Renouf on Trial

I had the good fortune to meet the wonderful and kind Lady Michèle Renouf in Germany in mid-December 2017, two weeks before my arrest. She is beautiful in every sense of the word.

Two months later, February 2018, she gave an impromptu short speech, upon invitation, at the Dresden memorial, remembering the German victims of Allied firebombing from February 13 to 15, 1945. She was arrested (released later that day) and the event was shut down. My brother Alfred Schaefer was one of the scheduled speakers who did not get to speak, but in his words, the world-wide attention which Lady Michèle’s arrest brought to this horrific war crime against German civilians was worth more than a thousand speeches!

For an account of the Dresden memorial event the year before (2017), see my article here.

Charges have been laid, and Renouf faces the Inquisition in May.

I highly recommend watching the video of her speech. It is a powerful speech. Evidently those who make it illegal to criticize them did not like what she said to the people that day. Thank you Michèle for your outstanding courage to speak truth.

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 8.43.25 PM

Michèle Renouf giving impromptu speech, Nikolai Nehrling translating on the spot.

The following report comes from Peter Rushton – it is about the impending trial, her speech and Michèle Renouf’s life.


[updated 18 March 2020]

Renouf on Trial – May 2020 – by Peter Rushton

Michèle, your fearless and direct utterances in Dresden, unfortunately forbidden to all Germans, blew open the window of truth in one blast.”
~ said Gerard Menuhin, son of legendary violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin, in February 2018
On 15th May 2020 an Australian-born Briton goes on trial in Dresden for “incitement” – not for terrorism or threats, but because of a 10-minute speech given to 300 mourners at a commemoration of the Allied terror bombing of Dresden in 1945.
The charges have been brought under Germany’s draconian volksverhetzung law – Para 130 of the criminal code, against Lady Michèle Renouf, former wife of New Zealand banking tycoon Sir Francis (‘Frank the Bank’) Renouf who was honoured with the Verdienstkreuz by the then West German government. In 1990 the engaged couple travelled to Bonn for the award of Sir Frank’s medal, and as his fiancée Lady Renouf was given a Verdienstkreuzlapel ribbon. This honour related to Sir Frank’s pioneering role in persuading the German federal government to relax its conservative policies and invest its financial surplus on world markets. (For similar reasons he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.)

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Little Story – Big Picture

It surprised me to receive an envelope from the same address that Alfred resides at, so it was with great curiosity that I dove into the letter. What I found made me speechless. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

If ever there was a story about one man that is a microcosm of the world we live in, it is that of Daniel Alexander Strele.  Little story? Not at all! This one changed his life forever.

I have received permission to publish it.



Landsberg, 17.02.20

Dear Monika!

Alfred asked me to write you a letter and I gladly will do so.

But let me first introduce myself briefly. (I am not native in english, so please do excuse the mistakes I will likely make) [thanks Daniel, your English is excellent, but I will take the liberty to make a few little corrections~MS]

My name is Daniel and I’m one of Alfred’s fellow inmates. I am in prison since 5th March 2018.

I worked in a Liechtenstein based private bank.

Germany was accusing me of laundering money and tax evasion.

I got sentenced to 5 years and 2 months prison.

Once the trial was over, Germany wanted to send me to Austria to serve my time in an Austrian prison. I have an Austrian and a Swiss citizenship by the way. Within this process of sending me to Austria, the supreme court in Vienna had to review my case. They came to the conclusion that I should not be in prison and that I am completely innocent. In a phone call with my lawyer the Austrian judge who was reviewing my case said:

I have seen many absurd cases from Bavaria, but this is a totally new level of stupidity!

So of course the Austrian judge agreed to take me. But he also had to inform the German prosecutor, that once I set foot on Austrian grounds, I will be a free man because there will be no legal basis to keep me incarcerated.

What do you think happened? Make an educated guess! The German prosecutor drew back his application to the Austrian supreme court. Of course we are appealing the decision of the German prosecutor since it was him in the first place who wanted to send me to Austria. But once he realized that he will not be happy with the outcome he was back pedaling.

So this is my status quo – not very satisfying!

Alfred read the prosecutors statement and I think he couldn’t believe it himself.

I had a few talks with Alfred and I told him about my many experiences in my past with jewish people and he asked me to write it down (for you).

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CBSA Confirms Modern-day Book Burning

The Canada Border Services Agency has now unequivocally demonstrated to the world that they are fully engaged in Orwellian Bolshevistic thought control. Against all logic, reason, common law / common sense, they are (literally or symbolically) burning books, books in your private possession, if said books are deemed politically incorrect, or “wrong-think”.

Pictured here is a screenshot of a short email from the Canada Border Services Agency, in response to my open letter about this tyrannical thought control being exercised by the so-called authorities.

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.49.00 AM

They say their previous standpoint remains. If I do not appeal, I may abandon the material to the Crown, in which case (according to their August 7, 2019 letter) the goods will be destroyed.

Their actions beg the question: are books a security threat at the border??? Bombs would be a security risk, but books?

My open letter of January 16, 2020 was sent to all Members of Parliament and Senators in Canada, copy to the CBSA. I received not a single response from Government representatives, other than many automated confirmations of receipt of the letter, and one assistant who personally emailed to say she would be passing this on to the MP. That was the end of that. Not a single one dared address this absurd situation.

The next day I sent the following email:

To B’Nai Brith Canada,
Here is a copy of the open letter that I just sent to all MPs and all Senators of Canada. I thought you might be interested, since I made reference to your holy book, the Talmud.Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 4.30.20 PMsincerely,
Monika Schaefer

The B’Nai Brith stayed conspicuously silent. Could it be that they do not wish to draw attention to the Talmud? I had pointed out the inconsistencies in their determination of “hate speech” and found it curious that the Talmud has never been targeted by the enforcers of “hate speech” laws.

Truth is Hate to those who Hate the Truth.


Tea Time #2 with Brythonic

During 2018, Brythonic did many live-stream broadcasts with panels of people, about topics deemed politically incorrect. That generally means they touched upon the forbidden truth about current and historical events. I remember him as “the Brexit guy”. My brother Alfred was often on those panel discussions, while I was in jail at the time. His youtube channels were taken down, and after a two year hiatus, Brythonic is back.

I had the honour of being the guest for his second Tea Time show.

We talked about how it came to be that Alfred and I became political prisoners in that “freest land that ever existed on German soil” (according to Angela Merkel), what the end goal of all those lies are, how “they” are desperately trying to keep their flimsy house of cards upright, the need for Truth and Justice for Germans, and how the indoctrinated and manufactured white guilt has been weaponized against us.

We also talked about hope. Their desperate measures of censorship and persecution shows the power of truth, and that “they” are very afraid of the truth coming out, because the truth is what will cause their destructive program to fail.

We managed to frame the discussion in such a way that certain censorship-trigger words were completely avoided and yet the meaning can surely be understood.

Who is it that we are not allowed to criticize lest we be called anti-semitic?

Truth and Justice for Germans

The Truth and Justice for Germans Society was created in 2015 by a group of people in Vancouver dedicated to telling the truth about Germany’s history. Recently I have added a page to this website where I posted an article about this organization. We are working on creating a dedicated website for the Truth and Justice for Germans Society, but in the meantime, please see that page for information about it. You can find it by clicking on that page title which can be seen at the top of this website.

Jim Rizoli and Diane King created a video in which we discuss the why and the what of this organization. The video is here: JIM AND DIANE PRESENT MONIKA SCHAEFER, NEW PRESIDENT FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE FOR GERMANS SOCIETY


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 9.17.53 PM


Alfred: Letter to a Friend

letter started 25 Nov. 2019, finished 7 Dec. 2019

Dear ______,

…[about Benjamin Freedman] When I first heard his talk about 2014, at the Willard Hotel in I believe 1961, it totally amazed me. He said so much in one speech. In one of my videos I refer to that speech and said that this speech will become mandatory education for everyone soon. It is mandatory now, we must propagate it.

I wanted to thank you for your extremely valuable letters which I used in my Last Word at the inquisition / Muppet Show. I broke enough thought laws to get at least 6,000,000 years and only got 4 total, so it was a huge success. I only got through about 15% of my last words before they cut me off and the hammer came down. Our tolerant New World Order could not tolerate the truth and evidence I was presenting. I had to be shut down. ha ha ha ha….

You are an important part of the butterfly miracle. For lack of a better word, I call it a miracle. Now the edelweiss is gone. Not really gone, but they did not let me keep it in my new place and put it to my belongings under sealed storage. That edelweiss initiated the butterfly miracle. This is all too good, you can’t make this stuff up. When you sent the Edelweiss you were 100% sure it would not go through. You wrote that very clearly. Normally it would not go through. 100%. But it DID go through. It then adorned my shrine and radiated very positive vibes. It was this ‘miracle’ that led me to write and tell my wife to just send me a magnifier card for reading [small font or bad hand-writing – please take note dear reader ~Monika] That should be no problem whatsoever if an Edelweiss made it through. And when she did send it, she sent it with a butterfly card, and this never came through, and I have no idea where it is, I never got any message of its whereabouts, nor did my wife ever mention the butterfly card.

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Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show & Alfred’s Birthday Coming Up

Happy Birthday Alfred!

 It will be Alfred’s 65 birthday on January 30.
Here is his address:

Hindenburgring 12
86899 Landsberg

Letters, cards, postcards are all very much appreciated. Even just a short hello – it shows the authorities that the political prisoner is not alone, and is not forgotten. Mail moves faster now, as it does not go through the prosecutor’s office anymore. “Only” the jail-guards open the mail now.

In the past the small cash donations by mail were much appreciated, but please do not send any money anymore, because the money will simply be confiscated by the authorities, to go towards court costs. They are aiming to make Alfred penniless. He does earn 1.5 Euros per hour on his prison job that more than suffices for his extra little expenses in jail.

It has been nearly a year since the great Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and I spoke – hard to believe so much time has flown by.

We spoke about the German so-called justice system and Par.130, which criminalizes the speaking of truth in court. So it is that the holohoax narrative is kept alive and well. Alfred Schaefer is just one of the wrongfully incarcerated political dissidents who dared to challenge the orthodox version of history.

The book saga mirrors the court saga, both being about the muzzling of the truth.

We also discussed the recent Virginia USA rally in which 50,000 heavily armed citizens showed up to give notice to Governor Ralph Northam that he is a traitor to the people and does NOT serve the people. The Governor wants to disarm the people, and we know where that has led to in the past. The rally remained peaceful, not a shot was fired, and the people cleaned up after themselves. The antifa were brought in, but did not get out of the busses. They left. The mass media has gone silent about this rally, because it did not suit their narrative. It was a good day for patriots.

Online Radio Interviews – WTFR (where thought is free…)

It heartens me to learn of so many good people doing good work in this great awakening of humanity. Not so long ago I became aware of Shaun aka Surplus from Australia who hosts a show called TCTA or Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, on WTFR (where thought is free radio). On the 10th of January 2020 I had the privilege of speaking with him for the second time. Here is the link to that show (our conversation is the first half):

We spoke about the attack on children, resistance to their agenda, the year of perfect vision 2020 – the Great Awakening, the Australian fires – mirror of the Canadian fires of the last few years – are the fires being lit and / or helped along by chemtrails (in Canada they were)?!

The first time I met Shaun on radio was 2019 December 6th. During that show I gave him a basic history of how my brother Alfred and I ended up becoming political prisoners.

Conversation with Schalk van der Merwe and Karin Smith, November 26, 2019. Schalk spoke to us from South Africa. We had best pay heed to what is happening there to the white people, as the globalists are stepping up their game-plan against whites everywhere.

December 5th Jan Lamprecht and I had a lively discussion, posted on History Reviewed. We covered: update on Alfred, psychological warfare, how we have been set up to be at war with each other, between generations, between the sexes, between different nations within the white race. We also talk about the unsung (in the english speaking world) hero Henry Hafenmayer, who is facing the Inquisition in Germany.

Open Letter to Canadian Government RE: CBSA Modern-day Book Burning

I spent a few hours putting together a comprehensive list of all 338 Canadian Members of Parliament E-mail addresses, as well as over 100 Senators (the house of sober second thought), and sent them the following open letter on 2020 January 16. For background to this story, please see my last article from September 2019 here, and within that article are links to earlier articles about this Orwellian saga.


RE: Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) theft of privately owned books at Calgary Airport


On 24 April 2019 upon my return from the USA to Calgary airport, five books were seized / stolen from me by the Canada Border Services Agency. I had been flagged, and was harassed and detained for three hours.

I wrote three letters, May 3rd, July 2nd, August 12th, 2019 plus an appeal October 18, 2019 to the CBSA, in an effort to get my books back.

Two out of five books were returned to me, and the others were deemed to constitute “hate propaganda”, prohibited under Customs tariff item 9899.00.00 pursuant to section 58 of the Customs Act.

The 3 books which are still in the possession of the CBSA are:

  • The Commission   by Richard Barrett
  • The Great Impersonation – The Mask of Edom   by Pastor Eli James
  • Mystery Babylon: New World Unveiled Vol. 1  by Eli James and Clay Douglas

The explanatory form that was sent to me had the following boxes checked off, indicating what the so-called “offence” was:

Alleging that an identifiable group:

    • is to blame for serious economic or social problems
    • manipulates media/trade/finance/politics/government to the detriment of society
    • is inferior/superior
    • weakens or threatens society

There was no indication that it mattered or not whether these forbidden allegations were grounded in truth. Truth is not relevant here. It only matters that certain things (the Truth?) are not allowed to be said or read.

Ultimately I was supposed to PROVE that the stolen books were NOT “hate” by providing evidence that they were not hate. The absurdity of the entire debacle reached a level not possible in a sane society. Allow me to quote from my third letter to the CBSA dated August 12, 2019.

First, the deadline for rebuttal is impossible to meet. Your letter, dated July 16, 2019, took 9 days to reach me.[…] Your letter stipulated that you must receive, by mail, my evidence and arguments within 14 days of the date on your letter[…]. If my letter took as long to reach you as yours to reach me, it would already have been too late, and would have allowed a negative amount of time for me to, in your words, ‘submit evidence, regarding the admissibility of the material […]’.

The more serious matter is that the onus of proof is reversed. You say I should provide evidence that these books do not constitute “hate propaganda”. If something does not exist, it is a moot point to prove it does not exist. If it does exist, then the person alleging that it exists should prove that it exists. The onus MUST be on the accuser to prove their accusation. Your logic is false.

The next flaw in your case against me is that you have stolen the evidence! You have taken away […] the books that you deemed offensive. How am I supposed to gather and submit evidence regarding the “admissibility of the material” when you have taken the allegedly-offensive books away from me???

I have not read the books. I do not have copies of these books in my possession. You seized them. Explain to me how I am to gather evidence about an object that you have stolen from me.  Would these books not be the very source of “evidence” with which I am supposed to prove that they are NOT something that you allege they are?

As any logical-thinking man or woman can see, it is an impossible situation. It is as sensible as breaking both legs of a runner and then telling him to go win that race. Would that be a fair race? Or is the outcome pre-determined.

I could avail myself of what appears to be the only option remaining, that of litigation against the CBSA. However, it is not worth my time and resources to participate in this game, a totally rigged system, to get my books back. I do not wish to feed the proverbial beast.

It would of course only be done on principle, as the books are worth far less money than the time and resources it would cost to litigate. As for winning, truth and righteousness are on my side, but the entire so-called justice system is so corrupted that my chances of success are about as good as the runner with the two broken legs winning his race.

The Canada Border Services Agency is de facto an arm of the government. It is at best a sign of moral and ethical bankruptcy and at worst it is treachery and treason for you, as so-called government representatives, to engage in such tyranny against the people who you are supposed to be serving. The government no longer serves the people, but is serving an enemy within.

It is interesting to note that the Talmud has not been stipulated as “hate propaganda”, yet this Jewish holy book calls the Gentiles cattle and calls for our total enslavement. This double standard on which books are “permitted”, demonstrates who you are really serving. Your “Act” which prohibits certain books (and thoughts and spoken words) is a modern day book burning.

I challenge every and any one of you government representatives to rectify this situation. Get rid of the “thought and speech laws”. Have my stolen books returned to me.

In the meantime, I can and have replaced the books through other channels. I am sovereign of my domain and can decide what I can and want to read or not.

I am compelled to publicize widely, this Orwellian act of treachery by an agency which represents Canada at our borders. We truly are living in interesting times.

Monika Schaefer

“When the Germans Invaded Czechoslovakia” open letter by Herta Ruthard

January 2019

“When the Germans Invaded Czechoslovakia” – Hearing this slanderous and hateful remark on my favourite “New Classical FM” in a commercial for the Blue Mountain Winter Sport Resort in Collingwood during the Christmas season, when people all over the world celebrate peace and joy, spoiled this holy time for me tremendously and came as a personal insult because I was born in 1931 in just this area in question. I thought I am calloused enough to be immune against this sort of German-bashing but all of a sudden my 87-year-old heart was aching and rebelling , urging me to fight back. It was the last straw and I will tell you who the real invaders were.

Sudetia, my homeland: since 300 before Christ this area had been Germanic settlement territory. For two thousand three hundred years, it was ours. Later, Czechs INVADED Sudetenland and soon subjugated the native Germans with the intent to wipe them out because the Czechs wanted the land for themselves. The living conditions were catastrophic: unemployment, no food, (babies were given black malt coffee instead of milk), no clothing, no medical care. There was a Czech doctor, Dr Stransky in Reichenberg, my hometown, who gave Germans seeking help the cynical advice:

the best for you is to throw yourself into the Neisse

(river running through Reichenberg), or

have you tried this?

~ and he motioned hanging.

I heard this from my mother – never to forget it. And when this genocide was reported abroad, silence was the answer. Then, in 1938, Hitler came to our rescue. He did not come as an invader, he came as our saviour. I owe him my survival. That was the “Sudetenland-Anschluss”.

After that, we Sudeten-Germans held out our hands to our enemies for reconciliation. The Czechs took these hands, worked for the victory of the Reich and were more German than the Germans themselves, so that they were soon entrusted with the most confidential tasks.

Then, in 1945, came Germany’s defeat and with it the Czech authorities’ fear of the consequences of their collaboration with Hitler-Germany. This fear turned into an unbelievable incitement against all things German, put the Czechs into a blood frenzy of an indescribable extent and started one of the greatest tragedies in all of human history. Documented in the book “Das andere Lidice” by Erich Kern.

Friedrich Smetana, a great son of Bohemia, would turn over in his grave if he heard what his beloved Moldau had to tell after May 1945. During his lifetime this river inspired him with its calming murmur or angry shouting for his world-famous symphony “Die Moldau“. Think about it when you play it for your listeners!

460,000 Sudeten-Germans were murdered in the most bestial manner, the rest of 3.5 million were driven out and the Czechs found themselves again in possession of the stolen Sudetenland and called it Czechoslovakia. Czech President Benes over the radio: “Take everything away from the Germans, leave them only a handkerchief to weep into!”

Smashed Germany took us in when she was carpet-bombed into rubble, Sudetenland was spared for the Czechs, and with us refugees Germany experienced her “economic miracle”. 

From 1946 on I grew new roots, strong and healthy, in the German soil. When my husband decided to go to Canada in 1972/74, I uprooted myself to go with him. He gave up a very well-paying job at IBM as a customer technician to go to the land of his dreams. Canada opened her border for us but not her heart. Not for a German, who has to forget his pride and honour and has to accept living under the lie and being a third-class citizen. It saddened me to my soul when I had to watch how he buried his dream, and it pained me for not being able to root in this anti-German Canadian soil. Canada failed her Germans miserably. All of them. Why?


The victor still writes the history of the vanquished.
The slayer disfigures the face of the slain.
The weaker leaves the world, and what remains is the lie.

~ Bertold Brecht (1898-1956, world-famous German poet)

Exactly this is what happened with Germany, she was slain, her face disfigured, and the lie stayed behind. That is why the hate goes on and on. Germany still has no peace treaty, still under the control of the US government.

It was a big mistake to emigrate to an enemy country, where my husband was greeted with Heil Hitler on his first day of work at Litton Systems Canada. Where society confronted our little 8-year old daughter with unconditional hatred after the film “Holocaust” was broadcast on TV. She lost her school friends overnight, was called a “Nazi”, and swastikas were smeared onto her desk. 

After 1945, the Allied-licensed media imposed on Germany was ordered to never ever report anything positive about the Germans or anything negative about the Allies. Needless to say, the same applies to the victorious nations to this day, and it will continue to apply tomorrow. 

Always remember: either distortion, selective negativity, condemnation, hatred, lies or nothing at all. And the people have been conditioned to it all their lives. 

The result was in the long run a people, deprived of its true great history, and consumed by self-hate and self-destruction. See the picture of these two young German women. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 8.22.15 AM

“Invaded by the Germans”

Poor little Poland suffered the same fate, didn’t she? Encouraged by the British she butchered her German minorities and then declared war on Germany, and THEN the Wehrmacht was ordered to attack on September 1, 1939. In a short speech Hitler said:

Now we are shooting back.

“Hiding from the Nazis”

I wonder what the next idea will be. My question is: what kind of message are you directing at your German-Canadian listeners? Filling your quota of anti-Germanism? These people are bad (see the preacher Billy Sunday) but their music is good and can be used for a crazy world. Crazy indeed: Too bad it can’t also be blamed on us “Nazis” too. 

What we see now is the beginning of the end of the White Race worldwide. 

“The weaker leaves the world and what remains is …” the Mix.

Herta Ruthard