBSA Mail Processing Unit, 2215 Gladwin Crescent, Entrance C, Ottawa ON, K1A 0L8


Just after dropping this letter in the mail box on August 13, I received another letter from the Traveller Compliance Unit, on behalf of the CBSA in my P.O. box. I guess I was not quick enough with the “gathering of evidence” and their decision was made.  The 3 books that they still have in their possession were deemed “hate propaganda”. I have 90 days from the date of that letter (August 7, 2019) to file an appeal to the court.

Some excerpts from their letter:

Ms. Schaefer,

[…] it has been determined that the one (1) book entitled “The Commission“; one (1) book entitled “The Great Impersonation“; and one (1) book entitled “Mystery Babylon: New World Unveiled! Volume 1“, fall within the provisions of Customs Tariff item 9899.00.00. Their importation into Canada therefore remains prohibited.

The book entitled “The Commission” was reviewed in full and was found to contain descriptions alleging that an identifiable group is to blame for serious economic or social problems; descriptions alleging that an identifiable group is inferior; and descriptions alleging that an identifiable group weakens or threatens society.

The book entitled “The Great Impersonation” was also reviewed in full and was found to contain [same as above with one addition, bold mine] descriptions alleging that an identifiable group is to blame for serious economic or social problems; descriptions alleging that an identifiable group manipulates media/trade/politics/government to the detriment of society; descriptions alleging that an identifiable group is inferior; and descriptions alleging that an identifiable group weakens or threatens society.

The book entitled “Mystery Babylon: New World Unveiled! Volume 1” was also reviewed in full and was found to contain [same as above] descriptions alleging that an identifiable group is to blame for serious economic or social problems; descriptions alleging that an identifiable group manipulates media/trade/politics/government to the detriment of society; descriptions alleging that an identifiable group is inferior; and descriptions alleging that an identifiable group weakens or threatens society.

As a result, these materials have been determined to constitute hate propaganda under our current guidelines. […]

… please note that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the prohibition of hate propaganda is a justifiable infringement upon the right to freedom of expression guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in accordance with Section 1 of said legislation. The court stated that Parliament’s objective of preventing the harm caused by hate propaganda is of sufficient importance to warrant overriding the constitutional freedom. […]

Traveller Compliance Unit
Canada Border Services Agency

Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms simultaneously gives us rights and limitations to those rights:

 The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

Simple question:

What if those

descriptions alleging that an identifiable group is to blame for serious economic or social problems; descriptions alleging that an identifiable group manipulates media/trade/politics/government to the detriment of society; etc. etc.,

are true? Is that what they hate? Do they hate that we point out the truth? It seems to me that …

Truth is Hate to those who Hate the Truth!

Translation of Fash Bash Speech: Deutsch

See here the original post in English.

Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 3.40.30 PM

Dies ist die Niederschrift die ich für meine Rede in Pennsylvania USA benutzt habe am 20 April 2019. Es ist nicht Wort für Wort was ich sprach, denn ich habe auch teilweise frei gesprochen, aber es ist sehr nahe zu meine aktuelle Rede. ~ Monika Schaefer

Es war einmal eine Zeit, in der ich erfuhr, dass es politische Gefangene in einem weit entfernten Land gab, in dem ein böser Diktator mit eiserner Faust über das Volk herrschte. Politische Gefangene – Menschen, die nur für die Dinge eingesperrt waren, die sie sagten, eingesperrt wegen ihrer abweichenden Ansichten – existierten nur sehr weit entfernt, niemals in unserem Land – so ähnlich glaubte ich.

Am 3. Januar 2018 machten sie mich zu einem politischen Gefangenen in einem fernen Land .. sie nennen es … die Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Jedes Schulkind in Deutschland wird über sein „Grundgesetz“ unterrichtet, das ihm absolute Redefreiheit gewährt. Ihre Führerin Angela Merkel hat erklärt, dass sie im freiesten Staat leben, den es je auf deutschem Boden gab. Also, die Verhaftung, die Gefängniszeit, der Prozess; habe ich mir das alles vorgestellt ?

Über Nacht machten sie mich zu einem “Harten Brocken”! Ich habe mich so in Gruppen-e-mails oder in sozialen Medien beschrieben gesehen, hart umkämpft neben so produktiven Autoren und Videofilmern wie Michael King, Michael Thomas Goodrich und Dennis Wise. Jetzt bin ich im Vergleich zu ihnen sehr, sehr klein. Diese Männer haben erstaunliche Werke recherchiert, geschrieben und geschaffen. Sie alle haben so viel zu unserer Geschichtsschreibung beigetragen. Aber bestimmte „Mächte, die nicht sein sollten“ haben es für mich getan; vielen Dank ! Ich musste nicht viel tun. Ich habe mich einfach bei meiner Mutter entschuldigt. Sie haben das Licht auf diese Entschuldigung gelenkt. Sie leuchteten mich an.

Die Menschen entschuldigen sich jeden Tag bei ihren Müttern, werden aber nicht berühmt (oder berüchtigt, je nachdem, aus welcher Perspektive sie kommen). Ich muss zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort gewesen sein.

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Translation of Fash Bash Speech: Français

See here the original post in English.

Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 3.40.30 PM

Les patriotes passionnés de Vérité se sont réunis en fin de semaine, le 20 avril 2019 dans les magnifiques monts Poconos de la Pennsylvanie. On m’accorda l’honneur et le privilège de pouvoir m’y exprimer en public. Ce qui suit est basé sur les notes qui me servir en cette occasion. Il ne s’agit donc pas d’une transcription verbatim, mais elle est aussi fidèle que possible. Mon exposé fut un mélange d’improvisation et de lecture d’un texte. ~ Monika Schaefer


Il advint un jour que j’appris l’existence de prisonniers politiques dans un pays lointain dans lequel un méchant dictateur tenait son peuple dans une main de fer. Il était évident que les prisonniers politiques – des gens emprisonnés au seul prétexte de ce qu’ils avaient pu dire; embastillés parce qu’ils étaient d’autres avis; cela ne pouvait se passer que très loin ailleurs; certainement pas dans notre pays – du moins le croyais-je alors.

Et le 3 janvier 2018, dans un pays lointain, ils ont fait de moi un prisonnier politique… Il s’agit d’un pays qu’ils appellent… la « République Fédérale d’Allemagne ». Ils enseignent à chaque écolier d’Allemagne que leur „Grundgesetz“ – leur « Loi Fondamentale » – leur garantit la liberté absolue d’expression. Celle qui les dirige, Engela Merkel, a pu leur dire qu’ils vivent dans l’état le plus libre qui se soit jamais trouvé en terre allemande. Alors… mon arrestation; mon emprisonnement; le procès… j’aurais imaginé tout ça?

Du jour au lendemain, je suis devenue pour eux une “dangereuse délinquante”! C’est ainsi que je me suis vue décrire dans des conversations de courriels ou sur des réseaux sociaux; une “dangereuse délinquante” admise aux côtés d’auteurs et de producteurs de vidéos aussi prolifiques que Michael King, Michael Thomas Goodrich, ou Dennis Wise. Et cependant, je suis vraiment toute petite en comparaison. Il s’agit là d’hommes qui ont fait des recherches et qui ont écrit et produits des travaux de premier ordre. Chacun d’eux a abondamment approvisionné notre historiographie. Mais “le lobby qui n’existe pas” m’a promue à leur importance… comme c’est aimable de leur part. Et je n’ai pas eu à faire grand’ chose pour cela. Il m’aura simplement suffi de présenter mes excuses à ma mère. Ils ont abondamment placé ces excuses dans les feux de la rampe. J’ai eu droit aux rayons de leurs projecteurs.

Chaque jour des gens présentent leurs excuses à leur mère sans que cela les rende célèbres ou infâmes – au gré des points de vues. Manifestement j’ai du me trouver au bon endroit, au bon moment.

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Alfred Schaefer Receives 18 Months Additional Prison Time for Forbidden Speech during the 2018 Trial

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.34.01 PM

On August 8th, 2019, Alfred Schaefer was hauled from his prison cell into the courthouse to face the Inquisition once again. What were his charges? Speech crimes which he committed during the 2018 Schaefer Siblings Trial for previous speech crimes. Another Muppet Show, as Alfred had called our trial, this one for things he said and did right in the courtroom in 2018.

How can that be, you might reasonably ask. Is it not normal for both sides, the prosecution and the defense, to present their evidence and argument to the judges for them to weigh the evidence and make a “judgement” based on what they have heard and seen? Can a person not defend himself while in court? Can you not explain how you reached your conclusions – the ones they deem illegal to speak out loud? Can you not provide evidence to the court of law to support your conclusions?

Not without committing “New Crime”! When you speak in court in the occupied Federal Republic of Germany, you are supposedly speaking in public. (Even that is questionable, given the intimidation tactics in the courthouse and the non-existence of a court transcript.) Since you are prohibited from publicly speaking the truth about certain subjects in Germany, in particular the fake jewish holocaust, it is impossible to defend yourself with evidence and argument even whilst facing charges for speaking about these forbidden subjects. A completely circular situation – a Catch 22. Can this still be called justice? Can it be a fair court? Can there ever be a verdict other than the predetermined one?

To be fair, Alfred was also being charged with a certain gesture which he dared do in court on Day 1 on July 2nd, 2018. After I had been brought into the courtroom in handcuffs, Alfred jumped out of his chair and gave quite the spirited speech to the media, the public gallery and the whole court. He spoke of how we are winning, and that the Truth is coming out. He also jubilantly gave the Roman Salute, while saying,

Look how high my dog Pavlov can jump!

Prozess gegen die Geschwister Monica und Alfred Schaefer u.a. wegen Volksverhetzung

Not sure why my eyes have been blocked out in this image which I found on-line. The Jasper newspaper “The Fitzhugh” published that picture and an article entitled “Racist Filth: Schaefers sentenced in Germany” just in time for my return home, to remind the local population what a “hater” I am.

This makes him a particularly “dangerous man”, the fact that he could brazenly and fearlessly make this salute. One has to wonder why a simple body motion – non-violent and non-threatening – can be so frightening to the PTSNB (powers-that-should-not-be). They call it an evil crime and the person doing it is deemed highly dangerous.

Compare that to the background of rapists and murderers getting off with the lightest of sentences, particularly if they come from a culture where “they just didn’t understand our culture”, as some judges are reputed to have said.

The 18 month verdict is not what the prosecution asked for. They wanted 24 months. They are appealing the sentence as it is “too light”! Remember, this is on top of the 38 months which Alfred was already sentenced with, simply for speaking.

Alfred’s lawyer is also appealing this new verdict. The original sentence is under appeal as well. No verdict is legally binding yet. By their own rules, Alfred should not even be in jail at all, except that he has been deemed a “flight risk” because of the severity of his alleged criminality. He never has been a flight risk, he has been married to a German woman for decades, and has expressed his keen desire to stay and fight this injustice that is befalling Germany. They simply did not like that he continued to talk to the world.

On August 10th, the day I learned of this latest blow, I had a conversation with Brian Ruhe to talk about it. Here is the 8 minute video of that interview.

On 21 August 2019 I was on the Realist Report with John Friend. We not only spoke about Alfred’s situation, but covered other topics such as the music industry influences, psychological warfare, and the holohoax being the lynch-pin of deceptions holding up the house of cards. Podcast here.

Another show I would like to tell you about is one that I had the privilege of being a guest host on. The Sonny Thomas Show of August 1, 2019. This was a two hour show during which I gave some background to my story about our “speech crimes”, the Schaefer sibling trial, jail, the verdict etc. I also spoke about how Ritual Defamation is such a key element in keeping the deceptive narratives going. In the second hour I was joined by special guest Frank Frost, who spoke of corruption at the very highest levels of government, police and the so-called justice system. It was a very powerful conversation.

The War Zone in Jasper

I have often said that we are in a war, not a war of our choosing, but a war that has been foisted onto us by the self-declared enemy of humanity. In the absence of bombs, most people do not realize that we are in a war. It is a war of infiltration, subversion, contamination, demoralization, destruction from within. They conduct Psychological Warfare, by way of deception, political correctness, criminalization of speech, and ritual defamation of truth-tellers.

The Jews (and their minions) in Jasper seem to be ramping up their war against this truth-teller. Perhaps they cannot abide by the fact that I am having success, nor can they abide by the fact that I keep on talking. In fact, they are getting quite hysterical.

Two incidents happened just yesterday.


I posted an item for sale on the Jasper AB, Buy, Sell and Trade Facebook site. Immediately someone showed interest. Next came a comment by Jessica Gomes, “warning” people that this seller is the same person as…”convicted holocaust denier…” then she linked to an article all about me being jailed. Someone else commented back something to the effect of:

Hey, she may be fucked, but she is just selling a cheap bike. Let her sell the bike.

Jessica Gomes immediately responded with a pack of lies, about me stalking her, calling her the little Jewess, playing [the violin] in front of her shop for hours, harassing and threatening her. I responded with a comment asking her if she always just made up random stuff like that.

I had no idea what this woman even looked like! I do not know her – so all of that was simply fabricated out of her sick imagination. Once again, a Jew reveals herself to me – according to her own comment.

As an aside, I do recall that about two years ago she wrote a letter called “Hate begins with Words to the editor of a newspaper called The Jasper Local. I wrote about it in an article called “Local Letters: an Inquisition”.

[Click image to enlarge]

Wanting to take a screen shot I switched from the small pop-ups of these comments to the main screen, but just then the comment thread disappeared. The site’s admin must have noticed the inappropriate conversation.

Tired of being the punching bag, I decided to take action and went to the RCMP to make a complaint. The officer took my statement and listened to my story. Later that day I received a phone call from him telling me that: “She won’t be doing THAT again!” She had been venting her anger, she told him. Well I was just selling a bicycle and she can take her anger and park it elsewhere. The officer agreed. The file was now put to rest, but she had been warned.

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Fash Bash Speech — April 2019 — Transcript

Truth loving patriots gathered for a weekend in the beautiful Poconos of Pennsylvania on the weekend of the 20th of April 2019. I had the honor and privilege of being invited to speak. Here are the notes which I used for my speech, so it is not a word for word transcript of what I spoke, but quite close. My actual speech was a mix of speaking freely and reading from the script.


Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 3.40.30 PM

Once upon a time I learned there were political prisoners in a far away and distant land, where an evil dictator ruled over the people with an iron fist. Political prisoners – people who were imprisoned merely for the things they said, imprisoned for their dissenting views – these only existed very far away, never in our land – or so I believed.

January 3rd, 2018, they turned me into a political prisoner in a far away land…. they call it… the Federal Republic of Germany. Every school child in Germany is taught about their “Grundgesetz“, their foundational law giving them absolute freedom of speech. Their leader Angela Merkel has declared them to be living in the freest state ever on German soil. So, the arrest, the jail time, the trial, did I imagine it all?

Overnight they turned me into a “heavy hitter”! I have seen myself described that way in group emails or on social media, heavy hitter alongside such prolific authors and videographers such as Michael King, Michael Thomas Goodrich, and Dennis Wise. Now, I am very very small compared with them. Those men have researched, written and created amazing works. They each have contributed so much to our historiography. But certain “powers-that-should-not-be” did it for me, thank you very much! I didn’t have to do much. I just made a simple apology to my mother. They shone the light on that apology. They shone the light on me.

People apologize to their mothers every day, but they don’t become famous (or infamous, depending on whose perspective). I must have been at the right place at the right time.

So what was this little apology I made?… [I gave a brief summary] see: “Sorry Mom I was wrong about the holocaust“.

January 3rd 2018:
I had gone to Germany for Christmas to visit my brother Alfred, and then learned that a court date for the speech-crime trial of Sylvia Stolz was coming up. Curious to see what such an inquisition looks like, and wishing to meet this heroic person, we drove to Munich for the day.

Alas, I walked right into the jaws of the beast. How convenient for them, when they spotted me in the public gallery, to keep me in their clutches right then and there. The fair-minded authorities in this the freest state on German soil had not written me a letter in 2016 to tell me they have opened a file on me, nor did my cousins write to me:

“Dear Monika, we have reported you to the authorities, so perhaps you might think twice about entering our land, the land of your ancestors, in future.”

As they were arresting me, I declared that I am a free woman, that I am Canadian, and I challenged them about their authority over me. They said if I had wanted to stay free, I should have thought of that before I came to Germany.

It was my dear and loving relatives who reported Alfred and me. B’Nai Brith Canada likes to “take credit” for our persecution, and we have noticed that when they say “jump” the German regime says “how high”. Yes, but it was our relatives who betrayed us. I am not angry at them, no, they thought they were doing the RIGHT thing. But I am angry at that certain group of people who have “re-educated” them. A certain group of people whom we must not criticize lest we be called “anti-semitic”.

It was the British Black Propaganda Minister Sefton Delmer who infamously said in 1945 to the German Professor Grimm, that

Atrocity propaganda is how we won the war. And we’re only really beginning with it now! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will escalate it until nobody will accept even a good word from the Germans, until all the sympathy they may still have abroad will have been destroyed and they themselves will be so confused that they will no longer know what they are doing. Once that has been achieved, once they begin to run down their own country and their own people, not reluctantly but with eagerness to please the victors, only then will our victory be complete. It will never be final.
Re-education needs careful tending, like an English lawn. Even one moment of negligence, and the weeds crop up again – those indestructible weeds of historical truth.

My relatives think Alfred and I are making Germany BAD again and they were being GOOD by reporting our activities to the authorities. They think they have total freedom of speech — its in their foundational law, which every school child learns, ah,… but the holocaust is different. They say that is good. Total freedom of speech except the holocaust. That is good so, my relatives said, because Germany is GOOD now. Indeed, they are inviting the world in, inviting the invaders, the last big assault on Germany. And my cousins are participating, by their own misled good intentions. Alfred and I were making Germany BAD again. We’ve all heard that mantra:


Thus began Chapter 2 of Life After Sorry Mom, with my arrest, incarceration and speech-crime trial in Germany. Chapter 1 consisted of becoming an Expert on Ritual Defamation in my home town Jasper Alberta. That is the part whereby anybody who steps out of line on the prescribed way of thinking or the prescribed behavior, be it on holocaustianity, or perhaps vaccinations, or even one’s stance on sexual deviancy, if you step out of line of what is deemed to be politically correct by the hidden rulers and dictators of what we are supposed to believe, then you must be brought quickly into line. The ferocity with which this is done is simply breathtaking.

The holocaust narrative seems to be a particularly important one to the PTSNB (the powers-that-should-not-be), because without it, their house of cards comes tumbling down. The world is structured on the holocaust lie. Jewish identity is completely wrapped up in their eternal victimhood, and in particular the so-called holocaust, their trademarked holocaust, the 6-million-Lie, as I called it in my video, and am calling it that today.

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